beyerdynamic Beat Byrd Review

Music won’t stop if it’s on Beat Byrd

After testing beyerdynamic Beat Byrd for a few days , I can say these are going to be my new favorites. In the price range of 2k , people would love to hear their amazing sound.

Built Quality

Extremely light weight and fits perfectly in ears. Housings are flat shaped , which provide a very secure fit and are easy to pull out. Due to to flat housing , you can enjoy your music while sleeping also. All the materials from chord to connectors feel of premium quality.

The silicone tips are not your run of the mill tips , they are also premium. Which you will know the moment you touch them.

Although the casing and eartips , does catch dust on it very easily.

Sound Quality

Once you hear these , you will keep hearing these. I was tired of getting low quality earphones and their poor sound , Beat Byrd by beyerdynamic have really blown my mind. A well balanced sound and punchy bass.

Now I am not comparing them to high end open headphones , but these are something. Being able to pick all those complex beats and details for this price range.

Inspired By Xelento 

These earphones are inspired by the beyerdynamic flagship earphones ” Xelento” which also feature similar eartip design and comfortable fit.

No Mic

This is a major drawback of these earphones , if beyerdynamic can add mic to this model , then it will be great. As we love to talk and hear music with our earphones.


I will keep it short.

If you have a budget of Rs. 2000 and your looking to get some quality sound experience with premium built quality. A luxury experience which will keep your ears cozy comfortable. A new design for easy in and out.

Then these are for you.

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