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Oppo,the brand based out of China is a well known and established brand in the Tech industry for their innovative smartphones and electronic gadgets but before all this recent fuzz the brand was well known for their Audio since the brand was initially established as an Audio brand. Producing some high end amplifiers and planar headphones the brand has a well expertise hands on how to make the audio gear sound. 

They have used that expertise in producing the audio gears in the budget segment too and that made the rise of the Enco buds. Their flagship series TWS is the Enco X and it was one masterpiece for sure. In this review let’s check out whether the Oppo can deliver the same audio output via this ultra budget offering from their venture.


Audio quality

Driver: 8 mm dynamic driver 

Driver sensitivity: 100.6 dB @ 1 kHz

Frequency response range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz


Bluetooth codec: AAC/SBC

 Bluetooth version: 5.2

Bluetooth range: 10 m

Water and dust resistance

Dust & water resistance (Earbuds): IP54


The design of the buds is more on an ergonomic side (oval shaped) where the size is very small and the whole body sits nicely inside the ear conchae. The touch pad area is nicely made out with a nice sense of space to touch. The mics are placed at a very nice position hence it picks up the voice clearly without any issues.

The case is compact too with some glossy texture over the surface. The type C port is comfortably positioned in the back of the case. The lid closes off nicely and opens with a nice sense of tightness and grip. It provides a nice assuring snap while opening and closing. 

It also has the IP54 certification hence it can be used in your vigorous workout sessions and your sweat won’t affect the longevity of the buds. Note that the IP54 is not for the case and it’s only for the buds.

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The sound profile of the buds is more of a V shaped tuning but as per the Oppo’s standard the tuning is done extremely well for the price. The V shaped here is more controlled and less sibilant when compared to the other budget V shaped sounds in the market. Let’s see about the sound in detail in the following sections.


The bass is just a dominating frequency here and can be evidently felt just during the initial listening sessions. The bass both the sub and the mid has a nice weight and body and even has a good amount of texture in the background. The separation however feels less where the excessive mid bass presence made the separation not that great. Especially when some complex or bass heavy tracks are replayed the congestion and muffled boomy sound can be observed

  1. Toofan – KGF Chapter 2

The sub bass presence here is very good when compared to the other competitors in this price range. The extension is deep enough thus providing some nice serious rumble. The mid bass is more than adequate and if not it’s slightly excessive in my opinion. The excess mid bass leads to the muffled, too bloomy, congested sound. The separation takes the hit while still retaining some great texture, impact, weight and the body.

Overall the bass is pretty good in terms of weight, quantity, texture but misses out on the separation. A pretty good fun bass head approved set for sure.


The midrange in the enco buds is average at best. The tonality is not the best part of this buds since it sounds slightly brighter and metallic. More mid bass presence can be seen in the mid range section. The excess mid bass leads to that more warm mid range and fuzzy midrange too. The imaging and other technical aspects got disturbed out due to this. 

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First the vocals, they are pretty good but definitely need some improvements. The placement of the vocals are nicely done and if not they are more laid back in their position. The instruments in the background also appear pretty laid back hence the midrange V shaped positioning can be felt evidently. The instrument separation however felt above average for the price and being a TWS the separation was really good. The imaging and layering however felt slightly fuzzier in the midrange due to that excessive mid bass bleed.

The piano notes and the kick drums felt good in terms of attack and decay but lacked in the stage presence where they are kept in a pretty laid back position hence they are lost in some complex tracks hence the volume needs to be raised to make it more audible.

The overall presentation of the midrange is the typical V shaped presentation but nicely done to give that fun and casual listening. 


The treble in the enco buds is more on a polite side with no harshness in the upper end. The sibilance is kept under control with no noticeable peakiness. The overall brightness is more than adequate hence the brilliance and shimmer are above average for a TWS at this price point. The cymbal crashes and the percussion instruments sound really good and on point in terms of decay and attack.

The electric guitar strings and the trumpets do have that natural tone with some clean clarity in that area. Overall the treble section felt more clearer and well extended when compared to the midrange section.

The detail retrieval is average at best but it’s not the worst part in this too since they are pretty good in terms of separation in the treble section but needs some improvement in bringing out the little nuances of sounds. Overall I’m pretty impressed with the treble performance and its much expected result in a V shaped profile sound.

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STAGING: Average at best where the width and the height are not that great but it’s not the worst part of the buds too. They are good but not the best. The width feels slightly restricted and the height feels the same too. The separation in the midrange got crushed out due to this restricted stage width. 

IMAGING:  The imaging is the same as that of the staging where due to that excessive mid bass presence the instrument placement and the presence felt slightly congested. The channel sweep felt good but not the smoothest. The layering also felt average at best. Overall for the price the technicalities are not that bad to be complain about.

The track separation and the clarity are pretty good until some complex tracks kicks in. The complex tracks are difficult to be replayed via the enco buds since the driver is not that capable to do that task.


The microphone is pretty good in the buds where the voice is picked up very good even in the noisier surroundings but struggles when the external noise is too much. The opposite person can get my voice clear but when the surrounding changes to a very noisy setting it gets struggled up.

The range is pretty good but still it doesn’t have that longer range like what a neckband type earphones usually provides. 


The acclaimed battery life on the enco buds is 6hrs from a single charge from the buds alone and extra 18hrs from the case. Overall a pretty decent battery life from the buds and the case. In my experience the battery life is more or less the same with a 30 mins difference.

Type C Port has been included in the back of the case to charge them and no wireless charging support has been provided.


The buds support the traditional AAC codec and no AptX and for this price its not expected however. The buds however supports low latency mode which was added in a recent update and supports Bluetooth 5.2 with faster auto connect feature.


Enco Buds, the latest budget offering from the OPPO is a well rounded solid package in this price range. The buds pack some serious technical aspects like the USB-C charging, Fast pair when the lid is opened, very good quality mics. The buds are also designed well in terms of ergonomics where the buds don’t cause any disturbance even after some serious longer listening sessions. The case is compact and very much pocketable. 

The sound is the striking feature of the Enco buds where it represents the typical V shaped profile with some serious bass presence along with that nice treble sparkle. The bass has some serious head nodding certified thump while the treble has that nice clarity rich separation. The mid range is not that slouch in terms of performance where it has a nice mid bass bloom with great engaging vocals and fun character. Technical aspects of the sounds are average at best and nothing to complain about since the pricing is very reasonable and justified.

Overall the Enco buds is a must buy for someone who is searching for a ultra budget backup TWS with some serious fun sound character. The very good mics also get added as a benefit for the user thus providing some serious value for money  making these buds an ULTRA FUN option to consider in your next purchase.

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  2. Mic Quality
  3. Design 
  4. Price


  1. Technical Aspect 
  2. Tonality

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