Bengaluru : Man Brutally Stabs Girlfriend 15 Times After Rejected Proposal

In a devastating turn of events in Bengaluru, a 32-year-old man, identified as Girish NL alias Rehan Ahmed, stands accused of fatally stabbing his girlfriend, Farida Khatoon, after she turned down his marriage proposal. The heart-wrenching incident occurred in public view on Saturday, leaving the community in shock and disbelief.

According to authorities, the tragic incident took place at Shalini Ground in Jayanagar V Block. Farida Khatoon, a 42-year-old mother of two daughters aged 21 and 16, met her untimely demise in a brutal attack allegedly carried out by Girish. Khatoon, originally from Kolkata, had been employed at a unisex spa in the city for the past four years.

The relationship between Girish and Khatoon blossomed after they crossed paths at one of the spas in south Bengaluru back in 2022. Over time, their bond grew stronger, culminating in a fateful series of events that ended in tragedy. Khatoon had recently returned from her hometown, accompanied by one of her daughters, on the same day as Girish’s birthday.

Celebrations took a dark turn as Girish, Khatoon, and her daughter spent the day together. However, the festivities took a grim twist when Girish’s marriage proposal was met with rejection by Khatoon. Following the refusal, Girish reportedly resorted to violence, assaulting Khatoon before inflicting fatal stab wounds upon her.

The heinous act unfolded in broad daylight, witnessed by bystanders, including a tender coconut vendor who promptly alerted the authorities. Despite efforts to apprehend Girish, he managed to flee the scene initially. However, within hours, he voluntarily surrendered himself at the Jayanagar police station, confessing to the crime.

As the investigation unfolds, authorities are piecing together the events leading up to the tragic incident. According to senior police officials, Girish had allegedly been pressuring Khatoon to leave her job and marry him, a demand she adamantly refused. Furthermore, discrepancies emerged regarding Khatoon’s recent trip to Kolkata, with Girish claiming she had misled him about her whereabouts.

Additional scrutiny into Girish’s background reveals a complex personal history. Born into a Hindu family, Girish underwent a religious conversion to Islam in 2011, adopting the name Rehan Ahmed. However, practical considerations prompted him to revert to his birth name in 2016 to facilitate his sister’s marriage prospects, although he did not embrace Hinduism religiously.

The tragic loss of Farida Khatoon serves as a sobering reminder of the gravity of domestic violence and the consequences of unchecked aggression. As the community grapples with this senseless loss, authorities are committed to ensuring that justice is served for Khatoon and her grieving loved ones.


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