How Good Are Bose SoundLink Micro 783342-0500 Speaker ?

A small Bluetooth speaker that can actually fit in your pocket could be a great concept, but if you really want small speaker, it generally indicates you have to sacrifice sound quality, or to be more prices, bass performance. Bose’s Sound Link Micro is the their tiniest and cheapest Bluetooth model to date and it’s made to confront and oppose the widespread small-speaker customs.

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Bose Sound Link Micro 783342-0900 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

How Good Are Bose SoundLink Micro 783342-0500 Speaker ?

The Bose SoundLink Micro Speaker combines wireless audio streaming and portability, and comes in three color options — black, midnight blue and bright orange. It uses Bluetooth 4.2 to pair with other devices with helpful voice prompts, which allows you to stream your favorite songs through its 40mm driver and dual passive radiators.

The speaker comes with two different modes – Party Mode and Stereo Mode. The first one allows you to pair with compatible units, where all speakers play the same track The Stereo Mode, enables pairing with another speaker, where one plays the left channel and the other plays the right channel.

Design & Features

It’s kind of surprising that the build quality is so impressive. The speaker contains integrated flexible rubber strap, resistant to tears, which can be used for fastening onto anything you want, like a bag or your bike’s handlebar. It contains a bass port on the bottom side and puting it on a flat surface maximizes the bass performance.

Bose Sound Link Micro 783342-0900 Bluetooth Speaker

The speaker is IPX7 certified, meaning it’s completely waterproof, with the possibility of total submersion. Don’t be fooled by its small design, it really does have a bit of weight to it, although nothing too hard. The speaker has a built-in speakerphone for making calls.

Near the Micro-USB charging port you can find a battery-life indicator and volume controls, and also, a button with multiple functions for playback control. As the manufacturer states, the battery life is rated at 6 hours, which is normal for this type of speaker. Based on the user experience, the speaker maintains an exceptional Bluetooth connection and can be linked it with other Bose SoundLink speakers via the Bose Connect application.


As for the sound quality, it was impressive how strong is the bass output in this speaker, considering its size. However, it doesn’t come near Bose’s larger, more expensive Bluetooth speaker. But it delivers considerably more bass and volume than some other pocketable speakers, in terms of low-end performance.

Bose Sound Link Micro 783342-0900 Waterproof Speaker Even though most people will be impressed by its sound quality, we don’t want to raise those hopes too much. If you try to pull off some of the demanding, bass-heavy tracks, it somewhat distorts and, as many of the small portable speakers, this speaker’s performance isn’t completely consistent. It might have really good sound with some tracks, and not so much with the others.


  1. Rich and loud sound
  2. Fully waterproof
  3. Built-in microphone


  1. Price is a bit too high
  2. Average battery life


For final say, Bose SoundLink Micro contains a sound that isn’t much weaker than some larger, similarly priced speakers have, and is significantly smaller and travel-friendly.

So if maximum portability is what you’re looking for, this is possibly one of the best sounding small wireless speakers on the market.

Check Price : Amazon | Flipkart

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