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6 Best Electric Drum Sets For Beginners In India

Getting into best electric drum sets for beginners in India can be pretty intimidating. In a few ways, it is more overwhelming than looking to discover a great acoustic set.

Now I’m going to offer you with the required information you need to get an excellent electric drum set.

I have selected some models that I feel are ideal for this particular occasion.

6 Best Electric Drum Sets For Beginners In India

After I go over the picks for best electric drum sets intended for beginners, I will discuss what makes an excellent model and even why a few of these sets are the best electric drum sets on the marketplace.

1. Roland TD1DMK Electronic V-Drum Set

Roland TD-1DMK Electronic V-Drums include Stand

Roland TD1DMK Electronic V-Drum Set is an excellent option for anybody who needs durability, superior sound, and a genuine feeling of the traditional drums.

At the same time, this “top of the line” set is both noise-reducing and space-saving, which makes it ideal for individuals who need to exercise in a restricted environment, specifically around other individuals who won’t be so eager on loud drum noises.

This TD1DMK offers a broad selection of the drum sets for playing each and every musical style, as well as recording and training functions.

This way, it is easy to ensure to build the skills continually and also check how you are advancing.

This drum kit is straightforward to run, with a “control-panel” which lays all functions out in a simple to access approach.Additionally, it is completely adjustable and very functional for both adults and children.


  • Superior sound
  • Natural cymbal movements
  • It is customizable; the positions can easily be changed/swapped


  • It is small, but not convenient for ease of mobility

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2. Alesis Nitro All-Mesh 8-Piece Electric Drum Set

Alesis Nitro 8-Piece All-Mesh Electronic Drum Kit

It is the second one in the collection of the top electric drum sets. Alesis Nitro All-Mesh 8-Piece Electric Drum Set is a complete beginner choice and it’s the least expensive one, therefore, do not expect wonders from it.

However, this drum kit is for individuals who never got an opportunity to hit any drum set however still think that it is something which they want to try, yet are scared of adding a fortune in a pretty costly investment like electric drum set.

It is an excellent inexpensive chance to access the world of drumming and observe how you feel regarding it over time.

Not to mention, I suggest you give it a try. It is an attractive hobby even though you never visit a stage. Additionally, you can constantly be a “stage-player” for your family and friends.


  • Several features
  • Natural feel having a high-quality response
  • You can practice on greater than 350+ integrated sounds


  • Kick pad does not work as great as some other accessories

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3. Behringer 8-Piece XD8USB Electric Drum Set

Behringer XD8USB 8-Piece Electronic Drum Set

This Behringer 8-Piece XD8USB Electric Drum Set is an electric drum kit which is easy to set as well as navigate.

This seems to suit all seasoned player and beginners’ requirements. It has an uncomplicated setup and user-friendly style and design. This includes a dependable “kick-drum” pedal and simple configuration guidelines.

This Behringer electric drum kit has an excellent sound module, built-in metronome, and also 15 unique drum set styles. This has 123 unique sounds and USB port that means you can easily add flexibility to the work.

This has a sophisticated digital compatibility along with standard structural electric drum set up. Simply you can press the “instrument-pad” on sound module as well as the sound is going to be relayed via the headphones or external speakers.

The built-in metronome, on the other hand, is a completely operational device which can be easily set to right tempo to brush and practice your skills.

Needless to say, Metronome is vital in studying and enhancing your drumming. This is definitely the best electric drum sets for beginners in India.


  • Superb tool for beginner drummers
  • Its pads offer excellent response and bounce
  • It has 15 different set selections and double zone pads


  • The seasoned drummers can soon outgrow

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4. Alesis Lite Kit DM 5-Piece Electric Drum Set

Alesis DM Lite Kit 5-Piece Electronic Drum Set

The best-rated electric drum kit in the newbie section is undoubtedly the Alesis Lite Kit DM 5-Piece Electric Drum Set.

Not to mention, this set is very compact and solid and even includes 3-cymbal LED pads and 4-drum LED pads.

All these pads illuminate when you hit them for an excellent dynamic feel. These pads are quite playable and offer a solid rebound with provided sticks.

On the other hand, foot pedals tend to be beater-less as well as are not linked to hardware rack. However, they sit only by themselves.

But this creates quick positioning but additionally does not have feel of a genuine drum set. The “bass-drum” pedal features no beater; instead, it functions like the “Hi Hat” pedal with internal sensor.

By the way, I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest this electric drum kit to any starters looking to start playing the electric drums.


