“Unemployed” Woman Rejects Engineer with 8 LPA Salary, Seeks Groom Earning Over 25 LPA

In a recent incident that has sparked discussions about societal expectations and financial compatibility, a woman reportedly turned down a potential groom due to his salary. The rejected suitor, an engineer, was earning 8 LPA (lakhs per annum), which the woman deemed insufficient.

According to a post shared on social media platform X, the woman’s family had specific criteria for a suitable match. They insisted on a minimum salary package of 25 LPA. The engineer’s income fell short of this requirement, leading to his rejection in the context of an arranged marriage.

The X user who shared this story highlighted that the woman herself had quit her job the previous year, citing exhaustion. Currently, she is not employed. Despite her own career break, she held firm on the financial expectations for her potential partner.


The post gained significant attention, amassing over 5.1 lakh views since it was shared a day ago. Additionally, a tweet on the same thread garnered more than 3,900 likes. Netizens expressed diverse opinions, with some questioning the emphasis on income over other qualities in a life partner.

What did other X users say about this viral tweet

Boy should have rejected her due to her 25L dowry demand” said one X user.

You should encourage more such women to keep rejecting boys – until they are beyond their marriageable age – such women who are after money but never are worthy themselves the same amount they want their spouse to earn – or even if they earn – they won’t spare a penny for shared” said another.

One user commented “Its fine. What’s wrong with having expectations ? Also, it’s a win for the boy that she revealed her expectations clearly before marriage. Now, he will be on his way to making 25 lpa in next 2-4 yrs ( hopefully) & marry a different girl who expects him to make 5lpa.

Another comment , “Now you know how it feels about dowry expectations”

Don’t take it personally but would you have agreed for your sister or any female relative at that package? I mean considering the cost of living and in today’s time happiness can be bought by money. Think it this way if women are given a chance to “select” then why not the best?” expressed another.

Another X user added “And what about the girls who are rejected by these so called baniya families when they are dusky or bit overweight or one tooth is crooked or have less hair or cant manage luxurious weddings?? All coins have two sides and being a baniya, I understand it very well.” wrote another.

If she is not beautiful chances of getting married are very bleak bcoz for getting a groom with 25 LPA her parents have to arrange atleast a crore for dowry” said another.

This incident serves as a reminder of the complexities surrounding modern relationships and the role finances play in shaping marital decisions. As societal norms evolve, conversations about compatibility, expectations, and priorities continue to be relevant.


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