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10 Best Kitchen Chimney in India

Are You Searching For The Best Kitchen Chimney in India ?

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A modern kitchen is simply incomplete without a perfectly placed chimney over the cooktop. They have now become an essential part of the kitchen with all the benefits they offer, including the ones to your health and the kitchen in general.

Even though you’re seeing people around you getting chimneys installed in their kitchens, you might be wondering if you really need it. Well, you are not alone and there are quite a lot who think so.

For them all, we have tried to answer that question in the section below. After which, you can find the things you should consider while buying a kitchen chimney, followed by some of the best chimneys available in the market.

Best Kitchen Chimney in India

Below mentioned are some of the best kitchen chimneys that you can currently buy:

 1.  Faber Hood Glassy


Faber 1200MM Chimney

1) Coming from a brand like Faber, this is the best chimney you can buy for your kitchen.

2) This chimney has a modern design with its all black colour and a glass top that adds to its aesthetics and to the overall look of your kitchen.

3) The company uses its proprietary 3D T2S2 technology for a three-way smoke suction to keep the kitchen free from it.

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4) The best part about this chimney is that the company is offering a warranty of 12 years on its motor and rotor along with 1 year of comprehensive for your peace of mind.

5) It is made out of stainless steel which will last for several years.

6) The chimney offers a 3-speed operation and has two LED light built in.

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 2.  Elica ESCG BF 60 Nero

Elica Kitchen Chimney

1) Elica’s chimney offers a maximum airflow of 1100m3/hr to quickly remove all the smoke out of your kitchen.

2) On the front, it has a curved glass hood that gives it an elegant look along with its black base colour.

3) It has two LED lights of 1.5W each that illuminate your cooktop for an easier cooking experience.

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4) You will have three push buttons to choose the speed settings depending on the dish you are cooking.

5) Elica has used baffle filters that are extremely easy to clean and the chimney has been designed to consume less power so as to not dig a hole in your pocket.

6) The company offers a warranty of 5 years on this product.

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 3.  Hindware Nevio 60 

Hindware 60 cm Chimney

1) Hindware has gone for an interesting design with a dual-tone finish using silver and black colours along with the curved glass top.

2) The silver colour comes from its stainless-steel body, that besides looking good, it also quite sturdy to last longer than other products.

3) The chimney offers thermal auto clean option along with an oil collector cup.

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4) This is a 60cm kitchen chimney that offers an air flow of 1100m3/hr to remove smoke and odour from the kitchen.

5) There is a small digital display on the front to show some important information and it has one-touch control for all its functions.

6) Its two LED lights on either end help you cook easily even when its dark.

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 4.  Elica OSB HAC TOUCH

Elica Kitchen Chimney Auto Clean

1) Bearing an all-black design with both the metal body and the glass in black, this chimney will give your kitchen a stealthier look.

2) Besides paying thorough attention to the design, Elica has also made sure the chimney is easy to use, for which, it has included a digital display and touch-based control buttons.

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3) There are two LED lights on the corners of the chimney that should provide enough illumination.

4) The chimney offers a suction capacity of 1200m3/hr with its optimum size of 60cm.

5) It comes with baffle filters and has an auto clean feature that makes it easier for you to clean all the oil and dirt from the chimney.

6) It consumes just about 180W of power, which is lower than many others of this size.

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 5.  Prestige GKH 600 CS 

Prestige 60 cm 850 m3h Chimney

1) Prestige is a pioneer in kitchen appliances and it makes products like cooktops and even kitchen chimneys.

2) The company has given a standard stainless-steel finish that is quite sturdy for regular use and lasts really long.

3) Along with the top glass finish, the chimney offers three fan speed settings that you can choose based on your requirement.

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4) Along with those, there is a button to turn the built-in LED lights on or off.

5) The chimney has a 60W motor that offers a max airflow of 850m3/hr that should be enough for most types of uses.

6) Prestige has used baffle filters that besides doing the job perfectly, are easier to clean and maintain. The product comes with a warranty of 2 years.

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 6.  Elica Pyramid BF 

Elica Pyramid BF Chimney

1) This is another great product from Elica that comes with a smaller size and capacity that is ideal for people who don’t need a larger one.

2) While it still measures 60cm, the suction capacity of this machine is 875m3/hr which is ideal for a smaller setup.

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3) The smaller size also means that the chimney will consume less power at 130W, which is again a great thing.

4) Elica has used stainless steel as the base material which makes the chimney last longer and it also gives it a gorgeous silver finish.

5) There are two bulbs for a brighter light setting for the cooktop. The company is giving 5 years of warranty of the motor with a comprehensive warranty of 1 year.

