Best Budget PC built Under Rs 25,000 in India (2019)

Gone are the days when assembling a PC was regarded as rocket science or something inferior in quality to the pre-assembled machines that we see from manufacturers like Dell, HP etc. Infact the DIY market is on a boon for long now and the PC industry is flourishing day by day enriching the catalogues of all manufacturers with parts that suit even to the modest of needs on the strictest of budgets possible.

Today I’ll be compiling a PC configuration for Rs 25,000 which is the least minimum that one needs to shell out for a decent PC that will handle all their office, college or school work along with mild and casual gaming too just in case one desires to. Also before I proceed further I’ll like to lay down a few basic points clear out most of your confusions.

Points Kept in Mind For This PC Build

1) This build is strictly for office, college and school needs along with some casual gaming and not for anything high end like video editing, professional gaming etc

2) I’ve tried to keep the components as up to date as possible for this budget to avoid any bottlenecks or incompatibility in future.

3) Components are such that they can be easily upgraded by adding a new part rather than the necessity to upgrade multiple components to minimize the cost incurred on future upgrades if required.

4) The configuration covers only the main machines and not the additional peripherals like a monitor, keyboard etc.

Best PC built Under Rs 25,000 in India (2018)

 1  CPU – Intel G4560 Kaby Lake Dual Core 3.5 GHz


Intel G4560 7th Genenration Pentium Dual Core Processor

1) The G4560 not only belongs to the 7th Gen Kaby Lake family of CPUs from Intel but is also proven to be extremely competent for daily needs.

2) It also supports high end graphics card making it a perfect choice for this budget.

3) It comes with a dual core , base frequency of 3.5Ghz and a stock cooler out of the box.

4) In case you don’t want to add a graphics card , the Intel HD 610 graphics under the hood is enough for daily work and gaming.

Check Price : Amazon | Flipkart (NA)

 2  Motherboard – ASUS H110M-D

Intel G4560 Kaby Lake Dual Core

1) Based on the H110 chipset the Asus H110M-D is an mATX motherboard with two memory slots which makes future upgrades easy and hassle free.

2) In terms of functional features the board comes with two USB 3.0 ports and four SATA ports so we have enough ports to add more storage drives in future along with support for high speed USB ports.

3) A premium audio CODEC on board is an added bonus no doubt.

Check full specifications on Asus website – Asus

Expansion Slots

  • 1 x PCIe 3.0/2.0 x1 (x16 mode)
  • 2 x PCIe 2.0 x1

Check Price : Amazon | Flipkart

 3  RAM – G.Skill RipJaws V 8GB DDR4 2400Mhz

G.Skill Ripjaws V DDR4 8GB (8 GB x 1) 2400 MHz Desktop Memory RAM

1) If it’s G.Skill RipJaws then it just can’t be wrong!

2) A highly acclaimed and time tested RipJaws V is not only priced competently and looks fantastic with a futuristic red and black heat sink but also performs well.

3) Sailing you smoothly through your daily task be it simple word processing or multimedia or gaming in case you use a high end graphics card.

4) Due to its wide availability adding another 8GB kit in future if necessary won’t be an issue whatsoever.

Check Price : Amazon | Flipkart (NA)

 4  Graphics Card – MSI GT 710 2GD3 LP 2GB Graphics Card

MSI GT 710 2GD3 LP 2GB Graphics Card1) The sole purpose of adding this card here is that I wanted to make this build good enough for graphics editing and designing on software such as that on Photoshop etc which is quite common for students these days be it school or college.

2) Also since the card comes with one VGA , HDMI and one DVI-D Dual Link port it’s easy to hook up a multi monitor setup in case one is into trading etc where multiple screens help to a great extent.

3) It’s cheap and runs cool , with great out of the box performance even for casual gaming for your kids at home!

  • PCI Express 2.0 x16 (uses x8)
Check full specifications on MSI website – MSI

Check Price : Amazon | Flipkart (NA)

 5  HDD – Seagate Barracuda 1TB

Seagate New Barracuda ST1000DM010 1TB 64MB

1) It’s a time tested veteran no doubt.

2) The Seagate Barracuda has been around for quite a while now with positive performance reviews all over the web due to its cost effective price tag and great performance for a massive 1TB storage space

3) 1 TB space should be more than enough for your office, school and college work combined!

4) It has a 64MB cache and 5400 RPM speed which is fast enough to handle all the work seamlessly

5) With 2 years of warranty one cannot ask for anything more.

Check Price : Amazon | Flipkart

 6  Case and PSU – iBall Axton with 450W SMPS

  • Comes with SMPS

iBall Axton Cabinet with SMPS

1) A good cabinet means a sturdy build along with reliable cooling to all your precious hardware.

2) Due to the budget constraint here we will go with the iBall Axton which is quite roomy and comes with a perforated side panel for the CPU cooler to suck in cool air from outside.

3) Enables everything to run cool and quite under heavy load giving you maximum performance.

4) Also we get a 450W SMPS out of the box which is enough for this configuration and has headroom to accommodate a few more hard disks.

Check Price : Amazon | Flipkart (NA)

Extra Peripherals Out Of 25k Budget

Apart from the main PC in case you require buying the peripherals too then I would suggest you go for the following which are perfect for this build and budget category.

 1  Monitor Dell E2218HN 22-inch LED Monitor

Dell E2218HN 22-inch LED Monitor with HDMI and VGA Port

1) A full HD monitor from Dell with a 21.5’ panel is a perfect match for this build and works well for working and watching movies.

2) The connectivity options include a HDMI and VGA port which are great.

3) Comes with a stand that provides slight adjustment in orientation.

4) Best part is that you get a full 3 Years warranty on this.

Check Price : Amazon | Flipkart

 2  Keyboard and Mouse – Logitech MK200

Logitech MK200 USB 2.0 Wired Keyboard-Mouse

1) This is quite sturdy and solid , exactly what we require here for longevity and comfort.

2) The design is basic with dedicated multimedia keys on top and a flat plastic frame with chunky vital keys such as the space bar and Windows key for easy typing and maneuverability.

Check Price : Amazon | Flipkart

 3  Optical Drive – Asus Internal DVD Writer DRW-24D5MT

Asus Internal DVD Writer DRW-24D5MTYes I know we live in 2018 and the world is all digital now but still few people need an optical drive to use for various purposes so I recommend that if required one opts for the Asus DRW-24D5MT which is an internal DVD writer and play back module and has tons of positive reviews for its long lasting performance.

Check Price : Amazon | Flipkart

So here it is guys the Best PC Configuration under Rs 25,000 in India, I have tried my best to cover all the possible sides of this article and keep your doubts to the minimum but still if you feel that I’ve missed upon something or any additions are required then feel free to drop a comment.

Also in case you have any query regarding the same or want me to write something similar soon then don’t forget to drop in your comments below.

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Navin raj
Navin raj

Sir , mujhe 25000 ke andar main pc assemble karana hai photo editing ke liye. jisme mujhe photo editing karne main asani ho aur lag dekhna na pade…..


Hi the graphic card is not available online can provide alternate of this graphic card

Bhrigu Das
Bhrigu Das

Sir. I want to Assemble a Pc under 25k for light gaming and day to day work.

Karan kumar
Karan kumar

Best laptop for photoshop editing under 40000

Abhinn Krishn
Abhinn Krishn

Can I play games such as Fortnite or PUBG PC on this?


Hi the graphic card is not available online

Jeegesh Bhatt
Jeegesh Bhatt

I would like to build a motherboard, Processor and Ram under 15 k In India 2019


the total cost is above 25000

sahil sharma
sahil sharma

sir i need a pc for pubg streaming and study works