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Soundcore, the sub brand of Anker Innovations is a well reputed brand in the Electronics field. They are well versed in the production of audio gears, chargers, cables. Their audio lineup does always provide some insane value for money factor and it’s been seen in the non pro version of Liberty. The Pro version has been released with additional driver tuning differences. This product has also been tuned by Grammy award winning music directors and in this review let’s check out how good this TWS sounds against the competition.


Bluetooth version: V 5.0 

Input: 5 V ⎓ 0.5 A
Rated output power: 5 mW @ 1% THD
Battery capacity: 65 mA x 2 (earbuds); 500 mA (charging case)
Playtime (varies by volume level and content): Up to 8 hours (32 hours with the charging case)
Charging time: 1.5 hours
Audio code format: SBC, AAC, aptX
Driver size: 11 mm Dynamic driver and Balanced Armature x 2
Impedance: 16 Ω
Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz


CASE: A pebble shaped shell where the lid opens in a sliding mechanism which looks cool and satisfying to open and close. The earbuds are placed inside and are attached firmly against the magnets. The charging led is present on the front and a type c port with reset button is present on the back of the case. 

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EARBUDS: The earbuds are oval shaped that fits ergonomically in the ear cavity without causing any pain even during a longer listening session. The additional wing tips provided ensure the secure fit. The buttons for the controls are provided on top portion of the ear buds for easy accessibility instead of giving it on the faceplate which is more intrusive to operate.

There is a large collection of ear tips and wing tips provided in the box hence the user gets a versatility of choosing the best fit possible out of the Ear buds. 


The default sound profile of the Liberty 2 Pro follows a bass heavy curve and in simple words it’s a V shaped profile, however there is an app to customize the EQ thus that’s a big versatile point. The staging is another aspect of this earphone which excels in terms of width and depth. Overall a pretty fun sounding one and a device to satisfy your head shaking bass needs.

HISS: Unfortunately this TWS suffers from a heavy hissing issue i.e. a static noise floor due to the poorly implemented amp. Soundcore even addressed this when asked about this issue and it can’t be rectified. The newly produced models however mostly don’t have this issue.

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The bass in the 2 Pro is definitely elevated to the maximum amount possible in an earphone. Both the sub bass and the mid bass are elevated to a certain point where one can literally feel the head shaking bass. The quality is pretty good too where the separation and the control is pretty good. There is a mid bass bleed which does affect the mid range but everything can be adjusted via the EQ.

The mid bass sometimes overpowers the sub bass making the sub bass less prominent and the separation gets lost, this especially happens in the faster and complex tracks. The quality of the bass in most of the tracks is very good. They have nice notes, making the sound nice and fuller. The sub bass presence is nicely done with quite a good amount of rumble in the low end making most of the OST’s pleasing and satisfying. 

Overall the bass is in the boosted and dominant region in the Liberty 2 Pro making the sound more fun and enjoyable with nice technical aspects like the separation and texture. They do bleed slightly into the mid section and sometimes the mid bass appear over powering the sub bass and mid range and all these cons can be corrected via the App’s EQ.


The mid range in the 2 Pro is good but not the best. The tonality and timbre appears slightly off to me. The vocals and the instruments are pushed back, a typical profile of a V shaped signature. The lower mid range appears nice and full giving the male vocals a big bodied sound while the upper mids are kept under control from the sibilance but still they sound grainy in the top end.

The timbre of the instruments sounds slightly metallic and artificial due to that presence of the BA in them. The separation in the mid range is pretty good and the presentation feels nice and wide. The sound never felt congested in the 2 Pro. The piano notes and the kick drums have a nice impact but misses out on the tone of the notes. The midrange appears too thick, warm and artificial rather than a natural sound.

Overall the staging, separation and presentation is pretty good in the mid range but misses out on the tonality and timbre aspect making them slightly artificial and metallic. If you are in need of a thick and warm midrange with grand presentation then this is the one to go!


The treble in the 2 Pro is better when compared to the non pro version and thanks to the addition of BA here. In the non pro its sibilant but here it’s not that much observed. The detail retrieval in the top is above average for a TWS. The shimmer and brilliance in the top is beautifully brought out.

The percussion instruments and the trumpets sound fine but not natural. The tonality and timbre issues also appear here making the sound slightly artificial. The  cymbal crashes appear controlled but sometimes they sound too controlled hence the sparkle in those beats are not that observed.

The sibilance is kept under control but still with some prone tracks they appear but not anything unbearable. They possess a good amount of air in the top end thus they sound nice and open. The brightness is adequate and one can play with the brightness just by fiddling with the EQ. The hugs are boosted the same as that of the bass region portraying a typical V shaped signature.

Overall the treble sounds open, airy and well controlled but still needs some refinement in the texture. A well pleasing treble presentation as an overall.

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Call quality is very good indoors and average at best outdoors. The mics does pick up the external noises quite a bit hence the call quality in the windy and noisy conditions struggles a bit. In these outdoor conditions the TWS also cancels out your voice which is kind of a funny part in this TWS.


The claimed battery life is 8 hours in a single stretch on both the buds and 32 hours along with the charging case. In my usage case they lasted me around 6-7 hours in one single stretch which is quite good and not that of a big difference from the claimed statement.

They do support wireless charging and Type C charging.


This TWS has one of the biggest strengths and that’s the app which is quite intuitive and versatile. Through the app you can customize the EQ with personalized band eq, custom eq with some nice audio producers personal presets and a special feature called the Heart ID which plays the audio and scans your hearing capacity and based on that it recommends you a EQ setting.

Overall when it comes to versatility the EQ in the app is the king. One can change the sound from Bass heavy subwoofer to firmly balanced in this TWS. The other best aspect of this TWS is that it has that hardware level EQ hence once the eq is set they are saved in the TWS itself thus pairing with other devices will have the same pre applied EQ.


The 2 Pro supports SBC, AAC and AptX, unfortunately there’s no LDAC but these given codecs would do the job without any issues.  It uses Bluetooth 5.0 and the TWS initiates the pairing mode just after sliding the lid without the need of taking the earbuds out of the case.


They have the button controls instead of touch controls which is a bit of an issue in my opinion since no more false touches will happen. The buttons are placed at a very convenient position and these controls can be configured via the app as per users preference.

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Liberty 2 Pro, one of the high end offerings from the house of Soundcore, Anker is a well rounded package and a must buy package for Bass Heads out there. The default sound signature of this TWS is phenomenal in terms of bass, staging and overall presentation. Their previous non pro version comes with a single DD and now the Pro has an additional Knowles Balanced Armature driver which is placed to provide that high resolution audio. As per the design it follows the same language as that of the non pro version with additional features like the wireless charging and a matte finished case and earbuds.

The sound is perfect for your EDM listens and workout sessions. The bass that it pumps will fuel your workout and the secure fit will not disturb your workout session too. The mid range is fine but the tonality and timbre takes a back seat and the highs are good but needs some extra refinement in the texture area. Overall a sound which is perfect for Bassheads, fun listening, movies and workouts.

The mics are average at best and definitely need some improvement. It has the button controls and not touch which is good in my  opinion since no more false touches and even the button is placed at a convenient position. 

So overall the 2 Pro is a TWS that audiophiles out there would least pick due to their heavily coloured sound but if you want to treat your GUILTY PLEASURE for that bass then this is the one to go!

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  1. Authoritative Low End
  2. App Customisation
  3. Battery Life
  4. Detailed Highs for a TWS
  5. Design


  1. Severe Static Sound (HISS)
  2. Tonality and Timbre
  3. Texture in Highs

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