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Liquid Coolers: An In-Depth Buying Guide For Indian Gamers

When it comes to building a PC, one of the final yet crucial aspects of the setup is the cooling. An adequate cooling system ensures your PC components ...

Best Graphics Cards For Gaming In India (April 2021)

We all know that both NVIDIA and AMD are two of the top brands that are manufacturing dedicated GPUs competitively. Recently, the competition has become a bit ...

10 Best Power Supply Units For PC in India 2021

A Power Supply Unit (PSU) is one of the most integral parts of your PC setup. Yet it is also one of the most overlooked. Selecting the correct and ideal PSU ...

Best Budget PC built Under Rs 25,000 in India (April 2021)

Gone are the days when assembling a PC was regarded as rocket science or something inferior in quality to the pre-assembled machines that we see from ...

7 Best Flight Game Controllers in India 2021

With the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, the industry has seen a lot of people jumping onto the hype of flying anywhere in the world and ...

13 Best RAM in India 2021: Mhz, RGB, DDR4

RAM is one of the most important part of PC , it enables you to access data fast so you can read it to your primary storage. If you have a PC with modern ...

Best Gaming Desks In India 2021

Tables are an inevitable purchase for those who are looking forward to buying or building a desktop or gaming rig. You could always get away with buying a ...

10 Best Racing Game Wheels  in India 2021

If you are a person who enjoys the thrill and challenge of driving games, then a dedicated racing wheel set is a very nice prospect. With the growing ...

10 Best AMD Processors in India (April 2021)

If you're looking to upgrade your processor or building a PC, the toughest decision is to know just which processor is right for you and picking the one that ...

Best Gaming Monitors Under Rs 20,000 in India (April 2021)

Even a few years ago, the term ‘Gaming Monitor’ was not well-established. Because most monitors were normal monitors but with a different branding from the ...

10 Best Gaming Chairs In India April 2021

10 Best Gaming Chairs In India April 2021

Rs. 11,990 Rs. 29,500

Gaming has picked up quite the pace among everyone. Gaming has pretty much become like movie watching where people don’t just game for 5 or 10 minutes. As ...

Best CPU & GPU Combinations In India 2021

This article here covers what I think are the best CPU and GPU combinations for Indian Gamers 2020. As this article is written in October 2020 , the AMD ...

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