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5 Best Walkers For Elderly and Patients in India

For the people who need aid in walking need such a walker that can properly support them while they are unable to do that for themselves. In this kind of need, a walker can help them do a thing as simple as walking without support from any other person, giving them a feeling of self-reliance.

And for that, you can make sure to choose the best walker that is suitable for the user based on various aspects. We have curated a list of some of the best walkers available in the market for you to choose from.

Top 5 Best Walkers For Elderly and Patients

 1.  KosmoCare With Wheels

Price – Amazon


KosmoCare Premium Walker With Wheels

1) While buying a walker for any of your family member who is in need, you might want to ensure that the product quality is top notch.

2) This is a premium quality walker from KosmoCare that comes with many of the features that make it easier to use.

3) First off, its height can be adjusted as per the need on the basis how tall the user is.

4) On the front, wheels have been included for providing an easier movement without having to pick the walker for moving forward.

5) In case the user is an elderly or a patient who doesn’t have much strength, this walker can support reciprocal movement allowing the person to use it without many efforts.

6) With all its features, this is the best walker you can buy for your family members in need.

 2.  JSB Folding Walker

Price – Amazon


JSB Folding Walker with Adjustable Height

1) This is a lightweight walker from JSB that has been made out of aluminium to help keep the weight down since most people requiring it won’t be having enough strength to pick up a heavy walker.

2) Moreover, the front frame has wheels attached allowing an easier movement without much efforts on the part of the person.

3) It has four points to adjust the height according to the user’s requirement and it has a foldable design making it easier to carry around while travelling.

4) This walker too supports a reciprocal movement which helps the patients to walk properly by adjusting to the normal walking manner.

5) The company is covering this walker with a warranty of 1 year. And if you need a walker for a kid, then it is also available in much brighter colours.

 3.  KosmoCare Premium 

Price – Amazon


KosmoCare Folding Walker

1) Another premium walker from KosmoCare in this list comes with some features similar to the earlier mentioned one.

2) With this walker, the company is offering one of the most reliable products to help the elderly and patients walk without having to do many efforts.

3) It is made out of aluminium, meaning it would be lighter yet stronger than most walkers.

4) Coming with a foldable design, you can easily travel with this walker and it is easy to open and close using just a single button in the center.

5) The metal frame has been covered with PVC hand-grips that not only provide a comfortable hold but also give a firmer grip to the patient.

6) Reciprocal movement is supported in this model too which is a boon for the patients and elderly that have difficulty in walking.

 4.  Viva Healthcare Balanced Frame 

Price – Amazon


Viva Healthcare Light Weight Balanced Frame Folding Walker For Adults & Patients

1) For a slightly lower price, you can get this walker from Viva that comes with features similar to other walkers in this price range.

2) There is no compromise made in the built of this walker and it comes made out of aluminium, which is known for its strength while still maintaining its light weight.

3) It has several height adjustable points allowing even more freedom to make it suit the user’s needs.

4) Foldable design of the walker makes it easier to store it in tight spaces and also takes less space while transporting it.

5) At a click of a button, the walker can be opened or closed.

6) Hand-grips have been included at all the placed necessary to provide a better grip on the metal bars.

7) Reciprocal movement is also supported in this product.

 5.  Elegant Mosquito Net Comfort 

Price – Amazon


Elegant Mosquito Net Comfort Premium Quality Folding Walker

1) Easier to assemble and even easier to use, this walker will help the people needing a walking aid.

2) As is the case with most others, this one too is made out of lightweight metal for a better support while walking and still being easier to lift.

3) Its height can be adjusted with several points provided for fixing it, and you can even fold it for better storage using a single button.

4) Use of plastic over the metal can be seen, which is necessary for providing a grip, since metal can be slippery at times.

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