X-mini Click 2 Wireless Speaker Review

Don’t be fooled by it’s small size , this one is quite loud. If you are looking for a pocket friendly wireless speaker which can play real loud music , then this is for you.

After unboxing , I was wondering how such a small thing can play such awesome music with all the details. Surely , one of the best mini speakers in the market. Let’s take a more detailed look about it’s features and built quality.

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Built Quality

This is a classic capsule speaker design combined with large 36 mm audio drivers , which make this loud punchy sound possible.

Built quality is very premium with metal built and rubberized bottom to provide gripping. The top of the speaker is also metal , again adding to the sturdy built quality.

Although the brand can work on the packaging , make it a bit better and avoid putting sticky stickers on speaker itself.

X-mini Click 2


While the sound is really loud and clear , you can get true wireless stereo experience if paired with another X – mini Click 2. This is something that is truly made for travel and especially if you love the music on the go.

The essence of a speaker lies in the sound quality and X – Mini Click 2 does not disappoint you at all , providing clear sound notes at loud volume. This is what is required from every bluetooth speaker.

X-mini Click 2 Wireless Speaker

Extra Features

  • Remote Camera Shutter.
  • Built in Microphone.
  • Pocket Friendly.

Press power button twice to take a picture when in a camera application.


X- Mini claims to provide 6 hours of playback time , you can expect something between 3 to 6 hours which will also depend on your volume levels.

If the speaker is disconnected and left idle for 5 minutes then speaker will automatically turn off. This is a great feature to save battery.

Final Verdict

If your looking for a pocket friendly speaker in terms of both size and price , but still want amazing sound and loads of extra features like remote camera shutter then look no more.

This is made for you.

Compare Price : Amazon | Flipkart

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