Tripowin Piccolo Review – An Unflinching Sound


DRIVERS: 11mm Dual-Cavity LCP Dynamic Driver



CONNECTOR: 0.78mm 2 pin


CABLE: High Purity Detachable 2-Pin Cable


This unit has been bought from my own money hence this review has not been influenced by the brand. The whole views are based on my observations with this product hence it might differ from person to person.


The sound profile of the Piccolo follows a nice balanced curve with neutral tone and timbre. This IEM is equipped with a 11mm Dual Cavity LCP diaphragm fitted single Dynamic Driver and does deliver that exceptional rich sound that LCP is known for. Let’s check out the sound it delivers in detail via the following sections.


Piccolo has a balanced bass profile with a hint of sub bass authority over the mid bass section making them sound cleaner and more impactful.

The sub bass has enough reach in providing those subtle rumbles. They may not be bass head level sub bass but the quality of the sub bass is exceptional for the price.

The mid bass is very neat and clean without any bleed into the mid section. The kick drums and the snare drum attacks seem to be precise. The track separation and the clarity in the bass section is one of the best.

Piccolo has one of the accurate bass responses with immense clarity and separation in this price segment and if not even above.


The lower mid section feels cleaner due to that lack of mid bass bleed. The male vocals have that nice natural tone to it along with that adequate fullness.

The upper mid section is linearly elevated making them fatigue free and gives the piano notes a life. Female vocals have that natural tone and the extension is done linearly without causing any unwanted spikes in the graph and the sibilance is null in the Piccolo.

The instrument placement and the vocal placement feels to be in a precise spot for engaging listening. 

The mid section in the Piccolo feels pretty melodious and cleaner with that grand presentation overall.


The treble is the star highlighting feature of the Piccolo that will be noticed instantaneously during the initial listen period because of its well extension with immense detail retrieval in this price segment.

Clarity and the separation in the treble section feels icing on the cake here. There is immense presence of air making them appear more airier and open sounding nature.

The percussion instruments and the trumpets sound great with that natural tone.They never feel restricted or compressed making them sound more open and airy.

The detail retrieval is done great in this treble section where little nuances are brought out well even in the complex tracks. The tuning is done well where they don’t feel too bright making the timbre sound off rather than on the pleasant and precise side making the timbre sound more natural.


STAGING AND IMAGING: The staging is pretty wide and has good height in the Piccolo thus representing a nice grand presentation. The notes nicely sweep from left to right without producing any boxy stage effect. 

The staging being on the bigger side the imaging felt easier and the transitions felt smoother. No stuttery transitions are observed and the channel sweep felt cleaner and smoother.

The detail retrieval is pretty exceptional for the price of 35 usd. This does extracts some of the finest nuances and makes this IEM sound exceptionally well. 


Piccolo, the latest offering from the house of Tripowin is my current top favorite earphone under 50 usd. The earphone is priced around 35 USD and for that price this really made the budget segment competition to heat up. 

The earpiece is completely made out of aluminum shell and does give the premium feel on the hands. They come in two different colors namely the silver and matt black. Both the versions have that nice ripple effect onto the faceplate giving a nice exquisite look. There’s a vent on the sides of the earphone for clearer audio. The provided stock cable is a detachable 2-pin 0.78mm cable made of high-purity OCC copper that looks good with metal splitters and connector.

The Piccolo adopts a 11mm LCP Diaphragm Dual Cavity Single Dynamic Driver and does stand up to the reputation of the LCP. The overall sound is pretty balanced with immense clarity and resolution.

 Starting from the bass, it’s more focused towards sub bass over the mid bass presenting a nice clean and tight bass presentation. The mid section is lively and engaging with equal presence of upper and lower mid sections. Vocals have life in it along with that nice spacious staging and imaging made the mid section a delicious treat to the ears. Treble section feels airy and bright enough which also acts as a highlighting feature for the Piccolo. The extension is done smoothly without causing fatigue to the ears. The tone and timbre feels pretty natural and realistic without any sense of metallic taste.

The technical aspects are amazing for the 35 USD with that expansive staging and fantastic resolution. The presentation by Piccolo never feels sluggish or crushed, rather it’s more airy and open.

Piccolo, the budget offering from Tripowin never feels BUDGET in reality due to its  UNFLINCHING SOUND for the price and the premium build. I’m very happy to announce this as my primary pick under 50 USD as of now till the next competitor enters the market.



  1. Balanced Sound Profile
  2. Resolving Bass Section
  3. Resolution 
  4. Technical Aspects
  5. Treble Extension
  6. Price and Build


  1. Leaner Bass Notes (Not the most Dynamic Bass)

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