Techie Kept Under ‘Video Surveillance’ for 15 Days, Conned of Rs 82 Lakh in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, March 28, 2024 — In a shocking case of cybercrime, a 24-year-old software professional was duped of a staggering Rs 82 lakh by scamsters who posed as law enforcement officers. The victim, identified as R. Ramesh (name changed), endured 15 days of video surveillance under the guise of an investigation.

The Elaborate Scam

It all began innocently when Ramesh received a phone call from a supposed “FedEx representative” at 8:47 am on March 7. The caller claimed that a parcel containing passports and narcotics had been sent to Taiwan in Ramesh’s name. Bewildered, Ramesh was directed to contact Mumbai Cyber Crime officials to report the incident.

The Impersonation Game

On a subsequent Skype call, Ramesh encountered an impersonator posing as an SP-ranked officer in uniform. This faux officer dropped a bombshell: an illegal HDFC bank account allegedly operated under Ramesh’s name, funneling funds for illicit activities. The plot thickened as the call was transferred, introducing two more characters: Anil Mishra and Aditya Keshav, who claimed to be CBI officers.

The High-Stakes Demand

To prove his innocence, Ramesh was coerced into a precarious situation. The imposters demanded that he disclose and liquidate all his assets, transferring the proceeds to various “surveillance accounts.” Fearful for his life, Ramesh complied, revealing his substantial net worth as a well-paid software professional.

15 Days of Duress

Held under constant video surveillance, Ramesh lived in secrecy, unable to even Google the unfolding events. The imposters called him on Skype at random intervals, ensuring he remained at home. His personal reason for working from home played into their hands.

The Costly Transactions

As the days dragged on, Ramesh wired a total of Rs 82,63,661 across 10 different transactions. The funds came from various sources, including a joint bank account with his aunt, broken fixed deposits, and withdrawals from mutual fund investments.

Silence and Complaint

After the final transaction on March 22, an eerie silence settled. Realizing he had fallen victim to a sophisticated scam, Ramesh promptly filed a police complaint. The HAL police registered a case under relevant sections of the IPC and IT Act.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for vigilance in the digital age, where criminals exploit technology to prey on unsuspecting individuals. Authorities continue their investigation, aiming to bring the perpetrators to justice.


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