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10 Best Cat Litter Box & Trays in India

If you are a cat owner, you must know what a great treasure cat litter box is. If you own a cat you must buy a cat litter box because your mischievous one is going to make a great deal of mess of its food. So by buying a litter box you are making sure that mess is staying in the destination where it is always supposed to be. Highly absorbent litter consists of unique granules that are efficient enough to absorb liquid like a sponge, therefore, providing a sense of calmness and cleanliness to your cats. 

Below is a list of efficient cat litter boxes and trays for your cat’s personal needs and requirements. Provide a beautiful feeling of living at a home to your precious cats and let them how much you care for them.

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Why Buy a Cat Litter Box?

Cat litter box is essential in a house where cats dwell. Cats, unlike humans, are not able to go outside every time they feel about excreting their wastes. To bring about a good and healthy habit in your cats it is necessary to buy two litter boxes if you have one cat or three boxes if you are parenting two cats. Most cat parents are afraid that their cats might have succumbed if went outside, so they provide an easy and healthy way to excrete their wastes in a repository- a cat litter box. It is highly recommended to give cat litter boxes extra care regarding cleanliness and hygiene. There are different types of boxes- open litter pans, hooded litter boxes, top entry litter boxes, self-cleaning litter boxes, disposable litter boxes, etc, all of these are designed to provide care and freshness to your mischievous ones. Cats are considered skittish and they don’t prefer crowded surroundings during their urgencies, so providing your shy ones with a box will help them gain privacy of their own. 

Why Put Cat Litter in a Box?

The foremost reason for putting cat litter in a box is the assurance that your cat is getting a clean, healthy, and private environment to excrete. Don’t forget that your cat’s nose is quite sensitive and they might get irritated by the pungent smells. Cat litter is used to eliminate any kind of smell that might cause stress and dissuade them from using the box. A cat’s sense of smell is 14 times stronger than that of a human, so a litter box that smells occasionally good to you may be causing a little distress to cats. Being a cat parent, this is solely your duty to take care of the hygiene and sanitation of your little ones because they are not capable of doing it themselves. 

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Things To Consider While Buying Cat Litter Box?

Buying the most suitable litter box for your beautiful cats can improve the quality of the environment they live in eventually stabilizing their physical and mental health as well. Whether you are adopting your very first kitten or you already have one, you must provide them with a clean, healthy, and safe environment to live in. 

Consider the following points while making an appropriate choice of the cat litter box and provide a fresh milieu for your cat babies to live in-

Think about the size: If you have adopted a kitten, then it is impossible for them to get into the litter box as the entrance to the litter box is a little above the ground and far enough for the little ones to reach. Look for the side of the boxes that have lower entrances for your cats to easily enter and exist otherwise they won’t use the box. So before choosing a box of your choice make sure that it suffice their choice. 

Calculate the aim: See if your cat has a bad aim because if they don’t aim their jumps properly, they might end up kicking off the materials on the ground which you would have to clean. Properly see if the box has high sides or even have an enclosed space for your cats to enter without causing any mess outside the box. 

Choose a robust box: If you want to gift your little ones a durable box and also the one that is easier to clean and maintain then try to pick a litter box manufactured from heavy and durable plastic. Avoid buying a box that is likely to break down after some time because you are not free enough to visit a supermarket, again and again, right? So, pick out one which is easy to clean and wouldn’t have to be replaced again and again. 

How many, exactly?: The basic rule says one box per cat plus an extra one. So, if you have two cats you need three boxes. Place the boxes at a place in your house where they can be easily accessed by your cats and make sure that you regularly keep check of the hygiene and cleanliness of the box. So if you don’t have enough space to place three boxes for your two cats, then buy only two and clean them properly and regularly. 

Location of the box: This is the most significant criteria to look up to because the area you are deciding to put the box into is going to make a big deal on the way your cat using it. Make sure that you choose an area that is isolated but also accessible because cats can be frivolous and won’t prefer eating in a trafficked area full of humans. 

With a little help from these considerations, your cat will adopt the habit of using litter boxes more easily and it will save you the time of cleaning mess now and then. 

Best Cat Litter Box & Tray in India

1. Trixie Vico Cat Litter Tray with Dome

Buy Now : Amazon

An awesome product with an awesomely built ventilation system for the welfare of your beloved cats. This product is highly recommended because of the high-quality manufacturing which makes this product extra durable. This is an ideal choice made by most cat lovers as it arrives with distinctive features pre-installed in it like a door, an easily detachable top for cleaning purposes, and a dome of larger size.

