Top 10 Best Study Tables in India

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A good study/office table will not only help you get your work done quickly but will also be comfortable for long sessions. And with so many different types of study tables available in different price ranges, it has become easier to choose the right product for yourself.

However, there are a lot of factors to keep in mind when making this decision including the type of study table, ease of assembly, dimensions, budget, and so on. In this article, we have curated a list of the 10 best study tables in India that you can consider for your home. So, take a look and choose the one that suits your needs.

Why Buy A Study Table?

A study table isn’t just comfortable for working but has several other benefits as well that increase your efficiency. Here are a few reasons why buying a study table can be good for you and can benefit you in the long run:

Improved Concentration

One of the best advantages of using a study table is that it can help improve your concentration while working or studying. Since all your study and work materials are at one location, you don’t get distracted and are able to complete a lot of work in a short time too.

Multiple Uses

Apart from being used as a study or work table, you can use it for other tasks as well. You can use your study table as a craft table, gaming table, or can even use it for reading books, eating dinner, keeping books, and so on.


Another great thing about a study table is that it is spacious enough for studying and working at home. And one can keep a night lamp to work/study at night without disturbing other people in the room as well.

Helps in Storage and Organization

Finally, you can use a study table to even store and organize your work/study materials and other accessories. There are drawers and cabinets available in different study table designs that can be used to keep your books, documents, study materials, stationery, and so on.

Best Study Tables in India

1 Deckup Uniti Office Table and Study Desk

Deckup Uniti Office Table and Study Desk has a modern design and is both compact and spacious. As a result, it is one of the best study tables in the market which can not only hold your laptop but can also store your accessories and stationery. This spacious desk is made out of engineered wood so it is strong and can easily hold books, table lamps, etc. 

Also, it is sturdy and thick and features dark wenge color so it will easily fit with your room décor as well. This study table includes a cabinet as well where you can store additional books while not taking up extra space in your room.

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Overall, this is a good product for people who need a comfortable desk to work or study at home.

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2 Furniselan Sheesham Wood Study Table

If you are looking for a complete study table set, then Furniselan Sheesham Wood Study Table with Chair is the perfect product for you. This complete set is made from Sheesham wood, acacia wood, and MDF.

As a result, this study table and chair is strong and sturdy and has an attractive look as well. It also features a contemporary design with a rustic teak finish that will add more elegance to your room.

This study table is compact and elegant and is perfect for reading, studying, or working for long hours.

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With this desk, you get two drawers and a cabinet to store your stationery, books, etc. for easier access as well. And the cushioned chair ensures that you will remain comfortable when sitting on your desk for long intervals.

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3 Deckup Giona Office Table and Study Desk

Deckup Giona Office Table and Study Desk has a simple and compact design and is perfect for those who are looking for a budget-friendly solution.

This table desk is constructed out of engineered wood with a laminate so it is strong and sturdy and a great choice for a study desk. This product offers two open shelves and a drawer where you can store your study or office materials that can be easily accessed when working on the table.

Moreover, the contemporary design along with the dark wenge matte finish lends an elegant and classy look to your room. You will need to perform basic assembly of this table before you use it but with DIY instructions, you can do it easily at home.

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Honestly, this is a great budget-friendly product for working or studying at home.

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4 DriftingWood Wooden Writing Study Table

With an antique and rustic design, DriftingWood Wooden Writing Study Table is expensive but a long-term investment for your home. This study table is made out of Sheesham wood so it looks luxurious while providing you proper comfort to work/study for long hours at a time. 

This modern table features two drawers and cabinets that have ample storage space to store your books and office equipment.

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In fact, there is enough desk space to keep your books, laptop, etc. along with a table lamp, mug of coffee, and so on. So, if you are looking for an elegant yet sturdy table desk for home then this is the perfect choice for you.

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5 Varsha Furniture Sheesham Wood Console Table

Varsha Furniture Sheesham Wood Console Table is a slim and compact table that can easily fit anywhere in your house. Made from original Sheesham wood, this console table is strong and durable and has a brown, glossy design so it fits easily with most room decors. This rectangular table requires basic assembly but once it is assembled, it is extremely easy to use.

You also get ample storage space in the table in the form of two drawers and 1 open shelf that can be used to store your stationery, mobile phone, and so on.

