10 Best Personal Body Weight Measuring Scales

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Body weight measuring scales have become an important part of our fitness life.

One looks for a measuring scale that can weigh body weight with accuracy helping us keep track of our daily improvements.

Different companies offer several types of weighing scales with different features and designs.

Here is a list of top 10 measuring scales that cover up all the fundamental features of body measurement to give you accurate weight measurements.

Top 10 body weight measuring scales

 1.  HealthSense PS 126 Ultra-Light Personal 

1) This is a non-fragile and a super lightweight machine.

2) It measures right from 5kg to anything up to 180 kg. Further, it features measurement in different units like KG, LB, and ST.

3) The dark grey backlight with a white font enables one to note readings quickly.

4) HealthSense has brought up this fantastic product for one to measure accurate weight and keep track of their daily goals.

5) The company is one of the most reliable companies that not just offers weighing machines but a lot of related products in the market with due affordability and quality.

6) The G sensors fit in render accurate readings making it beneficial for people who want to achieve their fitness goals.

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 2.  Omron HBF – 212 Body Composition Monitor

1) It has a resting metabolism display that not just measures your weight but can also calculate the body fat and BMI.

2) It is a reliable source for one’s who lack time to get their blood test done.

3) They can rely on the body composition monitor as it shows the combination of body fat and cholesterol level in the bloodstream.

4) It has a memory chip that can accumulate data for not more than 4 users.

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 3.  Healthgenie Digital HD 221

1) Available in amazing different colours, this machine is a digital weighing machine of the size 30 x 30 x 2.5 provides enough space to place your foot comfortably.

2) The scale is given an unusual, stylish design with some inspirational quotes to make it a lot more attractive.

3) The LCD display gives clear readings of the weight measuring a minimum of 5 kgs and maximum of 180 kg.

4) It is equipped with a 4 sensor technology to measure body weight of a person with 100% accuracy.

5) It also gives you a low battery indication so that one does not have to keep a check each and every time on the machine.

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 4.  Healthgenie HD – 93 digital 

1) Healthgenie brings you an astounding bathroom measuring scale to keep an accurate check of your weight every day.

2) So, one can keep track of their weight with 100% accuracy.

3) The scale is beautifully designed with written inspirational quotes and designs to keep you stay motivated towards your fitness goals.

4) There are 4 built G sensors of high precision technology. It weights minimum 5 kg up to a maximum of 180kg.

5) This black measuring scale equipped with the entirety of features is the most classy one.

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 5.  HealthSense soft Grip  PS 135

1) HealthSense has launched a new preciously designed measuring scale with a stylish aluminium plate and high sense of technology.

2) It has the G sensor for measuring weights with accuracy.

3) It has a large LCD that shows the measure of your weight in a black font and blue backlight.

4) One can measure up to 180 kg body weight over this machine.

5) It measures weight in three different units that are, KG, ST, and LB.

6) This scale is worth considering if you plan to buy a soft grip personal scale.

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 6.  Equinox Personal 

1) This white measuring scale is again classically designed that can measure weight up to 180 kgs.

2) It has 6mm thick tempered glass to protect its original skin.

3) The auto step -on feature lets one comfortably measure their weights without bothering if the machine is on or off.

4) Again it gets off itself with 5 seconds of inactivity.

5) It has an excellent customer rating from the previous users for they are pretty impressed with the looks, comfort as well as the accuracy of the weighing scale.

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 7.  Equal Digital Personal 

1) This is one of the most affordable weighing scales. It has the capacity of 150 kg.

2) The scale has an amazing white backlight that shows the exact weight of 100gms.

3) The scale has an automated on and off feature along with a low battery indication facility.

4) The big 30 x 30 platform has a beautifully designed print over the scale.

5) The product has received positive customer rating for they find it accurate with the measurement of their weight.

6) It is also light weight that makes one comfortable to carry the same.

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 8.  Venus EPS Ultra Lite Personal Electronic Digital LCD 

1) Venus brings you a great digital LCD weighing machine to add the same in your daily fitness life.

2) Equipped with a high accuracy measurement technology; G-sensor, it gives an accurate weight measurement at 100g.

3) The LCD display has a back light to give a clear reading to the person even in the dark.

4) It is covered with tempered glass to keep safe.

5) The weighing machine is pretty light weight and pretty affordable available online.

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 9.  Virgo Analog Personal Health Check-up Fitness 

1) This is a pink colour analogue fitness weighing scale letting you track your weight simply sitting at home.

2) Though it does not show up digital numbers, it is easy to read and note the perfect body weight of a person.

3) It can bear weight up to 120 kgs.

4) The pink colour adds to the beauty of the scale.

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 10.  KRUPS countess Chrome 

1) This weighing machine has a powder coated steel body with a carrying handle making it easy to carry anywhere you want to take it.

2) It has a chrome plated lens holder and rexine fastened on the top.

3) The scale ensures accurate and reliable readings for it is equipped with the high precision mechanism.

4) It has anti rust coated parts that measure body weight with the capacity of 125 kg x 500 g.

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