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BQEYZ is an audio brand based in China that produces a wide variety of high quality earphones and of course their brand name stands for “BEST QUALITY EARPHONES FOR YOU”. Dongguan Xianchao acoustics technology co., LTD is an audio factory processing from materials to final products. The company has more than 20 years of experience in the audio industry.

They have a variety of earphones ranging from budget to high end audiophile grade. Their flagship is the Spring 2 which has a separate fan base for its tonality, mid section and detail retrieval. Following the same driver configuration with cheaper price tag the brand decided to release an earphone naming the SUMMER and in this review let’s see whether the sibling summer lives up to its ancestor.


This unit was provided to me by Elle Zhou Mam from BQEYZ Audio in exchange for my honest unbiased review on the product. I have not been influenced by the brand in any way to produce this review. 


DRIVERS: 13MM Coaxial Dynamic Driver + 5 layer Piezo Electric + Balanced Armature




PIN TYPE: 0.78MM 2Pin

The coaxial dynamic driver has the newly improved PU+LCP diaphragm which is an upgraded driver from the spring 2 and expected to deliver better than the spring 2.


The box is simple and minimalistic. The box is covered by an outer sleeve which is lavender coloured with the summer leaves photo on the side of the sleeve which looked exquisite and gave a warm welcome to the user.

After opening the sleeve there is a black slip-on box with the brand name printed in silver colour which is another minimalistic sign. The slip on mechanism actually amazed me where there is a slot prepared accurately which sits snug onto the box. Inside the box there are earpieces, a hard zipper carry case which again looked premium, grey coloured with brand name on it. Inside the case there is the cable and a brush for cleaning the nozzle. Underneath these contents there are the 6 pairs of ear tips of S, M, L sizes. 3 pairs are black coloured and the other 3 pairs are blue/white coloured as same as the spring 2 tips. The blue tips are really comfy and provide a nice fit and the brand should include this same ear tip in future earphones too.


After all these premium things observed in the package, the construction of the earphone underwhelms you. It’s made of resin! For this price a consumer would definitely expect a metal or aluminium build but BQEYZ went with the transparent resin. This really affected the premium feel of the earphone even though they are lightweight. They are available in two colours namely blue and black. Since it is a transparent body the drivers can be seen clearly especially in the blue one where it’s subtle in the black one.  Even if it’s a plastic the finishing is done well where there is no cut and crease found near the faceplate and the body. The branding is done on the side of the earpieces with 3 pressure vents on the inner surface. The L and R markings are imprinted onto the ear pieces rather than the stickers which look nice.

Even though they are made of plastic the three drivers inside the earpiece gave a slight heft to the body which added the premium feel while handling it. The faceplate has a leaf pattern and when the light hits there is an appearance of a starry sky which starts glittering.

The cable is an 8 strand, 18 core single crystal copper silver – plated offering high-resolution signal transmission to bring out the best in the earphone. Thankfully the cable doesn’t get tangled easily even after smashing the earphones within the pouch.


The fit is nice and the seal depends upon the ear tips you use. I used the medium sized blue ear tips and provided a good enough seal with no pain even after longer listening periods. There is a fin provided in the earpiece which seats nice in the ear and is comfortable enough. 


Source Used: iPhone Xr + FiiO Q3 

The summer earphone is easily driveable so even with a smartphone inbuilt DAC they sound great. They didn’t get scale to any high extent even with amp so that’s a good user friendly experience.


In a single word if I want to describe the summer bass response is ACCURATE. There is no boomy or muffled bass, just accurate. There is more mid bass emphasis compared to the sub bass which gives enough body and warmth to the low mid section.

The sub bass has enough depth and extension with adequate rumble. It’s not bass head approved but sounds very adequate and accurate. My nitpicking gripe would be an extra rumble in the low end but hey! They tuned this exceptionally well to meet the needs of an audiophile.

