Top 5 VR Gadgets in 2018

Virtual Reality is developing at a rapid pace. Through the development of smartphone technology, gamers are now able to easily immerse themselves in digital worlds. Each year VR takes a step forward in terms of accessibility, graphics, and performance. 2018 looks to be no different. So with that in mind here are 5 VR gadgets to look out for this year.

 1  HTC Vive VR Pro

HTC Vive Pro

The HTV Vive was our top pick last year, for the best VR headset, and its successor is set to be released this year. HTC’s Vive VR Pro’s main strength will be its beefed up high-resolution OLED screens (2,8000 x 1600) and built-in 3D audio headphones. With improved resolution and sound, the HTC Vive VR Pro is one step closer to total immersive gaming. The VR headset at the time of writing has yet to have a release date.

 2  Black Box VR

HTC Vive

There’s a reason why the Black Box VR won the Best Startup category at the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). This is a device that has managed to merge the worlds of VR and fitness. Using HTC’s Vive, the user can participate in high-intensity cardio workouts using specially designed cables connected to the device. The company’s founders Preston Lewis and Ryan DeLuca will be opening a fitness facility in San Francisco within six months, and the new gym will incorporate the VR technology. Soon after, they aim to open locations around the country and across the globe.

 3  Roto VR

Roto VR

Ultimate Gamerz suggest that by next month the first units of the Roto VR will have been delivered. The chair has been in development for a long time, with the first public confirmation in 2016. The advanced gaming chair works by moving in unison with the VR game, creating a realistic gaming sensation. VR fans have been waiting a long time for this, and 2018 is the year they get to try out this new way of gaming.

 4  Oculus Go

Oculus GoOculus Go is an all in one VR headset that doesn’t need a mobile device or PC connection to function. Performance wise the VR headset has a WQHD LCD fast-switch display and a Qualcomm processor (Snapdragon 821). The new headset will come with plenty of inbuilt games and features, making it much more convenient for those new to VR gaming. The sound is also being improved as spatial audio has been built into the headset. The Oculus Go is being heralded as the first affordable headset.

Oculus continues to be at the forefront of VR technology, through both its development of headsets and games. One of the company’s biggest drives is to increase social experiences. Hamza Siddiqui co-CEO of Casino VR told Road to VR that this social element of virtual reality is being established in platforms like their casino game: “people really like to play poker in VR! VR badly needs active and engaging forms of content driving social experiences.”

This social aspect of the technology will be a big step forward for interactive online gaming. Currently online games can only replicate the gameplay of playing in casinos. Slingo’s innovative Atlantic City Blackjack Gold game uses a gaming interface that accurately reproduces the look and aesthetic of traditional casino tables. Casino VR takes this one step further and put players inside a virtual casino space as if they were there in person. Oculus Go is due to be released in the first half of 2018, and for fans of fully realised virtual worlds, this is an exciting prospect.

 5  3dRudder Blackhawk

3dRudder BlackhawkOne of VR’s primary objectives is to allow the user to physically experience the events in the game. With the newly improved 3dRudder due out this year, the VR experience will once again be taken up a notch. Apart from aesthetic enhancements, the Blackhawk now features sturdy and comfortable foot straps that secure the player’s feet while using the device. Another improved feature is the “Active Dead Zone” which will stop the problem of accidental erratic movements. The device recently won the 2018 CES Innovation Award.

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