9 Best Handheld Garment Steamers in India 2024

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When it comes to removing wrinkles from your garments, there are situations where a regular iron falls short, necessitating a superior solution like a garment steamer. Garment steamers are particularly adept at handling delicate clothes, providing an ideal alternative to traditional ironing methods.

Unlike conventional irons, which require an ironing board and direct contact with a heated plate, steamers offer a gentler approach that minimizes the risk of damaging your clothes. Additionally, handheld garment steamers are compact, making them perfect for individuals residing in small living spaces where saving every inch of room is crucial.

The convenience of handheld garment steamers extends to allowing you to effortlessly iron your clothes while they hang in your cupboard. To help you navigate the market, here is a compilation of some of the finest handheld garment steamers available today.

Best Handheld Garment Steamers in India


Best Choice
This compact and foldable steamer is a game-changer for anyone who wants to keep their clothes wrinkle-free without the hassle of using an ironing board.

It’s worth mentioning that Philips is the world’s number one ironing brand, which gives me confidence in the quality and reliability of this product.


One of the standout features of this steamer is its light and compact design. It’s incredibly easy to use and store, making it perfect for travel or small living spaces. The 100 ml detachable water tank is conveniently sized and allows for steaming up to one full outfit. Refilling is a breeze, and the steamer is ready to use in just 30 seconds, thanks to its 1000-watt power.

The OptimalTemp technology ensures that it’s safe to use on all ironable fabrics without the risk of burns. This feature gives me peace of mind, especially when steaming delicate garments. Additionally, the continuous steam rate of up to 20 g/min provides quick and efficient steaming, saving me valuable time in my daily routine.

Another impressive aspect of this steamer is its ability to kill 99.9% of bacteria, thanks to the power of steam. This feature is especially important for those concerned about hygiene and cleanliness.

Overall, the PHILIPS Handheld Garment Steamer STH3000/20 is a fantastic investment for anyone in need of a compact and powerful steaming solution. It’s easy to use, efficient, and ensures wrinkle-free clothes with no ironing board required. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to simplify their garment care routine.

2.  Wistec Techne Direct Handheld Garment Steamer

WISTEC Techne Direct 1000 Watts Handheld Garment Steamer

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1) Suitable for both horizontal and vertical steaming, this product from Wistec is truly versatile with what all it can do.

2) For an improved performance while in horizontal mode, the company has included a stainless-steel plate on the steaming head that can also be used for ironing.

3) A removable brush head is also included, so is jet unlock that throws more steam.

4) Its see-through water tank can hold up to 260ml of water that is necessary to keep the steamer running for long without needing a refill.

5) Wistec claims that steam can start coming out within 40 seconds and can run continuously for ironing about 5 to 7 shirts.

6) Thanks to its compact size, you can store it with ease and can even carry it while on a trip.

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 3.  Sokany 1200W Garment Steamer

Sokany 1200W Handheld Garment Steamer

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1) Targeted at the budget market, this garment steamer is not only pocket-friendly but is also much more powerful than conventional solutions with its 1200W of heating capacity.

2) This much power means that the steamer will start generating steam within 15 seconds while many other products take several minutes to give similar results.

3) It has an inbuilt 260ml water tank that is removable to easily refill water.

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4) Its large steaming head means a larger portion of the fabric is steamed in one go without you having to move it around several times.

5) The company has made it extremely lightweight allowing you to easily move it, while it comes with a flat base to let it sit on the table.

6) In addition to removing wrinkles from your garments, this will also get rid of bacteria build-up.

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4.  TaoTronics Upgraded Garment Steamer

TaoTronics 200ml Upgraded Garment Steamer

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1) Coming with an ergonomic design with an easy-to-use handle, this garment steamer from Taotronics is the best product currently available in the market.

2) The company has designed its spout in a way to not allow any extra steam to escape or prevent it from leaking, all this while keeping you safe from the hot steam.

3) Its 200ml storage tank can provide a continuous steam flow for about 10 minutes.

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4) There is an indicator to let you see the water level and the product also features low water protection.

5) Heating the water takes not more than 2 minutes allowing you to start ironing almost immediately.

6) TaoTronics has also included a protective glove inside the box which you must wear on your other hand to protect it from the steam.

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5.  Inalsa Handy Steam 600W Garment Steamer

Inalsa Handy Steam 600-Watt Garment Steamer

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1) Inalsa is quite a popular brand when it comes to household appliances and this garment steamer is no different.

2) The vertical steam release from this steamer helps remove wrinkle from your clothes really quickly, while a detachable heat-resistant brush head makes the process easier.

3) Being a 600-watt machine, the steam production is ample to take care of multiple clothes in one go.

4) For your safety and ensuring the longevity of the product itself, Inalsa has included overheat protection along with boil dry protection.

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5) An ergonomic handle is placed on the steamer’s side beside a water level gauge.

6) The company has included a warranty of 2 years with this product, which is double of what other brands generally offer.

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6.  Philips GC 330/45 Garment Cleaner

Philips GC 330 Garment Steamer

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1) Philips doesn’t need an introduction when it comes to consumer electronics as the brand is probably the most popular one in the segment.

2) The garment cleaner from Philips is a premium product that offers an excellent set of features that are well above the quality level set by other products.

3) With a strong steam output, the product, besides ironing out wrinkles, also gets rid of bacteria build-up and odours.

4) Specially designed like any other iron, this steamer can be used for both horizontal and vertical steaming that is aided by an electric pump for an even steam flow.

5) A detachable water tank has been included in this steamer that makes it much easier to refill water which can then heat up really quickly within a few minutes to give a steady steam flow.

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7.  Lifelong LLGS01 Handheld Garment Steamer

Lifelong LLGS01 Handheld Garment Steamer

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1) If you are looking something on a budget, then look no further as Lifelong has a perfect solution for your needs.

2) This is a travel-friendly steamer given its compact size and the company has also included a lint removing brush to make the fabric look cleaner and extend its life.

3) It is ideal for all kind of fabric, be it the gentle ones that need extra care.

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4) This Lifelong steamer comes with a standard warranty of 1 year and is durable enough to last much longer than that.

5) The included water tank is easy to refill and should last between 8 and 18 months.

6) For your safety, the company has included an automatic shut-off feature that prevents the unit from running idle for long.

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8.  Philips GC310/07 Handheld Garment Steamer

Philips Handheld Garment Steamer

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1) Priced slightly lower than the previously mentioned Philips garment steamer, this product carries the same quality level as other Philips products.

2) This is a powerful steamer with an operating capacity of 1000W allowing it to produce the required amount of steam much faster to efficiently remove wrinkles.

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3) Its handheld operation makes it much easier to use and travel with.

4) Automatic continuous steam means you can iron out your clothes much more quickly and the steam will be released for a longer duration.

5) The water tank is detachable helping you fill it up without spilling water on the product itself.

6) A mechanism has been included to prevent water dripping and Philips is including a warranty of 2 years, which again is double the industry standard.

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9.  Usha Techne Direct 1000W Garment Steamer

Usha Techne Direct 1000-Watt Garment Steamer

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1) An elegant design of this handheld garment steamer not only makes the product look great but is also functional allowing for a better grip for the user.

2) This design from Usha also makes vertical steaming possible for an easy operation while ensuring a steady steam flow at up to 21 g/min.

3) The brushing head is detachable and helps remove lint from your clothes.

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The combination of powerful steam and an option for vertical steaming is effective for even the toughest wrinkles.

Thanks to its lightweight design, you can even carry it in luggage bags while traveling to remove wrinkles on the go.

Overheat shut off feature keeps you safe and the company is including a warranty of 2 years with this steamer.

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