24 Amazing Movies That You Probably Haven’t Seen Yet

Last updated on December 6th, 2023 at 09:05 am

Some movies are popular, while some others are not. If you watch movies casually, then you might have seen almost all the popular movies.

However, there are many movies that might not be popular yet they can be worth a check. And, for that reason, we have compiled a list of the best 24 amazing movies that you probably haven’t seen yet.

We will be sharing a brief review of all these movies in this post. So that you can choose your next movie to watch directly from this article.

 1  Midnight in Paris

This movie was directed by Woody Allen. Interestingly, it is regarded as one of the best movies of Woody Allen’s career.

This movie follows the story of a nostalgic Hollywood screenwriter who is on a trip to Paris with the family of his fiancée.

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And, every night while on the trip he goes back to 1920 in Paris mysteriously. If you want a combination of fantasy, romance, and comedy, then you should watch this one.

It also has popular stars like Rachel McAdams, Owen Wilson, Kathy Bates, and more.

 2  Let the Right One In

The next one on the list is the ‘Let the Right One In’. This is a Swedish movie directed by ‘Tomas Alfredson’.

This movie is based on a novel of the same name. As it is not a Hollywood movie, it is not that well-known worldwide. However, it has a great plot. And, if you love drama, romance, and a bit of horror, then you should check this one out.

 3  The Man From Earth

‘The Man From Earth’ was released back in 2007. However, Jerome Bixby has devised the screenplay of this movie in 1946.

And, it was finished in April 1998 in his deathbed. This movie revolves around the character named ‘Professor John Oldman’.

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During a party, he reveals to his colleagues that he is actually thousands of years old.

And, if you are intrigued as to why he is a thousand-year-old man. Or what are the mysterious reasons behind this, you have to watch this movie. If you are sci-fi, fantasy, and mystery fan, you should not miss this.

 4  Waking Life

If you are looking for a movie that will make you think deeply, then you should check the ‘Waking Life’ out. It is an animated movie in the drama and fantasy genre.

This movie involves all kinds of philosophical aspects and questions related to dreams, reality, free will, consciousness, existentialism, the meaning of life, and many more.

 5  Closer

‘Closer’ is a movie that belongs to the romance and drama genre. This one talks about 2 separate couples that are related to each other. It is about the game of love.

So, you will see a story that revolves around drama, cheating, love, lies, abandonment, and many other relationship issues. The main 4 actors are Natalie Portman, Jude Law, Julia Roberts, and Clive Owen.

 6  The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (Le Scaphendre et le Papillon)

This is a biographical drama film about the life of a journalist named ‘Jean-Dominique Bauby’. In real life, he had suffered a massive stroke and was left in a pseudo-coma.

This is a medical condition in which the patient is fully aware of his surroundings but cannot communicate verbally or move.

During this time, Jean-Dominique Bauby wrote a memoir with the help of others. And ‘Julian Schnabel’, an American artist and director, directed this movie based on the memoir of ‘Jean-Dominique Bauby’.

And, the movie shows almost everything from the point of view of ‘Jean Bauby’. This is a heart-touching movie.

 7  Sin Nombre

‘Sin Nombre’ or ‘Nameless’ is a Mexican-American movie released in 2009. This movie takes us through the lives of a girl and a boy.

The girl is from Honduras who is trying to immigrate to the USA, and the boy is involved with gang violence. Before you begin, we should tell you that it is not a movie for the faint-hearted. It is a movie that can make you cry.


Are you a fan of action-comedy films? Then, ‘Snatch’ has everything from top-notch action, popular cast, renowned directors, and producers to witty comedy. This is directed by ‘Guy Ritchie’ and produced by ‘Mather Vaughn’.

So, you will see the trademark directing of ‘Guy Ritchie’ here. Along with that, you will enjoy the actors like Jason Statham, Brad Pitt, Dennis Farina, etc.  And, you won’t be able to move your eyes from the moment this British crime thriller kicks off. One Word: Brilliant!

 9  Spirited Away

‘Spirited Away’ is a simply a modern masterpiece, easily one of the Top 10 films of the new millennium.

It works on a multitude of levels; a social commentary on Japan, an homage to ancient Japanese/Russian mythology, a moral film for both children and adults.

 10  The Descent

It is another British film on our list. But no, this is not another action film. Rather, it is a mix of horror, thriller, and adventure.

This one explores a story of 6 women who enter a cave on their trip to North Carolina.

But upon entering into the cave, they realize that they are not alone there. In fact, underground predators are lurking in the cave. If you are into horror films, then this is one of the best ones out there. It will challenge you both physically and mentally.

 11  Once

If you are into musicals, then ‘Once’ has a lot to offer. This one shows us a combination of music and love.

It follows the story of a street musician and a flower seller who is also a singer-songwriter. Both of them are hoping for their big break in life. And, this film tells us their story in music.

 12  Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

It is a movie loosely based on Homer’s ‘The Odyssey’. This movie was released back in 2000 and it was directed, produced, and written by ‘Joel & Ethan Cohen’.

Also, a collection of popular casts like George Clooney, Tim Blake, John Turturro, John Goodman, and more are in this comedy-drama, crime film.

