Zebronics Transformer Gaming Keyboard Review: A sturdy budget Combo

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If you are building a budget desktop personal computer or just looking for a good gaming keyboard and mouse in general for laptop gaming or personal then you’ll definitely like Zebronics Transformer budget gaming combo. Since the market is saturated with many budget competitors striving to give the best value for money product this deal is worthy one because of its design and durability. Zebronics’ combo offering for Indian budget market is very popular among the masses and is available at a very reasonable price of 1200INR. The  combo consists of Keyboard and mouse both of which are sturdy and feel rather great. Before getting into the review I would like you to know that I ordered the Combo from Amazon and the packaging was a bit meh and the box had a dent on it but it didn’t affect the contents.

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The transformer keyboard has a two-step stand design with an aluminium body on top with a plastic base at the bottom. It is quite sturdy and feels heavy with a weight of 678g.The aluminium body gives the keyboard a sleek finish and gives a strong impression as it doesn’t feel cheap.  It also comes with gold plated usb connector and braided cable so you don’t have to worry about cable tearing and. Overall it is quite sturdy. 

As for the keys It is a membrane keyboard which is quite clicky but don’t expect too much from it. The typing experience is overall great and the keys don’t wobble. The keyboard also has anti-ghosting switches  which is great for gaming sessions as you can simultaneously use upto 16 keys at a time.you can also lock off the windows key if you don’t want to accidentally open the Windows start menu in a heated gaming session.

For your budget RGB need The Zeb-transformer keyboard comes with 4 RGB modes one of which is a breathing color mode and you can adjust the brightness too upto three times.

You can also turn off the RGB. Apart from regular keys 12 integrated multimedia keys are also given with which a user can adjust volume controls , open mailand calculator and turn off the keyboard entirely.

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  • Interface: USB
  • Total No. of Keys: 104
  • Total no. of multimedia keys: 12 (Integrated)
  • Power Consumption: DC 5V, <200mA
  • Keystrokes life: 80 million times
  • Cable Length: 1.8 Meters
  • Cable type: Braided cable
  • Dimension (W x D x H): 474 x 173 x 39 mm
  • Net. Weight: 678g


  1. It feels premium with an aluminium body which gives the keyboard it’s sturdiness and weight.
  2. Keys are clicky and they don’t wobble.
  3. Braided cables gives it a premium look and increases its lifespan
  4. Plenty of RGB modes and a windows lock key
  5. You don’t have to install any drivers as you can plug the keyboard and use it.


  1. The keys are not backlit so if you are not an expert typist then using this keyboard in without lights is a bad idea.
  2. Not really a fan of the space key as it has a spring mechanism underneath the key which you can easily see. 
  3. Not the best packaging in the market.


Aside from the minor issues the keyboard makes up for a nice budget experience. It is the best gaming budget keyboard you can buy in this range.


For the price of 1200INR it’s absolutely the best keyboard and mouse combo in the budget gaming market. The sturdy and ergonomic design gives it a sleek look and makes the gaming experience fairly nice. Zebronics provides a one year warranty for the both products so you don’t have to worry about it’s lifespan. Overall it’s a great Combo with a value for money price. It’s worth it.

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