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Tiandirenhe, the brand based out of China is a less known brand among the audiophiles and mostly known for their premium cables and dongle DAC’s.

They do have some great IEM’s in their collection mostly focused towards the bass oriented audiophiles who want the exaggerated bass yet without compromising the technical aspects. The TD08 is a perfect example for this statement and in this review let’s check out how good it is.

BrandTiandirenhe, a Chinese brand known for premium cables and dongle DACs, with a lesser-known presence among audiophiles. They offer great IEMs focused on bass-oriented audiophiles without compromising technical aspects.
Sound– Three filter options: Black and Blue (W-shaped sound), Red (warm neutral sound) – Single 10mm Dynamic Driver with CNT diaphragm – Bass emphasized, clean with Red filter, warmer and fuller with Black and Blue filters
Bass– Red filter: Sub bass focused, clean mid bass, precise speed – Black and Blue filters: Similar bass presence but less clean due to excessive mid bass, warmer, less separation
Mid Section– Red filter: Neutral, forward vocals, engaging presence, controlled sibilance, adequate instrument separation – Black and Blue filters: Slight recession in mid section, peaks in upper mids, noticeable sibilance, sharper note edges, suitable for aggressive sound listeners
Treble– Red filter: Smooth, non-fatiguing, slightly compromised air and definition, suitable for smooth sound listeners – Black and Blue filters: Elevated treble, established air and brilliance, slight splashiness, annoying sibilance in long sessions, better detail retrieval
Technicalities– Staging: Above-average width, huge depth due to bass dominance, good height for grand presentation – Imaging and Layering: Clear and precise despite bigger bass and treble, distinct note weights, smooth 3-dimensional channel sweep
Design– Custom resin shell, 10mm Dynamic Driver, three tuning nozzle filters, 2-pin connector type C style, 6-core braided SPC cable
Overall Impression– TD08 delivers strong bass without compromising technical aspects – Red filter for warm neutral signature, Black and Blue filters for enhanced warmth and detail – Versatile with three filters – Solid construction and fit, suitable for bass heads
Pros– Dynamic Bass Shelf – Versatility via Filters – Warm neutral sound profile with Red Filter – Accessories – Construction and Fit
Cons– Blue and Black filters need improvements
Reviewer Information– Written by Kathiravan C, an audiophile from Tamil Nadu, India – Enjoys music and audio equipment, started with budget chi-fi gears and progressed to reviewing high-end products


This unit has been purchased by my own money via CONCEPTKART. This whole review is based on my observations with this product hence it might differ from person to person. If you are interested in purchasing this product please go ahead via this unaffiliated link: https://conceptkart.com/collections/tiandirenhe/products/tiandirenhe-td08-wired-iem-1


The TD08 comes with the three types of filters which changes the sound noticeably and thus paves the way for versatility.

BLACK and BLUE filter: Adopts a W shaped sound 

RED Filter: Adopts a warm neutral sound

The timbre and tone kept as organic and natural as possible since this has a single 10mm DD inside them. The IEM uses a 10mm Dynamic Driver with a CNT diaphragm as per the specifications from Aliexpress


RED FILTER: Its more focus is towards the sub bass compared to the mid bass section making them sound more cleaner. The mid bass is present too but it’s not overly done like the other two filters. There is enough , boom and attack. The speed is on the precise side with enough fullness. The snare drums and the bass guitar strings sound full and impactful.

BLACK and BLUE Filters: These filters do adopt the same bass presence as the red filter but due their excessive mid bass they tend to sound less cleaner or the extra warmth and fullness made them produce less separation.

Overall the bass is the star aspect of this TD08 and it’s definitely a BASSHEAD approved IEM indeed! They do sound literally like a subwoofer placed directly inside your ears.


RED Filter: It is presented as neutral and in a forward manner. The vocals are warm enough carried along from the nice mid bass presence. Both the male and female vocals have that engaging presence. The sibilance is kept under control to promote a nice fatigue free longer listening sessions. The instrument separation is adequate thus providing a nice sense of grand presentation.

BLACK and BLUE Filters: This shows a slight recession in the mid section with some peaks in the upper mids making them to sound slightly harsh especially in the female vocal section and that’s the upper mids actually. There is noticeable sibilance in the upper mid section which does add crunch and whack to the presentation. These qualities made the sound of the TD08 more spicier. The note edges are slightly sharper which makes these filters suitable for aggressive and non smooth sound listeners.


RED Filter: They are not that elevated where it shows roll off but does provide smooth and non fatiguing listen. The air and definition is slightly compromised but still considering it to be a bass head set it does well and goes well for smooth sound listeners. The treble section still provides enough brightness and detail retrieval but the other filters surpass this filter slightly. Unless you are a big treble head and a detail perceiver then you won’t complain about this red filter much in the treble section since it does most of the parts well considering other competitors in this budget.

BLACK and BLUE Filter: Treble is elevated a lot compared to the red filter. The air and the brilliance are neatly established. The cymbal crashes seems to be slightly splashy and the sibilance gets annoying in the longer listening sessions especially while listening to metal tracks. The extension is done well and the detail retrieval is done better in this filter since this added more brightness in the presentation.


STAGING: It has width that is above average for the price. The depth sensation is pretty huge since the bass here is the predominating factor in this TD08. The height is good enough which provides enough room for the grand presentation.

IMAGING AND LAYERING: Despite the bigger bass and treble, the imaging tends to be clear and precise. The distinct difference between each note weights are clearly represented making the layering a good aspect in this TD08. The channel sweep appears to be smooth and feels 3 dimensional rather than a boxy setup.

Tiandirenhe, the brand which is not popular among the audiophiles for their IEM collection does need some great attention towards the brand since they have many rich and dynamic sounding IEMs in their catalog. The TD08 is completely made out of filled resin and most of their models are done in the same way of construction. It adopts a 10 mm Dynamic Driver which can be seen clearly through the shell and comes with three different tuning nozzle filters. The fit is custom shell shaped hence the fit and isolation is top notch. The cable is a 2 pin connector type C style, 6 core braided SPC cable which looks pretty premium on the hands with metal connector and splitter.

TD08, is tuned to satisfy the bass needs of the audiophiles without compromising on the other technical aspects. It does deliver one of the best bass in this segment if not even the best out of the competitors in this price range. 

It does come with three filters for the versatility where the red ones for people who love more sub bass than mid bass with nice engaging forward midsection and a smoother non fatiguing treble. Overall it delivers a warm neutral signature with the red filter.

The other two filters are for people who love thicker mid bass, enhanced warmth, hot upper mid section with enhanced details. Both the filters have some above average technical aspects.

Overall, the TD08 is a solid VERSATILE earphone in this price segment. It is tuned in a way to satisfy the bass heads without compromising much on the technical aspects.



  1. Dynamic Bass Shelf
  2. Versatility via Filters
  3. Warm neutral sound profile with Red Filter
  4. Accessories
  5. Construction and Fit


  1. Blue and Black filters needs some improvements

This Review is Written By KATHIRAVAN.C


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I’m Kathiravan from Tamilnadu. A budding audiophile here with high love towards music and audio equipment. My first experience of enjoying the hifi audio came when I started to use budget chi-fi gears and now it came all along the way of reviewing the gears with high end stuffs. I love reviewing audio products.


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