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Gaming Pc v/s Sony PS4

When it comes to video games there are two things that come to our minds almost immediately, a Gaming PC and a Gaming Console. While both of these have ...

5 Ways to Prevent and Heal Wrist Pain from Gaming & amp PC Work

Wrist pain from gaming and PC work have caused dangerous issues to numerous lives of people. It has been a major reason to why people lost their ...

5 Steam Alternatives Worth Looking Into

Gaming-related digital storefronts have been popping up left and right lately to meet the ever-increasing demand for more PC games. Steam has been a staple in ...

Top 10 Best VPN Services in India (2020)

The World Wide Web hasn’t been around for that many years but it has still overtaken our lives in a way no other technology could. Modern devices are always ...

10 Chrome Extensions to Improve Facebook in Every Way

Social networking sites have become a part of our lives, and Facebook tops it all. There isn’t a soul who has not heard about it and hardly a few who haven’t ...

How Can You Rank in The First Page of Google Organically

Do you know that 75% of users do not scroll past the first page of their search? With such a less volume of people moving to the 2nd or 3rd page of Google, ...

Best Accessories To Use With Your Smartphone

The very best ways to use your smart phone There is no way to overestimate the value that can be extracted off your smartphones. And if you have an ...

How To Screen Mirror Iphone & iOS devices to TV

Sometimes our iPhone screens are not big enough to watch latest movie or to do a office presentation. That's why most people try to mirror their iPhone ...

Solar Panels Type , Price and Working in India (2018)

Did you ever know that you could get the best solar panel system for your house that too for a price as low as ₹1 lakh? The cost of solar panels is seen ...

How to Earn Money Online From Home In Cool Easy Ways?

How to Earn Money from Home? For most of us, a regular nine to five job is more than enough professional engagement. We live our lives in this endless ...

Make your Android Smartphone Smarter and Faster in 1 minute

In this new era of information and technology, something new is introduced every other day. One of the biggest revolution was Android. Majority of the ...

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