10 Best Wireless HDMI Video Transmitter in India 2024

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Would you like to enjoy your favorite movie on your bedroom TV, even though your Blu-ray player is situated in the living room? Enter wireless HDMI video transmitters.

These devices liberate you from the constraints of cables, enabling you to stream TV shows and movies on any screen within your home, regardless of the location of the source device.

How to Use
Step 1: Connect TransmitterPlug the transmitter into the HDMI port of your source device (e.g., Blu-ray player, gaming console, etc.).
Step 2: Connect ReceiverConnect the receiver to the HDMI port of your target display (e.g., TV, projector).
Step 3: Pair DevicesFollow the manufacturer’s instructions to pair the transmitter and receiver.
Step 4: EnjoyOnce paired, enjoy wireless streaming of your content from the source device to the display.
CompatibilityEnsure compatibility with your source device and display.
PlacementPosition the transmitter and receiver for optimal signal transmission and reception.
PowerEnsure both transmitter and receiver have adequate power supply (via USB or power adapter).
Things to Consider
RangeConsider the transmission range to ensure it covers the distance between your source and display.
Signal QualityLook for transmitters with high-quality video and audio transmission to maintain a clear and crisp picture.
InterferenceCheck for potential sources of interference (e.g., Wi-Fi routers, other electronic devices) in your environment.
LatencyEvaluate the latency introduced by the transmitter to ensure smooth playback, especially for gaming or live events.
Number of DevicesDetermine if the transmitter supports multiple source devices or if you need one transmitter per device.
PriceCompare prices and features to find a transmitter that fits your budget and requirements.

This table should give you a good overview of using, setting up, and considering factors when purchasing wireless HDMI video transmitters.

Below mentioned are some of the best wireless HDMI extenders that you can invest in.

1. J-Tech Digital HDbitT Series

J-Tech Digital HDbitT Series Wireless HDMI Extender 660


1) People looking for nothing but the best can easily go for this fantastic wireless HDMI transmitter that offers probably the best performance in its space.

2) Each package comes with a transmitter and a receiver with each unit bearing two external antennae for stronger signal reception across up to 660 feet.

3) At this distance, the product will offer a latency of less than 0.5 seconds.

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4) IR blasters can be attached to these units to control your source devices even if they are kept in another room.

5) A range of display resolutions of up to 1080p at 60/50 Hz are supported by this wireless HDMI.

6) The company offers full lifetime technical support, in case you face any problem.


The cost is much higher than most people will be willing to shell out. Its latency renders the device useless for gaming.

Check Price : Amazon

2. Measy HD585 350M 

Measy HD585 350M 5.8GHz 8 Channel TV Wireless SD Audio Video Transmitter Receiver


1) Available for a great price in India, this Measy model is ideal for most users who are looking for a high-quality wireless HDMI extender without having to empty their pockets.

2) For an excellent reception, both the units have two external antennae that support 8 channels, which are automatically chosen to avoid any interference.

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3) Both the transmitter and the receiver are clearly marked for their purpose and come with a modern design and a display allowing you to flaunt them in your living room.

4) It is capable of transmitting 1080 videos at up to 350 metres in the line of sight, meaning it can skip 2-3 walls in your house while keeping the video quality intact.


No warranty is offered on this product as it is an imported set.

Check Price : Amazon

3. OREI Wireless

OREI Wireless HDMI Transmitter Extender Receiver


1) Like more premium models, this one too supports transmission range of 660 feet, which is more than enough for most people.

2) You will be able to watch a full HD 1080p video over a wireless HDMI extender with a delay of as little as 0.3 seconds.

3) Besides a transmitter and a receiver, the package includes a pair of IR blasters that allow you to control connected devices from a different room.

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4) The product is covered under a year of warranty


1) One single antenna on each unit won’t provide as good performance as you can expect from one with two antennae.

2) The delay is high for some quality gaming on a PC or a dedicated gaming console.

3) This product is not particularly affordable by any means.

Check Price : Amazon

4. Tobo™ HDMI H.264 Wireless HDMI Extender

Tobo™ HDMI H.264 Wireless HDMI Extender


1) One of the most cost-effective solutions for having a wireless HDMI extender, this product comes in a set of 2, with each including a transmitter and a receiver.

2) The best part is that it supports cross connections allowing you to use any receiver to access signals from either transmitter.

3) The company has included hooks to mount it on the wall where it can remain out of sight while doing its job.

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4) It supports video transmission of up to 1080p at a distance of up to 50 metres or 164 feet.

