10 Best Cheap Mattress Under 10,000 in India 2024

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Now that you know how to buy the mattress right for you, how about looking at some stellar ones?

We have picked out the top competitors under 10k. Let’s have a look:

 1.  Wake-Fit Orthopaedic Memory Foam

Price: Amazon 

Wake-Fit is known to manufacture some of the best mattress in India. They are a trusted brand when it people want to buy mattress online.

Wake-Fit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

Their Orthopaedic mattress is amongst the bestsellers and is a blessing for people with back-problems. The 72*36*5 inch mattress has a medium soft feel which is just right for your ailing back. Made from premium quality quilted cotton, the mattress comes with a 5 year warranty from the manufacturer.


1) Higher foam density for durability

2) Firm base foam for additional support

3) Bigger cell size in the foam offers better air flow resulting in cooling and comfort


Some customers feel that the base is too soft for their comfort. This can be adjusted by using a harder base underneath.

 2.  FitMat Orthocare Memory Foam Mattress

Price: Amazon

FitMat is a premium luxury brand, known for its innovative sleeping solutions including mattresses, toppers, cushions and pillows.

FitMat Orthocare Memory Foam Mattress Topper

If you’re searching to transform your old mattress, look no further. The memory foam mattress from FitMat will transform your bed by adding comfort and style. The 35*78*2 inch mattress reduces pressure points and offers even weight distribution. The topper accompanying the mattress takes your body shape and offers added support to your back and lumbar regions with increased blood circulation.


1) The topper is soft and 2 inches thick.

2) You can roll the topper to pack it. It will reshape into its original form once unrolled.

3) The mattress offers No Motion Transfer. This means that the motion of one person leaving the mattress will not hamper the sleep of other.


Some customers feel that the price is too much for the quality of mattress. Additionally, some customers feel that the memory foam thickness can be increased further.

 3.  Englander Posture Support Bonnell Spring Mattress

Price: Amazon

Englander Posture Support Bonnell Spring

Englander has been designing products for better sleep since 1984. They are experts in weaving designs which offer the best of both worlds – technology and comfort.

This 72 inch long and 30 inch wide, 5.5 inch thick posture support spring mattress in off-white color is just the mattress your new bed requires. The mattress is made of premium quilted foam with long-lasting firm support that relieves back ailment and soothes individual pressure points. The mattress has a tempered active coil innerspring which is further accentuated with Englander’s dual performance edge design; keeping your spinal column straight.


1) Catnap Bonnell collection allows body curvatures to align with the mattress

2) 5 year manufacturer warranty


The mattress lacks features considering the price; as per some customers.

 4.  Royal Rest Orthopaedic Dual Comfort Foam Mattress

Price: Amazon

The Royal Rest Orthopaedic mattress is highly recommended for patients with ailing back and lumbar issues. Manufactured with premium knitted fabric, the mattress offers a firm comfort level with both hard and soft foam material.

Royal Rest Orthopaedic Dual Comfort

The mattress offers dual comfort with one soft side and one hard side for relieving your body of all muscular discomfort.


1) 1 inch soft cushioning foam

2) 5 year manufacturer warranty


For the features, the price might seem a bit steep to some buyers.

 5.  Coirfit Health Spa Memory Foam Mattress

Price: Amazon

Coirfit Health Spa 6-inch Single Size Memory Foam Mattress

Coirfit is known for making super comfortable and long-lasting mattresses for both domestic and commercial properties. The 6 inch single size memory foam mattress in off-white offers high comfort for a good sleep.

Made from memory foam, the mattress is semi-hard and has HD endurance foam which is laminated with active bond material recommended by medical experts. The mattress cover is made of imported Belgian fabric. The mattress requires no assembly and is delivered in a pre-assembled fashion.


1) Optimum hardness for fantastic comfort

2) Granular construction for better air circulation and cooling

3) One year manufacturer replacement warranty against defects in manufacturing


The mattress has an all foam built and has no springs.

 6.  Wake-Fit Dual Comfort Mattress

Price: Amazon 

Another great product by Wake-Fit, the dual comfort mattress offers both hard and soft sides for better spinal support.

Wake-Fit Dual Comfort Mattress

The mattress is 72 inch long 36 inch wide and 5 inch thick and is made with quilted cotton fabric. The mattress is both medium firm and soft on opposite ends with both sides usable as you can decide which side to sleep on, based on your body requirements. Usually, the harder side aids battling winter season.


1) Delivered directly from the factory to your doorstep

2) Manufactured with high density foam

3) 5 year manufacturer warranty


Some customers report that the mattress cover fabric wears off too quickly.

Price: Amazon 

 7.  Sleepwell My Mattress Firmtech

Price: Amazon

Perhaps the market leaders in the mattress and bedroom furnishing department, Sleepwell is a household name. Sleepwell mattress are available in several varieties, materials and sizes, based on your individual requirements.

Very recently, the company has launched its own range called “My mattress range” which caters to individual buying preferences of customers. Firmtec segment in the range offers superior sleeping comfort for spine and lower back.

The mattress measures 72by48by 4 inches and has a rectangular shape with a special Firmtec core. It is made with advanced innerspring system which gives it great flexibility to adjust to your body contour.


1) Even body weight distribution with spring system

2) Allows easy movement during sleep

3) Available in several colors


The high delivery charges make the product a tad bit undesirable.

 8.  Sleep Innovations Single Mattress

Price: Amazon

Sleep Innovation is another brand offering premium bedroom furnishings and bed accessories including mattresses. Their single mattress collection is worth taking a look.

Sleep Innovations Single Mattresses

The spring and cotton mattress is white with dimensions of 72 inches by 36 inches. They are 4.5 inches thick and weigh around 8 kgs. No assembly is required for the mattress before using. The mattress is built with 416 Bonell coils. These are further manufactured with 13 gauge heat tempered high carbon steel innerspring units. With such a strong support, you get longer life and higher tensile strength.


1) Heavy insulation pad offering firmer support

2) 2 layer heavy padding for durability and for preventing sinking of mattress inside

3) Quilt top foam for surface comfort and easy sleep

4) Knitted cover for extra comfort

5) 12 month warranty from manufacturer


The product is not easily available in the inventory.

 9.  Dreamzee Orthofoam Dual Comfort Mattress

Price: Amazon

Dreamzee mattresses are the preferred choice for luxury hotels and resorts. The 4 inch dual comfort mattress sports one soft side and one hard side for switching on a need basis.

Dreamzee Orthofoam Dual Comfort 4 Mattress

The mattress is made is high density foam, offering firm support and keeping the spine aligned. The mattress cover is made with premium fabric from automatic machine.


1) Delivered directly from the factor to your doorstep

2) 5 years manufacturer warranty


Some users feel that both the sides are soft which further alleviates spine pain.

 10.  Kurl-On Relish Single Bed Spring Mattress

Price: Amazon

Another renowned name in the bedroom furnishing segment, Kurl-On offers superior mattresses with supreme comfort and restful sleep.

Kurl-on Relish 6-inch Single Size Spring Mattress

The single bed mattress having 75 inch length, 36 inch width and 6 inch thickness is a pocket spring mattress. This means that it is capable of accommodating different weights and adjusting accordingly to offer optimum comfort.


1) Made with spring as primary material and polycotton as upholstery material

2) Available in several colors

3) Durable and long-lasting

4) Surface cover is made with knitted tapestry for comfort and aesthetics

5) 5 year warranty from Kurl-On on the product


Some buyers complain that the mattress tends to lean more on the harder side, cause discomfort.

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