 13  Punch – Drunk Love

When it comes to comedy-drama and romantic movies, ‘Punch-Drunk Love’ can be your next movie to watch.

Adam Sandler, Emily Watson, Luis Guzman, Philip Hoffman, and a lot of other popular stars are in this movie.

 14  Boogie Nights

The ‘Boogie Nights’ is a film that is thought-provoking, to say the least. It has a star-studded cast including Mark Wahlberg, Burt Reynolds, Julianne Moore, Don Cheadle, and more.

The film tells the story of a high-school dropout who then becomes a male porn-star because of various issues in his life.

 15  The Fountain

‘The Fountain’ is a fantasy, romantic-drama movie directed by ‘Darren Aronofsky’. The director tries to mix various elements of spirituality, sci-fi, history, and fantasy in this movie.

The main stars of this film are Hugh Jackman, Rachel Weisz, and Ellen Burstyn, etc. Frankly, it has a complex plot. So, if you want a movie that will exercise your brain, you can watch ‘The Fountain’.

 16  The Closet (Le Placard)

If you are up for a French comedy film, you should miss ‘The Closet’.

This movie tells the story of a man who pretends to be homosexual in order to keep his job. But as you might have already guessed it, his plan doesn’t pan out that great.

 17  Mystery Men

If you love both comedy and superhero movies, then the ‘Mystery Men’ would be a great movie to watch for you.

It tells us the story of several wannabe superheroes with minimal and bizarre (super!) powers. It has actors like Ben Stiller, Hank Azaria, William Macy, Janeane Garofalo, and so on.

 18  Rubber

Rubber is a unique movie. It is a French indie movie in the satire-horror genre. The film is about a tire.

Yes, you have heard it right. The main character of this movie is a tire. This tire comes to life and takes revenge by killing people with its superpower.

From the description, it might seem that it is a bad movie. But we can tell you it is really an enjoyable one.

 19  Kung Fu Hustle

Another movie that you might have already seen if you are a film buff. However, if you haven’t seen it yet, you should not waste your time. Just go and watch it.

This is an action-comedy film written, produced, and directed by the renowned ‘Stephen Chow’. Do you love martial arts movies? Or do you love relentless action and humorous comedy? Then you should watch this cult classic without a doubt.

 20  Magnolia

Who doesn’t love Tom Cruise? If you are like others that like Tom Cruise, you can watch ‘Magnolia’.

This is one of the earliest known works of Tom Cruise. But the movie also has some other highly popular actors like Julianne Moore, Jason Robards, Philip Hoffman, and more.

This movie portrays emotions, romance, drama, crimes, joy, and various elements of life.

 21  12 Angry Men

If you are up for a classic, then the ‘12 Angry Men’ is one of the best movies in Hollywood. It was released back in 1957.

It is about the American judicial system. It might be an old movie, but, we can tell you that it will be worth your time.

 22  Enter the Void

If you are looking for an original movie, then ‘Enter the Void’ has a lot to offer. This is directed by ‘Gaspar Noé’ and he is famous for directing such thought-provoking movies.

This movie shares the story of an American drug dealer who was betrayed and killed during a drug deal.

Later, you will see everything from his viewpoint, although he is dead. Simply put, it is about life after death. And the director takes you to an out-of-body experience while you watch the movie.

 23  Cashback

Cashback is a comedy-drama movie. The main character of this film is Ben (Sean Biggerstaff), an art college student.

After a breakup, he starts to suffer from insomnia. As a result, to kill his time, he begins working at his local supermarket in the late-night shift. And, during that time, his artistic imagination comes to life.

 24  The Big Lebowski

If you are a film buff, you should have already heard of ‘The Big Lebowski’ by now. This movie belongs to the crime and comedy genre.

But the main attraction of the movie is not the plot. Rather, it is the characters. Especially, the acting of ‘Jeff Bridges’ as ‘The Dude’ Lebowski will draw you in.

And, throughout the movie, you will be on a journey with the ‘Dude’ to retrieve his ruined rug. To know more about the rug or the ‘Dude’, you have to watch the movie.

Closing Thoughts:

In this post, we have talked about some of the best movies that you probably haven’t seen yet. Of course, it is possible that you might have seen some of them. But, we have tried to include a mix of some common and less-known movies on the list. So that you can watch a wide variety of movies if you follow our list. Now, it’s up to you to choose a movie from the list and start enjoying it. We hope you will enjoy these movies.

So have you watched any of these movies already? Then which one is it? Or have we included any of your favorite movies on the list? If you have any other movies to include in the list, you can leave your comments below!


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  1. Great list!!! A lot of variety, oldies newbies and different genres. Some I would add are YOUR NAME. It’s a great anime that starts off as a goofy body switch movie, but progresses into a deeper heart felt film. *Caution you may need tissue for this one. Another one I would add is, ME, EARL, AND THE DYING GIRL. it’s a dramedy with great characters that include Nick Offerman. The 2 leads should be in many more movies to come.

    • That movie is there in our Anime movies list , I love ” Your Name “.
      i will check out “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl”.

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