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Usha 2000-Watt 812T Convector Heater Review

If you are looking for a good room heater to keep warm in this time of chilling winter, we have a great product that you can consider from Usha. When looking for heaters, there are a few things you should know, which will help a lot in the long run. In this article we will discuss it in detail.

Room heaters come in two broad types, Convection heater and Conduction Heater. 

Convection heaters use a coil or panel for heating. A fan or blower is used to spread the warm air in the entire room. This is useful if you want to heat your entire room quickly and want an active stream of hot air. This type of heater is generally a bit pricier than other alternatives, but provides better heating.

Conductor heaters use a metallic coil which glows using the supplied electricity. The nearby areas are heated first, and it’s a quick process. The heat then gradually spread to other parts of the room. This is a much slower process, and is not recommended for larger rooms.

Important elements of a room heater are:

Wattage: The more wattage a heater has, the more powerful and large it will be. For larger rooms, higher wattage heaters are recommended, while for smaller rooms, lower wattage heaters are more than enough. 

Number of coils: Having more coils will mean that you get more heat. This will affect how fast the heating is.

Temperature Dial: This is not available in all heaters, but those that do have quite an advantage. With a temperature dial, you can lower the amount of heat dissipated from the coils and hence consume less power. 

Considering all these points, we have selected a heater that we think is the best bang for your buck currently in the market. It is the Usha 812T Convector Room Heater rated at 2000 Watts.

Build: Very Sturdy

The heater has metal front and back panels and these make the build very sturdy. The sides for vents are made from plastic and offer passage of air from the fans inside it. On the top of the heater you have a handle made from hard plastic. It doesn’t heat up when in use and hence means you can carry it easily without having to worry about burning your hand. 

On the bottom of the heater you have four feets that act as supports. Moreover, you also get a metal stand on the two front feets, this stand is very useful if you want to prop up the heater at an angle,according to your preference. The stand folds inward when not in use and is a great addition. 

On both sides of the heater are large vents that help the fans pull in air from the outside.

On the front, the main vent is located from where the hot air is blown out from the fans. This is the main source that provides heating to your room.

The fan inside the heater is a two blade fan and provides sufficient air flow that can also be used in the summer. 

Lastly, you also have a red LED light on top of the heater, which acts as more of an indicator of the heater’s position if you have left it on in the dark, to prevent people from stumbling over it and avoid serious accidents.

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On the top of the heater, you have two dials. The first is the thermostat, which allows you to control the amount of heat dissipated by the heater. It also has a very useful feature that allows you to set an auto on/off limit. When the heater has reached your desired amount of warmness, roll the dial back till the fan shuts off. After this, whenever the temperature of the room gets colder, the heater will turn itself on and maintain the previous temperature. This is a great feature and should be made a standard for other heaters too. 

The next dial is the fan dial. This dial has four modes: 

1) The first is OFF, where the fan is completely turned off.

2) The next is a blue dot, which means the fan will be turned on but the heating coils will be off. This effectively means that you can use it as a standalone fan during summers. This alone means that the heater has more utility than most alternatives. 

3) The next option is a red dot. In this mode, the heater will operate at half wattage, i.e. 1000 watts. When you do not want a lot of cooling, or you are using it in a smaller room, this allows you to save energy as well as reduce your electricity bill. The rate of heating is a bit slower than the full power option obviously but it does heat the immediate surrounding area almost instantly.

4) The last option is the Two Red Dots mode. In this mode, the heater operates at full capacity, which is 2000 watts. For very cold nights or just simply larger rooms, this is the ideal mode to use. This mode provides a whole lot of heat and the rate of spread is very fast. In our bedroom, which is fairly large, it took only 8 to 10 minutes to completely heat the room and maintain a constant warm temperature. This mode will consume the most amount of energy though, so we suggest switching to the One Dot mode after you have achieved your required temperature.

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Safety Features:

Using an appliance with so much power requires proper safety, otherwise it is a great risk to you and your families life. This heater fortunately has an Overheat safety feature, which automatically turns the fans and coils off after they have been used for too long, or the temperature is too much. You can also use the thermostat dial to control how long it will take for the Overheat measures to turn on. At the highest power mode and with thermostat temperature at its highest, the heater turned off after two hours of continuous use. At lower power modes and temperatures, it will turn off after a longer time.

Final Verdict:

After 2 months of casual use, we have tested the heater at almost all settings. We particularly found the auto temperature maintenance to be the best feature of the heater. We usually use it in a large bedroom and a small office space, in both cases the heater has provided adequate heating. In the bedroom, it took about 15 minutes for the whole room to get warm. After the initial use, the auto cut started by itself and we never had to manually restart the heater to get the temperature back up again.

The fan does make a bit of noise though, and in silent winter nights, it is most definitely audible. In the full 2000 watt mode, it made the highest amount of noise, which was a bit annoying. At lower wattage, it did become quieter however, but not completely silent. 

For the price we bought it, there are very few convector heaters in the market that have the same features as the Usha 812T, so we highly recommend this if you are in need of a well-rounded heater.

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