Xmate Mana Bluetooth In Ear Headphones Review

Last updated on July 15th, 2023 at 05:04 pm

The company sent me these earphones a few days ago and.

There is new competitor in market for budget wireless earphones – The Xmate Mana Wireless Earphones. I tested them with quite a few songs for treble , beats , bass , highs , lows. In the end for the budget segment I think they sound pretty well. They are light weight and easy to carry on your neck.

Let’s talk about their different aspects in detail.

Xmate Mana Earphones Review

Sound Quality

Treble is not ear piercing , but light on ears. Then there are beats which makes you dance while listening songs. Vocals are clear , highs and lows are alright.

Overall I will say that these are enjoyable , I like what I hear. I can hear same beats and music , as on some good wired headsets that I have tried before. So I have to say wireless earphones have come a long way.

Built Quality

Lightweight , good flexible neckband.

Eartips are not too hard , but medium soft. Can be more soft , but we can’t really expect more in this budget.

Bent just at the right angle to fit your ears and earfins are always appreciated by me , as they provide extra comfortable fit. Comfort and fit are a major factor in quality of any earphone / headphone. Xmate Mana has done pretty decent job in design and user experience.

Xmate Mana Bluetooth Earphones

Feature Worth Noting

  • 180 mAh rechargeable battery 
  • IPX6 for Water & IP6X for Dust
  • Bluetooth v4.2
  • Range 10 meters in radius (only if your in a open space)
  • Magnetic attraction earbuds

Final Word

Overall these earphone have good sound quality with comfortable fit and built quality also feels decent. I will have to check on how long they last. But for now they have really impressed me for a wireless earphone which costs less then Rs. 1000. So if your looking to buy a set of wireless earphones , then these are definitely worth trying.

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