Trixie Vico Cat Litter The tray provides easy to clean and manage facility so you will be able to maintain a healthy and happy environment for your beautiful cats. Provide your cats with their own territory of privacy and let them know they are in caring hands. 

2. Savic Hop in Modern Cat Litter Tray

Buy Now : Amazon

‘Hop in’ has introduced a modern of littering wastes efficiently in a tray. This product is a must-buy for cats if they pee by standing up or pee backward. The tray doesn’t only find its use for cats but it is compatible with dogs also; it keeps the excrement and litter away from the reach of dogs ensuring their health benefits. The perforated and slightly sloping leads are the major noticeable feature of this Savic Hop in Modern Cat Litter Tray.

Walking across the lead and when thinking of leaving the tray, the litter done by cats are left behind by falling inside the box through a hole which ensures the area around the tray is clean and tidy. The large opening is included to make the cleaning process, even more, easier and allows an easy way of entry and exit for the cats. In terms of controlling litter to scatter this product is, head and shoulders above others available in India.

3. PetCrux® Exclusive Cat Litter Tray

Buy Now : Amazon

This PetCrux® Exclusive Cat Litter Tray is lightweight, practical, and easy to handle. Provide your cats with their own space when they need it the post, this is a genuine gesture appreciated by them otherwise they will become irritated and frivolous at times. It brings hygiene and clean sanitation for your kittens and cats, as this tray is easy to clean so you can clean and dry them regularly.

You have to manually scoop the litter and clumping out of the box every time your cat uses it for excretion and litter but this tray is true to its words in terms of comfort and convenience. Choose from a varying range of colors that PetCrux has to offer. 

4. Savic Front Folding Nestor Jumbo Cat Toilet

Buy Now : Amazon

Here comes a Savic product to save your day! This extra-large cat toilet accommodation is provided with a top opening for the feasibility of both- cats and parents. If you own a large breed cat-like Main Coon or own multiple cats, then this is the perfect toilet repository for your cats. Savic Front Folding Nestor Jumbo Cat Toilet is not only easily compatible with your cat’s habits but it also helps the parent clean the box with feasibility.

The product includes a door, handle, and replaceable carbon filter to absorb unpleasant odors to keep the surroundings clean and refreshing. Bring home this spacious and comfortable repository for your cats and show them that you respect their privacy! 

5. Futurekart Cat Litter Tray with Rim

Buy Now : Amazon

Don’t you want to buy a litter tray that makes your cleaning process easy and your cat’s excretion process easier? Bring home Futurekart Cat Litter Tray which has an amazing tendency of enduring both the tasks and suffice its users. A bright, modern-looking tray box made specially to fulfill the welfare of animals and humans is a must-have essential if you are a cat parent.

Trays are highly useful Espey in the initial stages of the adoption because at that time cats are more used to the outside surroundings than inside. The size of the litter box is adequate for your cats to fit and the plus point is that it comes with a matching scoop! 

6. Savic Iriz Cat Litter Tray with Rim

Buy Now : Amazon

Savic Iriz Cat Litter Tray is designed to keep the modern standards and health of your cats in mind. For easy accessibility of your cats, the tray has a lower height from the ground and the rim of the tray is designed with a law pattern that fits with the paws of your little friends and this feature stops the spillage of litter and hence making the surrounding clean and dry. Savic Iriz also provides mini and micro scoop, as per your need and preferences, to scoop out wastes more effectively.

You can use the tray without fixing the rim on the top if you are sure that there will be no occurrences of spillage. The tray provided by the manufacturers has litter tray bags which aids the cleaning process even more efficiently. The bags are included with the product because they can prevent urine sediments therefore leading to the elimination of unpleasant odors occurring inside the litter tray box. 

7. Foodie Puppies Litter Tray Box for Cats

Buy Now : Amazon

Foodie Puppies Litter Tray Box is designed to reduce messes that your mischievous ones are going to make. This highly friendly tray box is compatible with all kinds of kitten litter boxes. The tray is manufactured using durable, thick, and non-stick plastic that not only keeps the litter from stinking but also gives the gift of extra life and robustness to the tray. Foodie Puppies Litter Tray Box is designed by keeping in mind the proximal and health needs of your cats as it is incorporated with a lower entry height for your cat’s easy access to it.

