“I lost my ₹5” Bengaluru Bus Rider Complains About Not Getting Change, Sparks Online Debate

A recent incident involving a Bengaluru commuter and a BMTC bus conductor has sparked a heated debate about the challenges faced by passengers when it comes to getting change during their bus journeys. Nithin Krishna, the aggrieved commuter, took to social media to express his frustration after losing ₹5 due to the conductor’s inability to provide adequate change.

In a tweet accompanied by a picture of his bus ticket, Nithin Krishna lamented, “I lost my ₹5 as this conductor didn’t even have Re 1 change to return. Is there any solution to this?” His post quickly gained traction, garnering over 73,000 views and prompting a flurry of responses from fellow commuters and concerned citizens.

The BMTC (Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation) responded to Nithin’s complaint with a generic statement: “Your complaint has been registered with docket number BMTC2024003258.” While this acknowledgment is appreciated, it does little to address the underlying issue faced by countless passengers.

Nithin Further added in tweet

” Either you should provide them with sufficient change before the start of the trip or else use technology to do online payments. Should i lose my money everytime? And conductors are using this to earn some silly bucks”.

Another user commented “The only solution is to keep exact change for a hassle free travel experience in public transport, and will not create any inconvenience both to respective bus conductor and public!
You can download Namma BMTC or Tummoc app to know the bus fare before you board the bus.”

Nithin replied “Whatever change i had, have given it to previous conductors. How much change can i produce and carry? And what these conductors are doing entire day that they dont even have 1 or 2 rs…”

“I recently travelled in outer ring road couple of times and they had UPI. Not sure if you asked them… UPI is the permanent solution.” added another X user.

“Most of the conductors never give tickets for the exact stop which we mention. Even though the actual journey costs 15rs, they will give 20rs ticket for 1 stage extra without even asking if we have change. Instead of Baiyappanahalli starting is from Isolation hospital.” commented another X user.

Several commenters weighed in on the matter, offering their perspectives on potential solutions. Here are some of the viewpoints expressed:


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