Bengaluru Doctor Hits Out at HDFC Over Spam Calls for Loans, Bank Responds

In a recent social media post that has gained traction, Dr. Sundar Sankaran, Program Director at the Aster Institute of Renal Transplantation, expressed his frustration over incessant spam calls from HDFC Bank’s loan team. The doctor, who has been inundated with these calls, labeled them a “nuisance” and called out the bank for its lack of action.

Dr. Sankaran, a respected figure in the medical community, took to the platform X to vent his exasperation. He revealed that despite blocking some of the numbers, the spam calls persisted. “HDFC loan requirement callers have become a nuisance,” he wrote. “If you get angry with them, you are pestered with more calls despite blocking.”

The situation escalated when one caller, after being reprimanded by Dr. Sankaran, claimed to be the manager. The doctor suspected that these calls were spam, but he insisted that HDFC investigate the matter. His post garnered attention from fellow netizens who shared similar experiences.

HDFC Responds

Anay, an HDFC service manager, promptly replied to Dr. Sankaran’s post. “Hi Sundar, sorry to hear about your experience,” Anay wrote. “Please DM us the caller details and your contact number on which the call was received for better assistance.”

However, Dr. Sankaran was not satisfied. He revealed that he had previously complained about similar calls and received a “verbose, non-sensical” reply. The doctor’s frustration highlights the challenges faced by professionals who are bombarded with unsolicited calls.

Victims Unite

Several users chimed in, sharing their own encounters with spam calls. One user advised Dr. Sankaran, saying, “Sundar, the best thing is not to answer calls from unknown numbers. Sometimes I send an SMS saying, ‘I don’t recognize your number, send me a message.’ No response after that.”

Another user, who had taken matters into their own hands, shared their success story. “Doc, I took a calculated risk to address the nuisance a few months back and don’t regret it,” they commented. “The screenshot shows my unanswered calls in one week, and I have zero spam nor missed calls.”

A Widespread Issue

The incident sheds light on the persistent problem of spam calls faced by professionals across various sectors. While HDFC’s response to Dr. Sankaran’s complaint remains to be seen, it underscores the need for better mechanisms to tackle such annoyances.

As the battle against spam continues, individuals like Dr. Sankaran hope for a resolution that respects their time and sanity. Until then, the struggle against unwanted calls persists, leaving many wondering when relief will finally arrive.


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