5 Best Angle Grinder In India 2024

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Are you in need of the Best Angle Grinder in India? If yes, then this is the right place for you. Keep reading.


This Angle Grinder list is compiled by professionals to assist you to discover the top angle grinder to meet your needs. Consumer feedback and product performance are just a few of the aspects which have been considered to choose the best brands and models.

I have analyzed the majority of the best products to offer you a thorough list of ideal devices in this class. The Frequently Asked Questions in this post will let you learn about the devices thoroughly.

5 Best Angle Grinder In India Reviews!

1. Bosch GWS CI 14-125 1400 watts Angle Grinder

Bosch GWS 14-125 CI Angle Grinder, 1400 watts, 5-inch

This Bosch GWS CI 14-125 1400-watts Angle Grinder provides maximum overall performance and a higher level of the user safety. The 1400W motor having constant electronic guarantees fast progress of work, and motors have overload protection, direct cooling and lengthy “carbon-brush” lifetime.

On the other hand, the vibration decrease, anti-rotation safety guard, restarts safety, and KickBack stop indicates that Bosch has each angle of the safety covered. Still changing accessories is easy and fast because of the big spindle lock switch and the thin housing provides excellent handling.

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Needless to say, this possibly best inexpensive grinder is definitely a “multi-tasker” built to suit the tough to reach areas. It has ideal ergonomics to put in narrow areas and be convenient to operate. It is lightweight sufficient to operate this pleasantly at height.

This tool is built with several safety mechanisms. It features a unique anti-start trigger avoiding the accidental switching on this grinder when battery is mounted. The over current protection trigger protects battery from harm in the event of an overload.


  • It is affordable
  • Its lightweight design boosts comfort-ability
  • Provides sufficient power to fit the majority of the duties in your home


  • The features aren’t pretty versatile

2. Black+Decker Angle Grinder G650-IN

Black+Decker G650-IN Angle Grinder

Trying to find a handy, simple-to-use angle grinding device to keep in your house? You can consider this Black+Decker Angle Grinder G650-IN.

This angle grinder provides faster result and smooth usage with its 3 positions “side-handle”, 650-watt robust motor makes cutting and grinding operations run effortlessly runs at just 12000 rpm which make all grinding tasks fast and easy ergonomically made with ideal body grip.This is the Best Angle Grinder in India.

The Safety Side handle flange as well as locking nut, it facilitates 4″ disc. This fits most tasks of cutting, sanding, sharpening and grinding and works with the broad range of the materials (such as from plastic and wood to metal and concrete).

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This grinder includes a robust build, offering a metal operating part and rubber-plastic body. For extra user’s ease and comfort, there’s a handle which can be additionally mounted on the top of tool guaranteeing the constant work in restricted places as well.

The uncomplicated wheel-changing system offers the quick disc elimination and installation, through spanner wrench.


  • Low cost for an expert quality tool
  • Lightweight size offers simplicity of use and portability
  • Motor remains cool upon too much work at moderate load


  • The trigger button is very tight, does not respond immediately and may possibly get stuck sometimes.

3. Stanley 100mm 600-Watts Black and Yellow Angle Grinder

Stanley 600-Watt Small Angle Grinder

Since have designed a legacy simply by generating a few of the popular tools, this is the rich past of innovation that has made Stanley an authentic name and business pioneer.

Whether you’re a retailer trying to find the top quality items to provide your clients or an experienced user searching for the great tools, then Stanley 100mm 600-Watts Black and Yellow Angle Grinder are ready to offer you the best.

Are you in search of quicker material elimination while grinding as well as greater accuracies and comfort when cutting?

This Stanley 100mm 600-Watts Black and Yellow Angle Grinder is actually a great performance metal operating tool that has been designed to combine superb power simply to weight features with exceptional ergonomics. It offers the power, versatility, and life which are required by tradesman.

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The Stanley 100mm 600-Watts Black and Yellow Angle Grinder comes with a “no-load” speed of around 12000 rpm. This facilitates a 4″ cutting or even sanding wheel (it is not added to grinder) and offers 2-meter cable.

The STGS6100 has “spindle-lock” for easy and quick disc changes. This has a “sealed-toggle” switch offers protection from filings and dust extending the switch life. The enhanced air vents offer maximum airflow extending motor life.