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This is one of the best options for people who are looking for a minimalistic table design to use for working/studying at home.

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6 Globel Interior’s Vintage Style Solid Sheesham Wood Writing Console Table Desks

Globel Interior’s Vintage Solid Console Table Desk is another great option for users who want a natural wood table for working at home. This vintage style table desk is made from Sheesham wood with a teak finish and adds elegance to your room. Although a bit expensive, this table comes with 3 drawers and has a space-saving design to accommodate most of your work equipment.

There is sufficient space between desk surfaces to keep your laptop, tablet, books, etc. Also, with the 3 drawers and 3 open shelves, you can keep all your essential books and documents at a single location.

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You can keep this table anywhere inside the house and will definitely find it convenient for reading or working. 

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7 DriftingWood Sheesham Wood Writing Study Table for Home

DriftingWood offers another great option in the form of a Sheesham wood study table that comes with a double-deck hutch on the top. This wooden table has sufficient storage space and is perfect for both houses and offices. It has a robust design and simple style that matches with most room decors while offering convenience and comfort to the user.

There is sufficient space underneath the table to keep your legs as well and you won’t get tangled in cables and cords due to the open back.

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This table features 2 drawers and a cabinet that has ample storage to keep your books, stationery, chargers, and other accessories as well. So, if you are looking for a space-saving table with sufficient space then this is a good choice.

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8 Deckup Reno Office Table and Study Desk

Deckup Reno Office Table and Study Desk is a stylish table made from engineered wood with a laminate. As a result, it is a strong and sturdy table and has a walnut matte finish so it looks elegant and attractive in all kinds of settings.

Another great thing about this table desk is that there is sufficient leg space and 3 drawers to keep your work/study belongings.

Moreover, there is ample space on the tabletop as well to keep your books, laptop, flower vase, mug, and other accessories. And the best part is that the 3 closed drawers can even be locked which makes this table perfect for offices as well. 

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HomeStrap Trends Study Table has a unique design which makes it such an amazing table to use. This study table is packed with smart features and has a contemporary and modern design that offers both style and utility. A perfect choice for modern homes and offices, this study table is available in two finishes so that you can choose the one that matches your décor.

This product comes with a drawer to store your essential study and work items and there is sufficient space for cable management as well. Apart from that, it also features two open shelves that can be used to organize books, plants, etc making this study table not only useful but aesthetically pleasing as well.

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This is the perfect study table for anyone who wants a modern design but at affordable pricing.

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10 INVISIBLE BED Folding Wall Mounted Study Desk

One of the cheapest and most compact table study options in the list, Invisible Bed Folding Wall Mounted Study Desk is a great option for students, working professionals, and kids. This is a pre-assembled study desk that comes with a wall-mountable folded brackets and screws which is quite easy to install. You can use this desk in different ways and can fold it to blend it with the wall when not in use.

Made from high-quality MDF, this is a strong and sturdy table that can easily handle 70 kg weight. Also, there is sufficient space on the table to use your laptop with a mouse and rest your elbows as well.

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It also looks quite stylish and will save a lot of space due to the folding feature. So, if you want a compact and budget-friendly study desk then this is the best option for you.

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Accessories To Put On Study Table

As mentioned before, a study table can be used to store and organize various accessories also to make your working/studying session more comfortable. Here are a few of the top accessories that one can put on a table to increase their efficiency:

Desk Lamp

One of the most useful accessories to keep on your study table is a desk lamp that can provide you with sufficient light to work. A desk lamp is not only useful in concentrating but will also ensure that you can continue studying late at night without disturbing others in your room.

Pen Holder

Another useful accessory to keep on a study table is a pen holder where you can keep all your pens, pencils, etc. in one place. This will make it convenient to access a pen/pencil when you are studying and making notes.

BT Speaker

Many people also keep BT speaker on their study table as music helps them concentrate.


Another popular accessory used on a study table is a plant as it is refreshing to look at and offers positive vibes when you are studying/working.

Alarm Clock

If you are not going to be using your mobile phone or laptop when working/studying, then an alarm clock can come handy to check the time. It will not only be less distracting than a phone/laptop but will also allow you to set alarms to set your breaks for improved efficiency. 


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