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 7.  Surya xifo TD-1400 M3 

Surya xifo TD-1400 M3 Kitchen Chimney

1) For this chimney from Surya, your safety comes first.

2) The company has included a gas leakage sensor and a smoke sensor that make the chimney work automatically if they sense a leakage or smoke, thus saving you from any further damage.

3) For the aesthetics, there is a large curved glass on the top that also works to capture as much smoke.

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4) There is a large motor with three-speed settings that can offer a max suction of 1400m3/hr, which is much more than other similar products.

5) For your ease, there are touch controls placed on the front panel along with an easy to see the display.

6) It has a stainless-steel body that should remain fine even with high flames.

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 8.  Glen 6075 SS BF 

Glen 60 cm 750 m3h Chimney

1) People on a tighter budget will find this product from Glen perfect for their kitchens as this chimney isn’t only cost effective but also most of the best features that a kitchen chimney should ideally have.

2) It has a suction capacity of 750m3/hr with the specially designed Italian motor that not only makes lower noise but also has a longer lifespan.

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3) Glen has included the baffle filters for a better user experience which is flanked by two 40W lamps for more light on the cooktop.

4) While the outer body is made out of steel, all the wiring and other internals have been coated with fire retardant material to keep you safe from any kind of fire hazard.

5) Glen offers a warranty of 1 year on this chimney.

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 9.  Seavy Altis 

Seavy Altis 1100 M3H 60 cm Chimney

1) Seavy Altis chimney offers a much beefier look and has a black on silver finish.

2) It has a lot of options and buttons on the front along with two displays to show the relevant information.

3) The chimney has a pretty powerful motor that offers a suction capacity of 1100m3/hr along with baffle filters that are fixed in its place.

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4) The company has included an oil collector cup that will store all the dirt and it won’t let it drip from the top.

5) It has a curved top with a glass finish and has two LED lights on the bottom portion.

6) The motor has two-speed options and you can control using the buttons on the front. The product comes with 1 year of warranty.

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 10.  Sunflame CH Slim 60 

Sunflame 60 cm 500 cm3m Chimney

1) The cost-effective chimney in our list is this one from Sunflame that offers all the necessary features that you’d need on a daily basis.

2) Sunflame has designed this chimney in a compact size that should fit even inside smallest of the kitchens in your home.

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3) Sunflame has given controls on the front and you can slide them to control the chimney.

4) The company has included a cassette filter for the best possible suction of the smoke and fumes.

5) There is a single incandescent bulb for proper light under the chimney and the company offers 1 year of warranty with this product.

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Why use a kitchen chimney?

The biggest advantage a modern kitchen chimney can offer you is by adding to the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.

Your contemporary kitchen may get an entirely new look if you match the colours of the new gadget with your kitchen area. Chimneys do the thing they are intended to and that is taking the smoke and pungent odour out of the kitchen.

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With the smoke out of the kitchen, you can not only breathe better, it is also better for your health in a long run. Plus, without a chimney in your kitchen, all the grease and smoke will start to layer on the kitchen’s wall and tiles.

Over time, the smoke will turn them yellow and eventually black, which you definitely wouldn’t like in your newly painted kitchen.

Things to consider while buying a chimney?

There are quite a few things that you can look for while you are in the market to buy a kitchen chimney. Here are some of the things that you should take note of:

 1.  Kitchen Size and Chimney’s Suction Capacity

The first thing you can start noticing is the size of your kitchen and depending on that looking for a chimney that offers enough suction capacity.

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It is obvious here that if you have a larger kitchen then you’d have to go for a chimney with more suction power, which is measured in m3/hr. You might want to look at this number before making a final decision.

 2.  Chimney Type

Now that you have checked the kitchen size, you might want to find a perfect chimney depending on the place where the cooktop is placed. There are four types of chimneys available – wall mounted, island chimney, built-in, and corner chimney.

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As their names suggest, the first one is placed near a wall, the second can be placed in the centre of the kitchen, built-in ones are hidden inside a cabinet, while the corner chimneys sit in the corner.

 3.  Filter Type

Modern chimneys are usually available with three types of filters – cassette, baffle, and carbon filter. For Indian kitchens and the food cooked here, the chimneys with baffle filters are considered better.

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You don’t need to clean baffle very often as doesn’t get clogged even after being subjected to a lot of smoke or grease. You should prefer a chimney with baffle filter over others.

 4.  Auto-Clean or Not

With the Indian cooking that includes a lot of spices and oil, auto-clean becomes a crucial feature to have in a chimney. Such chimneys have an oil collector that makes the filter easier to clean and even extends its normal life. This also helps in better suction by the motor.

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