  • 2 position handle
  • Several applications
  • Simple to store and use
  • Has an ergonomic design
  • Includes off/on slide switch


  • I didn’t find any cons for this device

4. Makita 850W M9513B 100mm Angle Grinder

Makita M9513B 850W Angle Grinder

It does not matter if you’re a repairperson doing work in a workshop, or an enthusiast that needs multi-purpose, a high-quality tool which will finish cutting, grinding, as well as finishing of the metals, Makita 850W M9513B 100mm Angle Grinder is without a doubt the best which you can discover.

The high-quality grinder will be able to achieve impressive performance as it functions on 850-w motor. On top of that, it weighs just 1.8-kg that makes it compact angle grinder which will decrease the fatigue amount.

As a result of excellent grip, labyrinth construction, and compact design, you will have a powerful tool which will endure the wear and tear. Its construction shields and seals bearings and engine by using an appropriate zigzag varnish which will decrease the level of dust and debris.

For the majority of angle grinders, protection is an important feature, and also you do not have to worry about getting hurt. This includes all protection parameters which will reduce possibilities of risk.

Overall, Makita M9513B grinder is high-speed and high torque angle grinder which can accomplish any work which you want. Because of powerful motor and higher output power, it’s not just for home use, but also for commercial and professional performances.


  • Easy to use
  • Robust and durable
  • Engine will enhance the permanence


  • It does not have variable pace settings

5. Bosch GWS Heavy Duty 900-100 Angle Grinder

Bosch Angle Grinder GWS 900-100

In my view, the Bosch GWS Heavy Duty 900-100 Angle Grinder, without any doubt, is exactly about vibration managing and considerably simplifying the hardest of grinding tasks. While I was slicing through some “stainless-steel” a while ago, this grinder didn’t let my hands to feel vibrations from cutting impact whatsoever.

This, consequently, did not allow my hands to quickly wear down, and I could work for a long period of time.

Its “lock on” side button has 2-position handles that was just ideal for achieving precise cuts through steel. Not to mention, with the 2.28-kg weight design, the features were built relatively simple to use whereas simultaneously improving the accuracy of my grinding.

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As it may be made more for commercial use, this Bosch GWS Heavy Duty 900-100 Angle Grinder is one that is amazingly sturdy. It has an exceptional “Service-Minder” feature which stops the angle grinder automatically when it is time for a preventive or maintenance measure.

At the same time, this grinder is offered with “epoxy coated” field winding which grants this a relatively higher tool life.


  • The LED screen allows tracking of battery life and RPM adjustment
  • Epoxy-layered field windings which make it proof to deterioration
  • The top vibration ingesting angle grinder available in the marketplace


  • It lacks the wheel brakes
  • Its “tool free” wheel shield is hard to pivot

FAQs About The Best Angle Grinder In India!

  • Can I Make Use Of Angle Grinder To Polish?

Unquestionably, you can easily use angle grinder for polishing metal, and this is particularly designed for that particular job. But, before polishing metal do not forget to alter the disc too.

  • How To Eliminate The Disc Of Angle Grinder?

By using the range only given with angle grinder, it’s easy to eliminate the disc

  • Is This Possible To Trim Metal With Angle Grinder?

Typically, an “angle-grinder” is designed to trim, grind or polish the metal.

  • Who Makes Top Angle Grinder In The Industry?

I have listed a few of the best angle grinders available on the marketplace below:


This can be alluring to purchase the less expensive angle grinder as a fast tactic to a job available, and when you choose the Black Decker G650-IN or Bosch GWS CI 14-125 1400 watts Angle Grinder you will not be making an unsatisfactory decision.

On the other hand, if you’re expecting a fairly hefty workload, then making an investment in a device made to continue for a long time can save your money in the future.

Evaluate all these devices for yourself as well as the workload before you, and even make a logical decision about exactly what you’ll be paying out, the characteristics you need, and exactly what you anticipate from the tool. An innovative mind can discover numerous utilizes for a well-built angle grinder.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this post on Best Angle Grinder in India  to a great extent. Now, you’re capable of choosing the best one. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends on social media. Also, leave your opinions in the comment box below. Have a great time!


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