So, if you want to keep your surroundings clean and avoid any kind of spillage that comes from bad aim or digging from your cats, then buy this highly durable and easy to clean litter tray box for your cats. The rim fits so well that there won’t be any tension regarding the spilling of litter. 

8. Trixie Classic Cat Litter Tray with Rim

Buy Now : Amazon

Trixie Classic Cat Litter Tray with Rim is all you need to take good care of your cats. It is less likely that your cat will prefer staying inside the home in the very initial days of your acquaintance with them and vice versa. These days, cat litter plays a significant role in the lives of cat parents as they easily scoop out the clumping from inside the tray. Cat wastes cleaning up is now an easier task to adopt with Trixie Classic Cat Litter Tray, so choose a cat litter tray that suits your and your cat’s basic yet important needs.

To make the cleaning process even more effective, you can add glitter liner or a bag to the tray if you wish to clean the tray regularly.It’s big and enough for your cats to excrete wastes efficiently. Being decent in size, easy to wash and dry makes this tray extra desirable to a cat’s owner. Build to last long this average-sized tray is going to make your life easier as littering and cleaning both become easy with this Trixie Classic Cat Litter Tray. 

9. Savic Rincon Corner Cat Litter Tray plus Rim

Buy Now : Amazon

Savic Rincon Corner Cat Litter Tray incorporated with the rim is functionally designed to place in corners, so that, your house would not be filled with the smell of cat pee. Your cats can be shy at times and this litter tray is designed to give them full privacy as it can be placed in any corner of your house which is accessible and acceptable to your cats. This ergonomically designed tray is manufactured in a triangular form which gives an extra space-saving feature to it.

Easy to place rim is incorporated in the design to give you full control over hygiene management. Bring this tray from Rincon which is made up of high-quality plastic and you don’t have to worry about any kind of spillage.This tray is proven to be a savior to all the cat parents and the cat themselves. Bring home this amazing tray which is designed to fit even in the remotest corner of your house. 

10. BLACK DOG Cat Disposable Litter Tray with Rim

Buy Now : Amazon

During the initial days of the adoption of cats, they tend to roam outside the house more often because they are not friendly to inside that much. This stage is the best time to bring home an affordable and effective tray for them to litter.

This BLACK DOG Cat Disposable Litter Tray is easy to clean and surprisingly durable. Find a litter that is not only friendly for your cats but also provides feasibility to you. The best recommendation goes to this litter tray box as it is easy to clean using a scoop and can mask the bad smells very well, therefore, providing a safe and healthy environment for your innocent ones.

Make sure that you are buying a tray that fits the size of your cats for them to easily climb during their personal emergencies. The smart design and non-stick surface make this tray long-lasting and feasibility in cleaning, respectively. The added rim functionality makes sure that the litter is not spilling out of the tray. 

Good Cat Litter Scooper

1. Futurekart Micro Cat Litter Scoop 2 in 1 Set

Buy Now : Amazon

This 2-in-1 set is manufactured to ease your cleaning process. The scooper has been shaped in a way to make sure that you clean more in a lesser amount of time possible. Now cleaning litter trays and boxes have been made easy with the help of this scooper.

Futurekart Micro Cat Litter Scoop is manufactured to bring your beautiful cats a healthy and happy life filled with cleanliness and a refreshing environment. Now it is easy to clean the litter tray and boxes efficiently with the help of this amazing scooper. You are ready to face any kind and size of the litter with these small holes incorporated litter shovel. Simply use it and hang or put it in a place of easier accessibility.

2. Daily Affairs Cat Litter Scooper

Buy Now : Amazon

Manufactured from lightweight durable plastic, this scooper acts as an effective sieve to save litter and prevent any kind of mess. The water-resistant functionality provides the user with a feasible experience of cleaning.

The scooper is ergonomically designed to offer practical and comfortable usability, so that, you don’t experience any kind of a mess while cleaning it. And it helps, if you see a tiny sort of thing, direct it to the front of the scooper with smaller openings and use the depth for bigger lumps. 

Good Cat Litter Options

1. PetCrux Exclusive Scoopable Smart Bentonite Cat Litter

Buy Now : Amazon

The quick clumping feature of the product makes it extra reliable and trustworthy as it has a highly absorbent formula which is needed to absorb faster the residue and it eventually makes the cleaning process even easier. Incorporated with a heavy-duty odor eliminator, this product is capable of eliminating obnoxious odor like ammonia. The instant absorbent formula is ingress inside the product to trap odors inside the clumps.

