Moondrop Kato Review – Breezy Sound

Moondrop, one of the biggest giants in the ChiFi community is a big audio device manufacturer especially in the line of IEM, cables and TWS. They are well known for their unique in house sound which is smooth and it has been proclaimed in various products like the Starfield, Sparks and KXXS. To ...

13 Best Men’s watches in India

In our last article, we discussed about finding the right watch for you, where the selection process was mainly based on the movement of the watch. So today we'll be covering the outer & more visible features, and the kind of vibe a watch gives. So before coming to the selections, You'll ...

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Best Acer Laptops in India

Acer has always been one of the companies with a huge catalog of laptops for all kinds of customers. Whether you’re someone whose primary focus is gaming or if you’re someone who needs something for casual use or maybe if you need something for your business needs, Acer has everything covered and ...

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