5) This is a plug and play device that requires almost no setup.


The signal strength may not be the strongest, given its single antenna on both the transmitter and the receiver. The design isn’t aesthetically pleasing, like many alternatives. A warranty of just 3 months isn’t sufficient for such products that are meant for extended usage.

Check Price : Amazon

5. Nyrius ARIES

Nyrius ARIES Home HD 1080p HDMI Digital Wireless Audio Video Transmitter & Receiver System


1) If you want to keep the transmitters out in open, then you might need something like this that is aesthetically appealing.

2) Available at a fair price, the product ensures minimum latency allowing it to be used for gaming as well, given the line of sight is maintained.

3) 1080p 3D videos can be transmitted from a range of source gadgets which is sent in an uncompressed format to keep the original quality of the video and audio.

4) It offers a range of 100 feet and can play videos across walls and ceilings.


There are no external antennae on either unit which has resulted in some scattered complaints about the device becoming disconnected. The transmitter unit is a rather large device when compared with the receiver.

Check Price : Amazon

6. gofanco 

gofanco [Transmitter (TX) Box Only] Multi-Channel Wireless HDMI Transmitter


1) gofanco has made one of the most reliable wireless HDMI extenders that work as advertised with minimal lag in sending video.

2) The company has included a pair of external antennae that maintain a strong signal transmission across a distance of up to 50 metres and it uses 10 channels to ensure minimal interference.

3) You can tether up to two transmitters and receivers each to create a small mesh network and switch between them wirelessly.

4) The installation for its product is simple while it is backed by a year of warranty.


This particular model from gofanco is available as a single unit per retail package and you will need to buy a separate receiver (RX) unit from the company to complete your setup which will cost additionally. The IR blaster can cause a little lag at times.

Check Price : Amazon

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7. Measy W2H Mini 

Measy W2H Mini HD 3D 60GHz 2 Wireless HDMI TV for Home Cinema Theater


1) Compact and smart is the demand of the current electronic devices and this transmitter set from Measy truly stands by it.

2) The transmitter unit is about the size of a dongle, while the receiver is smaller than a set-top box and be easily placed beside your TV.

3) It uses a special 60GHz frequency to transmit data with zero lag letting you do some gaming.

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4) Up to 1080p 3D videos can be transmitted without any loss in quality.


These units can transmit signals at a maximum distance of 30 metres in the light of sight which will make it difficult for those willing to use it in a larger house with multiple obstacles, including walls. Though signal strength is maintained, external antennae would’ve made the performance even better.

Check Price : Amazon

8. Optoma WHD200

Optoma WHD200 Wireless HDMI 1.4a Transmitter and Receiver Solution


1) The best part about this Optoma product is that it does not compress your video and delivers it in the original quality.

2) With that, the HDMI extender is also capable of transmitting audio in the original 5.1 channel form, unlike many that compress it to two channels.

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3) Setting this device up will not take more than a few minutes and you will be good to go.


Both the transmitter and receiver units aren’t particularly small and take a lot of space while being difficult to hide. The price of this product is higher than many other mid-range offerings available with a better set of features.

Check Price : Amazon

9. Iogear Wireless HDMI Transmitterand Receiver Kit

Iogear Wireless HDMI Transmitterand Receiver Kit


1) IOGEAR is one of the well-known brands making wireless HDMI extenders and this unit comes with a remote controller of its own, while you will get a compact pair of transmitter and receiver.

2) Videos of up to 1080p resolution can be transmitted without much lag and you can choose the transmission range you are looking from between 30 and 200 feet.

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For the asking price, you are not getting a lot of features and many cheaper alternatives will be able to serve you better with similar offerings. Lack of external antennae can be an issue if you are planning on keeping the two units any further than a few metres.

Check Price : Amazon

10. PW-DT216W-A Wireless HDMI Extender Adapter Dongle

PW-DT216W-A Wireless HDMI Extender


1) First off, this product comes in a set of two units, one for transmitting and another for receiving the wireless signals.

2) Each unit is quite compact and comes with an external antenna that can effectively transmit signals to a distance of 50 metres in a straight line.

3) The units don’t need any kind of setup and are a plug and play product.

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4) The latency is low enough to allow some casual gaming on dedicated gaming consoles and PC.

5) Your content is transmitted over the 5GHz frequency with lossless compression using H.264 with a maximum resolution of 1080p at 60Hz.


Devices with similar features are available at a marginally lower price. Reliability can be a factor that has disappointed some and can be troublesome for new buyers as well.

Check Price : Amazon

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