PetCrux Exclusive Scoopable Smart Bentonite Cat Litter promotes less litter usage which provides soft and smooth comfort to your cats. You can easily scoop out the clumps without even removing the rest of the litter left in the box. The anti-odor property, high liquid absorption rate, and scoopable clumps are all you need to make your daily job a little less frantic. 

2. Petcrux Lets Bite Exclusive Scoopable Smart Bentonite Cat Litter

Buy Now : Amazon

Petcrux Lets Bite Exclusive Scoopable Smart Bentonite Cat Litter is a great way of showing your cats that you care a lot about them. This product ensures the natural nurturing of your cats by providing a plethora of health benefits to the cats and parents as well. The quick absorbent formula helps the sand stay dry and clean for a longer period. If cats litter in a box, there are high chances that it could bring a bad smell in the box and the other parts of the house as well and this could make your cat reluctant of using the box.

The strong lavender flavor added to this product ensures that there is odor control all the time and that your cat is in a safe and sound environment. The best noticeable feature that this product offers is its 99% dust-free rate making it anti-allergic for your cats.  Hard clumping makes scooping even more feasible and this product comes at an affordable quotation of price.

The product is efficient in completing its promises of odorless experience and excellent clumping feature. Nurture your little ones with a  natural product like Petcrux Lets Bite Exclusive Scoopable Smart Bentonite Cat Litter. 

Good Cat Food

1. Whiskas Adult (+1 year) Dry Cat Food, Tuna Flavour

Buy Now : Amazon

This non-vegetarian product is purely a gift of health to your beautiful cats and their vital system. The packet is filled with crunchy chunks packed incorporated with high-quality ingredients and nutrition for your cat. Give your cat a festive blend of nutrients that is highly needed to support your cat’s vital system. These chunks flavored with fish and chicken have a high tendency of providing shiny coat, better eyesight, and undeniable energy to your adult cat.

This is a balanced cat food made especially to take good care of your cats by keeping them away from obesity. Note: For cat breeds from Persian Cat, British Shorthair to Siamese Cat. Gift your cats a tasty snack with real fish flavors! 

2. Purepet Adult Dry Cat Food

Buy Now : Amazon

Coming straight from one of the cat parents, this product is really healthy for cats and they will enjoy eating this ocean fish food. Enriched with minerals, vitamins, and other vital nutrients, this non-vegetarian ocean fish food, is highly capable of providing health benefits to your cats. The food is specially incorporated with probiotics and probiotics to improve the digestive system of your little ones and it also keeps their immunity stronger.

To control the pH of urination the product is accumulated with a blend of all the organic minerals and other essential ingredients that are important for the good health of your cat. You don’t have anything to worry about as the product is carefully checked and then marketed to ensure the good health of your cats and the quality, safety, and nutritional value of the food. 

FAQs about cat litter

1. How often should you clean out a cat litter tray?

Ans. Spot clean your tray daily, replace the litter at least once a week. 

2. What cat litter do vets recommend?

Ans. Unscented clumping litter according to the vets. 

3. How do I get rid of the cat litter smell?

Ans. Wash thoroughly, Clean Messes Quickly, Add More Well-Sized Boxes and scoop daily.

4. Why does my house smell like cat litter when I don’t have a cat?

Ans. This kind of odor which is especially experienced after rain is a sign of a mold problem. 

5. Can I add baking soda to cat litter?

Ans. Yes, it makes a great all-natural deodorizer for your litter box.

6. Is crystal cat litter better than clay?

Ans. When it comes to odor neutralizing, crystal cat litter is comparatively better and lasts much longer compared to other cat litter.

7. What odors do cats hate?

Ans. Cats can’t stand the odors of citrus fruits and peels of bananas.

8. Do cats get mad when you clean their litter box?

Ans. Cats tend to believe that litter boxes are their territory. Yes, sometimes when they see you are invading their territory they might get mad.

9. Is it bad to have a cat litter box in your bedroom?

Ans. Yes, having a cat litter box in your room could bring uneasiness to the health of your children.

10. Are cats happier in pairs?

Ans. Yes, to see their thriving selves you should get your cat a friend.

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