5 Best Phillips Trimmers To Buy in India 2020

While you plan to buy a trimmer, it is always better to go for a highly-reputed company offering the same. Phillips is one of the best companies recommended worldwide when it comes to choosing the best trimmers.

Let us discuss the top 5 Philips trimmers you can go for to get the best results:

 1.  Phillips QT4001/15 Pro Skin Advanced trimmer

Philips QT4000/15 Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer

This is one of the highly preferred trimmers in the market for its skin friendly and smooth performance. The blades of the trimmer have rounded tips ensuring continuous contact of the blade with the skin and prevent irritation.

Moreover, you enjoy smooth trimming. The durability can be guaranteed for it as a 2-year guarantee. The trimmer gets charged in 10 hours which lets you use the same for the next one month.

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 2.  Phillips QT4011/15 Pro Skin Advanced trimmer

This is another great trimmer having a huge demand in the market. It is again one of the prominent recommendations for a number of reasons.

The trimmer has rounded tips to ensure smooth trimming. One can use it for 90 minutes after charging for an hour. Moreover, it has different settings that let you trim as per your convenience.

The performance is highly superior and guaranteed for it has titanium coated bladed for smooth use. The head can easily be detached letting you wash the same easily. Moreover, this trimmer has assured durability as it has 3 years of warranty by the company.

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 3.  Phillips QT4005/15 Pro Skin Advanced trimmer

Philips QT4005/15 Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer

So, if you plan to have an easy trimming with full safety avoiding damages, this is another perfect choice to make among the Philips trimmers.

The trimmer is skin friendly and is positively reviewed by the customers for its performance. You might wonder, what makes this different from the recommendations as mentioned earlier.

This product has a steel blade with 20 setting options available. Ranging from 0.5mm to 10mm, get the best style on your face using this trimmer.

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4.  Phillips QT4006/15 Pro Skin Advanced trimmer

Philips QT4006/15 Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer

One needs to charge this trimmer for just 45 minutes letting it work for 10 hours then. This is again a skin friendly trimmer having steel blades and 20 different setting options.

Be it for zero trim looks or a shadow look; this trimmer shall help you get the best appearance of your face. Get a perfect casual look with this Philips product.

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 5.  Phillips QT4000/15 Pro Skin Advanced trimmer

Philips QT4000/15 Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer

With the 10-hour charge, use this trimmer for the next one month conveniently. It has steel blades with the options of 10 different settings.

It has a charging indicator letting you know the status of its charge easily.

Furthermore, it is an affordable option among the best trimmers online. This makes the market demand huge for the product.


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Final word

The above trimmers are alike having standard features. However, certain characteristics lets the customer decide which one would suit the best.

At times, people prefer a trimmer for a zero-trim look while some want shadow look or a perfect beard style. Thus, depending on different needs, these are the best trimmers offered by Philips.

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Neha Tandan
Neha Tandan
3 years ago

Hi, thanks for this great information. It helped me a lot, keep doing this great work. Do visit my site

Arif Baig
Arif Baig
1 year ago

Qt series is old but BT is new it true my dear Phillips team? I am orders BT 3221/15 is it advanced than Qt 4011/15 pls give an correct subjection.