How Good Are 1MORE iBFree Bluetooth In-Ear Wireless Earphones ?

We just received 1MORE iBFree bluetooth earphones yesterday and I have been listening to them non stop since then.

1more ibfree buetooth earphones review

” Great For Exercise  & Comfortable Fit “

They are not your normal bunch of earphones , everything about them is premium be it their cost , sound or design.

Packaging was great , just no carrying case.

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 1MORE iBFree Bluetooth Earphones Review

No Signal Loss

The biggest problem with bluetooth earphones is that there are slight disturbances from time to time while listening music. Although I can surely say for 1MORE iBFree bluetooth earphones that there are none at all.

Their sound is quite meticulous.

Design (water resistant)

These earphones have lightweight ergonomic design , once they fit in your ears they are not going to fall what so ever.

Oblique angled fittings to naturally match your ear shape.

1MORE iBFree Bluetooth In-Ear Wireless HeadphonesThe strong point of these headphones is their awesome fit which is made possible by utilizing eartip/fin combo. Where ear tips seal canal and fins resist the ear to provide further stability.

The remote is simple with 3 button variety. But changing tracks and volume are both operated by side button depending on the period you hold them for.

3 Additional Sets For Different Ear Sizes

1MORE iBFree Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones

Sound Performance

Even at the highest volume the sound will not distort and bass is great. However they are not purely bass focused and deep bass is low.

Bollywood music sounds great , you will really enjoy crisp vocals. You will start noticing little sounds and details that you missed on normal earphones.

Diaphragms are constructed with aerospace grade titanium so they are not going away anytime soon. Which enable sizzling highs and moderate deep bass.

Built Feel

Aluminium body with attractive textures providing lasting colours while eliminating fingerprints.


In indoors the response was good for 4-5 meters while in outdoors 7-8 meters.

Sitting in the room next or working in kitchen was alright.

1MORE iBFree Bluetooth In-Ear Wireless Headphones Call QualityCall Quality

No complaints with call quality , very crisp sound delivered and smooth conversations.

Their MEMS technology eliminate any background static and cross talk for better calls.

Battery Backup

They were delivered with high battery and after using them for around 3-4 hours the battery is still medium. So I guess they can work well for 8 hours as the company boasts.

However it will also depend on your volume levels.

1MORE iBFree Bluetooth In-Ear Wireless Sport Headphones

Final Word

We can say it’s a signature sound where bass is medium while highs are quite boosted. I bet that you haven’t heard this kind of sound in a while.

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