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Oppo has a rich history in the audio industry, originally establishing itself as an audio company specializing in high-end amplifiers for audio setups. While their focus later shifted to the smartphone market due to its growing popularity, they have recently rekindled their passion for audio products. This resurgence has led to the production of a diverse range of audio gear, catering to both budget-conscious consumers and high-end enthusiasts. Their latest flagship product, the Enco X, exemplifies their commitment to delivering exceptional audio experiences.

In this review, we will explore Oppo’s mid-range offering, the Enco W51, a truly wireless earbud. We’ll examine whether this audio gear lives up to the brand’s reputation, providing a glimpse into its design, features, and sound performance. Join us as we delve into the world of Oppo’s Enco W51 and discover the extent to which it reflects the excellence associated with the Oppo brand.


Driver: 7mm dynamic driver

Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20KHz

Bluetooth Version: 5.0

Bluetooth Range: 10m

Bluetooth Codecs: AAC/SBC 

Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation

Qi Wireless Charging

IP54 Dust and Water Resistance

Triple Mic Noise Reduction during calls

Binaural Low Latency Bluetooth Transmission


Oppo products always come in a simple and elegant white box with the product image printed on the top of the box. After opening the box the earphones are present in the first compartment and below the first compartment the type c charging cable and extra 3 pairs of ear tips are provided in an elegant fashion by placing them in a separate box which gives that extra sense of premium.

The charging case is quite handy and compact. It is square shaped and opens in a unique way where it opens like a women pocket beauty mirror!. The mechanism is nice but the hinge is pretty weak where the lid tends to close very frequently after opening. The hinge is not strong and its plastic hence it doesn’t feel premium and feels quite fragile. The case is glossy finished hence picks up some enough amount of scratches. My unit is a white coloured one hence the scratches are pretty much invisible. They are also available in dark blue which is stealthy but scratches are easily visible. The type c port is situated backside with a led charging indicator. There is another LED inside the case which indicates the battery level of the case and the buds itself.

The buds are very small and lightweight. They are similarly designed as the Enco M31 which is very comfortable in the ears. I never faced any disturbance or pain after wearing them for long periods of time in fact this is the most comfortable TWS I have ever used. I used them in gym sessions and felt very lightweight and had no vacuum effect while lifting weights or while bending down. The ear tips are oval shaped which is shaped the same as the ear canal which provides the most comfortable fit. People with small ear canals will feel pain during long listening periods but with normal ear size it gives the best comfortable experience.


The former edition Enco W31 comes with an additional bass mode which is lacking in this advanced version but when coming to the overall sound this sounds fantastic for the price. Most of the TWS under 5k range sounds very bassy or no bass at all but this TWS is tuned to near perfection where it sounds pretty balanced with enough bass thump and treble clarity which is unique to find in this price category. Combining both the best fit and the sound gives some heavenly experience of listening period.

This earphone specifically has the 3D effect in sound. I don’t know whether it’s a placebo but this one really feels like that to me. The soundstage being very wide gives the sense of 3D feel.


Initially when I listened to the bass I felt it was quite lacking but after some days it starts to feel good due to other technicalities being brought out. The bass is slightly boosted but not very high hence it will not suffice the needs of a bass head but it’s damn enough for an audiophile and a casual music listener. 

It’s very tight and punchy and doesn’t bleed into the mids. The bass being tight gives the sense of a big soundstage and really satisfies your ears. The sub bass is better than the mid bass in this earphone hence the tracks from HANS ZIMMER sounds absolutely awesome. The mid bass is slightly lacking hence there is no warmth in the mids sections hence some will find it to be boring but this brings out the clarity in the vocals which we will see in the next section.


The vocals are the highlight of this earphone which sounds really fantastic. As I said in the bass section where due to the mid bass is slightly lacking the vocals sounds beautiful and is forward. They have clarity and enough details. Both the male and female vocals are brought out forward which is quite pleasing. 

And thankfully there is a hissing problem in this earphone which the Soundcore brand really suffers from due to this lack of hissing. The podcasts are great to listen to via this earphone. The movie dialogues are great to listen to in this earphone since it sounds very natural.


The highs are extended enough but not to the level what the wired earphones provide for this price. For a TWS the highs sound pretty good. There is a slight roll off but it’s not a deal breaker since this one has no sibilance which is a welcome package. The guitar strings are as natural as possible and instrument separation is pretty great.

There is no harshness felt during my listening period and here is the major negative of this earphone that is the VOLUME level! It’s pretty low and I always need to max out the volume in moderately noisy surroundings. 


It’s big for a TWS. The tight bass gives that sense of bigger soundstage. The width is more than the depth which gives the 3D feeling. 


I thought it’s going to be another gimmick but this one really works. As I always say the active noise cancellation doesn’t block out all the external noise but the low pitched tones will be cancelled out like the motor or the jet engines whirring. It blocks out the fan sounds and the AC sounds but the horn sounds at a distance will be heard but in a normal surrounding this ANC is pretty useful and does the job great compared to the other earphones at this price point.

In my opinion this is the only earphone in this price category which has flawless ANC even though now there are some budget ones having weak ANC. 

There is no transparency mode even though some budget ones have it and I prefer that more than ANC because the transparency mode really helps when suddenly someone speaks to you while you are listening to the music or you are on the call.


Excellent….. It’s nice and works. There is no disconnection or robotic voice. The caller on the other end can clearly hear me and I can hear them without any issues. In noisier surroundings even though they have mics to cancel the external noises I won’t prefer taking calls via TWS since they won’t match the experience of taking calls via the mobile phone itself.


There is no proprietary app for this earphone like what Realme does which is quite saddening since Oppo is a known audio brand. There is a generic app called Hey Melody which is only available for android users which is another sad story. Via the app you can change the touch gestures and activate the noise cancellation. But there is no equaliser support built in the app for this earphone.


The touch pad is present at an awkward position where it is present at the top portion of the stem and initially you will find difficulty in accessing the touch pads. There is also no single tap gesture which the company claims they did this intentionally to avoid accidental touches while adjusting the earphones.


The major disadvantage of this earphone is the battery life where it only lasts 2 hrs if your volume is 80 percent which you need to increase since it has less volume output and ANC turned on. If the ANC is off it might give you another 30 mins of listening.

With the charging case they provide a total of 24 hours of listening which is good but considering the ear buds charge it’s pretty weak and way out of the competition considering their competitors.  They have fast charging capability and Qi wireless charging capacity which comes quite handy.   



  • Balanced sound signature
  • Most comfortable earbuds
  • Great Call quality
  • Acceptable ANC


  • Poor battery life
  • Average build
  • No app support for Apple devices


Overall the sound coming out of it is very pleasing and great for the price. The ANC works, good call quality with app support for android devices not for apple devices. The battery life is the only negative for me which could have been really better considering the price they quote.

If you are in the market to purchase a TWS with balanced sound and good call quality with an additional ANC feature then make no mistake by purchasing this Oppo Enco W51.

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