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Driver: 10mm diaphragm

Impedance: 28ohm

Frequency response: 20-20KHz

Sensitivity: 115dB

Color available: gold (with 18K gold-plated case); matte blue (with spray-painting case)

Cable: 3.5mm 4-core high purity copper cable (no microphone version)/3.5mm silver-plated cable (microphone version, with a single button)

Cable length: about 1.2m

Connector: 0.78mm 2-pin


This unit has been purchased by me via CONCEPTKART hence no financial assistance has been provided. The whole views are based on my experience with the product hence it might differ from person to person.


The sound profile of the Z300 follows the target curve of the BGGAR since this earphone is tuned in collaboration with him. A warmer sound with sub bass focusses bass presentation, lusher mid section and smoother and tamed treble section. The technical aspects seem to be pretty on par with the previous 03 with natural tone and timbre. Let’s dive into the sound in detail through the following sections.


  1. The bass in the Z300 is pretty great with sub bass emphasis over the mid bass section. The negative that many users mentioned with the 03 is the excessive mid bass making the presentation bloated thus the Z300 rectified it with its more cleaner and leaner mid bass section.
  2. The sub bass reaches deep enough to provide those nice subtle rumbles and ethereal presence. The mid bass has good presence but the quantity has been reduced to give a cleaner presentation thus the attack and lusher sound gets lost in this Z300 which many praised in the 03.
  3. The mid bass section feels cleaner than 03 due to that leaner presentation. This leads to the softer attack making them sound hollow in mid bass pronounced tracks while they deliver exceptional bass in the sub bass pronounced tracks.


  1. The mid range feels pretty balanced with laid back presentation where the vocals are slightly pushed back.
  2. The tone seems to be on the natural side with a hint of warmth for a pleasing listen. The instruments feel pushed back too making them appear distant. 
  3. The lower mid section feels good with enough warmth making the male vocals sound thicker and full bodied. The kick drums sound with a nice attack and fuller presence.
  4. The upper mid section however feels less lively making them appear more smoother and softer. If you are expecting the female vocals and the strings to sound vivid and lively then the Z300 might not fulfill that taste. Rather if you want a more relaxed and smoother sound then Z300 will be a great fit to you.


  1. The treble in the Z300 feels smoother and relaxed thus the longer listening sessions are fatigue free in the Z300.
  2. The brightness is on the lower side making them appear slightly duller. Little more brightness in the top end would have brought a bit more life to the Z300.
  3. The extension is pretty limited thus the detail retrieval is on the average side.
  4. The cymbal crashes sounds well with precise attack and decay but when some complex tracks are replayed out the cymbals and the percussion notes tend to disappear due to less brightness in the Z300.


STAGING AND IMAGING: Staging feels average in width and height while the depth sensation appears bigger due to that bigger sub bass presence. The staging neither feels too restricted nor very wide. The imaging feels clear with precise placement of the instruments with smoother transitions across the channels.

The detail retrieval is on the average side where it brings out essential elements and needs work around in this segment.


Z300, an IEM adopting a 10mm Silicone Diaphragm Dynamic Driver, collaborated with the BGGAR is a great offering from the brand Blon into the budget market. The BL03 being their long time budget champ, users wanted an upgrade over that hence the brand decided and released the Z300 with great pricing and solid build. 

Completely made out of metal comes with two color options, the sage looks absolutely stunning. The faceplate adopts a nice dragon design in a gold touch giving this earphone a premium look and experience. The stock cable is a 4 core braided copper cable which feels premium enough by providing metal termination and splitter areas but does tangle frequently.

The sound is tuned to the likes of BGGAR focussing towards his target which primarily targets the sub bass, lush midrange and smoother treble. The Z300 didn’t fail in delivering that target sound and does have some advantages over the BL03.

The nice sub bass emphasis over the mid bass, that sweet natural midrange with lush tonality, smoother treble section that never fatigues your ears are the primary positives of this Z300 while the overly tamed treble, soft attacking bass, average technicalities seems to be the downsides of this Z300.

Overall does this IEM really surpass the BL03? Well its depends.. If you are expecting a technical upgrade over the BL03 then that’s not done here but if you are expecting that less bloated bass accompanied with the same signature of the BL03 then this is the upgrade you are asking for. 

As a conclusion, the Z300 is a GENERALIST which does everything good with no superiority in a single aspect.



  1. Sub bass emphasis
  2. Lusher Mid Section
  3. Build and Design
  4. Price


  1. Soft attack bass
  2. Very relaxed presentation
  3. Resolution

This Review is Written By KATHIRAVAN.

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