Tracks Used:

  • Even Heaven – Aimer
  • Royals – Pure Heroine (Lorde)
  • Battling Musk Ox – Jacob Shea
  • What are you going to do when you are not saving the world? – Hans Zimmer
  • Why so serious – Hans Zimmer

The bass has a nice definition and is relaxed in nature. The bass is tight and under control. Even in the busier tracks they were able to bring out enough details. The resolution might not be good enough but it’s definitely nice. The coaxial 12mm Dynamic driver is responsible for this low end and that PU+LCP diaphragm really does a great job in delivering the low end.

For my liking I would like the sub bass rumble to be even good but that’s just me. Overall the articulation of the bass is done well with control and texture. If that extra sub bass rumble had been done it would have been my favourite low end experience.


Holy Moly! SWEET! The vocals sound absolutely gorgeous here. Both the male and female vocals are brought forward with nice tonality and timbre. These are tuned exceptionally well in the mid section. They have used their own customised Balanced Armature driver to deliver the mids and I just loved it. 

The mid section is very energetic and engaging. It’s been a long time since I heard this type of energetic earphone and I’m just reliving it. They have full energy and just bring the mid section in front and engage us in a pleasant mood.

The timbre is exceptionally good considering there’s a BA driver. The tonality is superb with excellent layering in the background. Especially in the song CARDIGAN – TAYLOR SWIFT (FOLKLORE) where in the starting there will be a lot of backbeats going on in the background while Taylor swift sings. Summer is able to clearly separate out the beats from the vocals and can maintain the distance between the vocals and the beats which is sweet thus proving that layering is exceptionally good in the summer. Thanks to the customised BA driver.

Tracks Used:

  • Believe in life – Eric Clapton
  • Sexual Healing – Marvin Gaye
  • Capsize – FRENSHIP
  • When you say nothing at all – Susan Wong

I’m very impressed with the mid performance. The vocals, background instruments, piano everything just sounds natural and accurate. The tonality and timbre is very nice if not the best. That mid bass helped the body and provided fullness to the overall sound.


The 5 layer Piezoelectric driver delivers the nice extended highs with nice detail retrieval. The guitar strings sound very nice and beautiful. To accompany the excellent mid section and the bass response the high are near to free in terms of sibilance and harshness. During my period of listening they sounded smooth and nice with good enough detail retrieval. The resolution in the high department is done well compared to the low end. 

During the initial listening period there is some slight hint of sibilance in female vocals but later after burn in period it got a lot smoother with nice extension.

Tracks Used:

  • You shook Me – Led Zeppelin – The electric guitar sounds nice and without harshness. Overall they sounded nice and smooth with nice extension
  • Sultans of swing – Dire Straits
  • Stand by me – Liam Gallagher – The acoustic guitar strikes natural and sounds very pleasant. The piezo highs are always nice to listen to where they extend very well without any harshness.


The soundstage is expansive in the sense of width when compared to height and depth. The instruments are spread out well with enough distance and have a good sense of space within the instruments. 

Tracks Used:

  • Global Gear (Instrumental) – Punya Srinivas
  • Hideaway – Jacob Collier
  • Crossing – Yosi Horikawa


The BQEYZ SUMMER which shares the similar components of spring 2 in a cheaper price tag is just a NO BRAINER! The summer has one of the best mid range performances as far as I know in this price range. The Piezo highs sound very nice combined with the tight and under control relaxed bass response with the energetic and engaging mids makes this pair a very delicious recipe for the price.

Of course the build could have been better to provide that extra premium (the resin is sturdy enough though!)  Feel but BQEYZ invested all their cash into the internal organs to make it sound the best in the price range which is a welcome gesture to me.

Overall I would pick the summer as my daily driver any day without any hesitation. Under 130USD this is going to be my NO: 01 recommendation. Whatever genres you may listen to, the summer just excels and it is what it has been taught and been tuned to!



  • Marvellous Mid section and Vocals
  • Detailed and Extended Piezo highs
  • Proper bass with mid bass emphasis
  • Tonality and Timbre
  • Exceptional Layering


  • Build
  • Nitpicky Con: An extra bit of low end rumble could have been good.

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