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10 Best Mosquito Safety Nets in India

With the onset of monsoon season and rains, the mosquitoes start to gather inside your room which is not only uncomfortable at times but can also spread some serious diseases.

Family safety and health is paramount for any individual and keeping the mosquitoes at bay in this season is a feat you must achieve.

There are a number of mosquito safety nets of different varieties available in the market that you can install while sleeping to keep those insects out, plus, as a result, you don’t have to use those toxic vaporizers that are also harmful to your health. Here are some of the best safety nets you can look out for.

Best Mosquito Safety Nets in India

 1.  Healthgenie Foldable

Healthgenie Foldable Mosquito Net

1) For having a great night’s sleep, this mosquito safety net is designed to cover your entire double bed and is made out of the finest net to keep even the tiniest insects at bay.

2) The company has made this net to last for a really long time but in case it gets damaged somehow, you can use the included patches to easily cover them.

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3) These patches come in different shapes like stars and moon that can also keep your kids entertained.

4) This is a foldable product, which means you can fold it very easily with a few simple steps in the morning and store it inside a small bag that comes included.

5) You must know that the mosquito net is ideal for beds of queen size.

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 2.  V Make Foldable

V Make Foldable Mosquito Net

1) Available for a king size bed, you will find this mosquito net great for your double bed.

2) With that, you can even choose between blue and pink colour options this product is available in, based on your room’s setting.

3) Towards the bottom end of the net, there is a large opening with a 2-way zipper which will help you get out without having to remove the net.

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4) It can be easily tucked under the mattress for a snug fit and not letting it move during the night. You can easily open it within a second and folding it back to its small size is equally easy.

5) The entire net weighs just 1.2 Kg, making it easy to move around, and the company includes some patches in case its polyester net gets damaged over time.

Best Buy : Amazon

 3.  ANS HDPE 

ANS HDPE Mosquito Net

1) If you are willing to go for a traditional mosquito safety net that needs to be hooked from its four corners on the top, then ANS has a perfect solution for your need.

2) The company has made this net out of high-quality material that is also washable and won’t get damaged quite easily. Plus, a heavy bottom cloth has been included to keep the net in place.

3) The company has made this product available in different sizes and you can choose one of these based on your bed’s dimensions as the fit needs to be perfect for keeping the mosquitoes out.

4) It is available for both single and double beds. With that, just like any other cloth, you can fold it and store it easily.

Best Buy : Amazon | Flipkart

 4.  Royal Double Bed

Royal Double Bed Foldable Mosquito Net

1) Coming with a sturdy frame, the Royal net will be able to hold its position without any support and give you a comfort throughout the night.

2) It has an elegant design and completely fits on your mattress to keep you safe. Two openings have been included on either side to let each of you get out easily.

3) Made out of high-quality material, the net is designed to last for a really long time and you can even easily wash it when needed.

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4) In a rare case, if holes start to appear in the net, the included patches will help you fix them within seconds.

5) This is a foldable net allowing you to carry it around without any problem.

Best Buy : Amazon | Flipkart

 5.  Classic Foldable 

Classic Mosquito Net

1) With this mosquito safety net, height wouldn’t be a problem as it has an ample headroom for you to comfortably sit in your bed when this net it placed.

2) Two openings have been provided on either side of the bed for added comfort and you can easily fit it on any double bed ranging from queen to super king.

3) Piping used on the inside is also high-quality and is corrosion-resistant meaning you can wash it without worrying about damaging it.

4) You can easily fold it to keep inside a circular bag that comes included in the package. It gets ready to be placed almost instantly and you can fold it within seconds.

5) The added nets on the sides let you fold it below the mattress to create a perfect seal.

Best Buy : Amazon | Flipkart

 6.  Verdioz Foldable

Verdioz Fish Printed Foldable Mosquito Net

1) Adding to the aesthetics of the net, the company has given a floral and a fish print all around which makes it pleasing to look at.

2) The use of a good-quality polyester net not only ensures its long life but also provides adequate ventilation while you’re sleeping. This also means that you can easily wash the net without much trouble.

3) Entry and exit from the net are managed using the two doors that you can open and closed with the help of a zipper.

4) On all the four corners, there are some extra pieces of the net that help you tuck them under the mattress for a perfect seal.

5) With the help of the included pouch, you can hold the self-balanced net and store it with ease.

Best Buy : Amazon | Flipkart

 7.  Healthy Sleeping 

Healthy Sleeping Foldable Polyester Double Bed Mosquito Net

1) Looking to go for a more colourful approach? This mosquito net should address your needs perfectly with its floral design based on a coloured net.

2) It comes with a dome shape that erects itself as soon as you open it and the company has included a couple of doors to facilitate your easy entry and exit.

3) You can get this product in multiple sizes depending on your bed size and you must go by these measurements to get a snug fit which is required to keep mosquitos at bay.

4) In addition to its features, you can buy the net in a variety of colour options as per your preference.

5) The included storage bag makes it easier to carry around and the net itself can be folded without many efforts.

Best Buy : Amazon | Flipkart

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 8.  Antiliy Mosquito 

Antiliy Blue Double Bed Mosquito Net

1) It is a simple blue and white mosquito safety net made of polyester material that is known for its strength and longevity, while the internal tubing remains corrosion free even after you’ve washed the net.

2) Instead of one, two doors have been included by the company to make it easier for you and your spouse to move in and out.

3) For if you are worrying that the net might develop some tiny holes over time, then you need not worry as a bunch of patches have been included that would let you seal the opening and use it as usual.

4) It is a self-supporting dome-shaped net, for which, you don’t need to put any nails or anything.

5) The zipper used on the doors is a two-way one that makes the process easier from the inside.

Best Buy : Amazon | Flipkart

 9.  Healthy Sleeping Foldable 

Healthy Sleeping Polyester Double Bed Mosquito Net

1) Again, a colourful safety net from the same company as previously mentioned but this one comes with a different scheme and a feature set.

2) With the same design, you can choose from a range of colour options depending on your room’s décor. Entry and exit are managed through a pair of doors and folding the net is even easier.

3) This net is ideal for beds of king and queen sizes and you can always tuck the net under the mattress to close any opening for the mosquitos to get in.

4) A self-support design means you don’t need to set it up and it will get into its shape within a second.

5) Folding this net in the morning can be done and it can be stored inside a storage bag that comes included.

Best Buy : Amazon | Flipkart

 10.  Sterling Storio 

Sterling Storia Double Bed Foldable Mosquito Net

1) Ideal for different bed sizes, you can get this mosquito net no matter what kind of double bed you have, it will definitely fit.

2) The net used in this product is of very fine quality that means even the smallest of the insects wouldn’t be able to enter the net to disturb you while you’re asleep.

3) The entire product is made out of corrosion-free material allowing you to wash it with ease.

4) Once in place, you can get in and out of this net via the side doors that come with a two-way zipper included for opening and closing from the inside itself.

5) Then in the morning, you can fold it within seconds and keep it in a small storage bag.

Best Buy : Amazon | Flipkart

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