  • Great price
  • Trustworthy brand
  • High-quality construction
  • Great size for the tight spaces


  • It doesn’t have drum stool

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5. LC Prime Electric Built-in Metronome Drum Set

LC Prime Electronic Drum Set, Build-in Metronome USB Port for Training

For people who desire to make use of this set for overall performance, there can be some problems with pedal triggers which make it hard to guarantee consistency. Sometimes the pedals trigger or miss sounds which they’re not designed for.

At the same time, the utilization of very weighty sticks is probably to harm the pads as time passes, particularly on cymbals where the players hit edges more frequently.

It is safer to make use of something near to 5A standard sticks rather than acoustic specialized performance sticks for preserving the reliability of padding. Aside from this, sound is incredible.

This LC Prime Electric Built-in Metronome Drum Set is an amazing gift for a person who is stepping into the desire for a “full-set” or must practice at day times or even in places wherever they may bother others.

Not to mention, at an affordable price, it will not break your bank.


  • It is inexpensive
  • It is easily portable
  • The drums are raised


  • Compact
  • Not precise to traditional realistic drum playing

6 Best Electric Drum Sets For Beginners In India 

6. Trinity HD11 Digital Black Drum Kit

Trinity HD-11 Digital Drum Kit

This Trinity HD11 Digital Black Drum Kit will certainly take you into the electric drums at a cost-effective price with an excellent return of reliability, features, and a higher fun quotient.

Additionally, this kit features everything which any intermediate or beginner student could want and also could be utilized very efficiently by the professional players.

It is very well built with flexibleness for the players of different sizes and ages. The pads include a flexible rebound which is easy and realistic on your hands.

Sound Module offers you 15 outstanding drum sounds, choices to record the playing, furthermore, you can also play on-board songs and tunes from the external source for sound.

I have had the chance to experiment a little with this small beauty as well as it is durable and simple as a “standalone” device. But the genuine strength of this Trinity HD11 Digital Black Drum Kit lies in the MIDI functionality.


  • Superb price point
  • Forgiving and realistic drum pads
  • Trinity Digital HD11 Black Drum Set


  • The foot pedals usually are good for intermediate and beginner players yet might anger the advanced players

Best Electric Drum Sets For Beginners In India Buying Guide!

Briefly, let’s discuss a few ideas you must be thinking about when getting a quality newbie drum set. Here’s a short instructional video for you. 

1) Full Set Vs. Junior Set:

To start with, you should determine if you require a full drum set or junior drum set.

Based on your own height, or even based on in case you desire to advance to the set or even not, then a “full size” set may be the ideal choice for you.

But, most youngsters use a junior set to provide them a “stepping-stone” up to “full size” set.

The junior sets typically are 3-pieces, but they may be 5-pieces as well. The full-size drum sets typically have 5-pieces minimum.

2) Cost:

Many individuals ask this particular question when trying to purchase the ideal drum kit for them as well as their situation: “So how much will a superior drum kit cost?”

Cost has to be another question to think about. Drum sets may vary from hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. You must budget out exactly what you believe you can pay for and adhere to your plan.

However, nothing is uglier than possessing a budget as well as going over this, leaving you alone in the world of pain.

3) Added Items:

Now, you will have to figure out what you require with your unique drum kit purchase. Numerous junior drum kits do not include a “Hi Hat” to use.

At the same time, the small trap kits are restricted to just one cymbal most of the time.

To learn effectively, many teachers require their pupils to have those extra pieces to get the full knowledge of playing an electric drum set, whereas other value simplicity.

4) The Drum Sticks:

The drum sticks, on the other hand, are also a significant thing to keep in mind when purchasing your own drum set.

A few people think that they can purchase any used drum set, yet it is untrue. Drum sets truly have their individual personalities.

A few sets have integrated drum sticks along with purchase, however many sets come without the sticks.

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Getting started with the best electric drum sets for beginners in India is always interesting. You are getting into a planet of musical tools that redefine the term convenient.

These sets are the ideal tool to find out the best way to play electric drum in an easy environment with lots of choices and versatility at your own disposal.

I have done my best to discover models that are really worthwhile to be listed in this review post. Many of these are the best ones which will give you the ultimate performance and best features. Only thing you’re left to perform is to discover something which suits your needs best.

The winner of this round-up review is the Behringer 8-Piece XD8USB Electric Drum Set. This drum set is just amazing. It offers the best performance and features that will blow your mind. You can go for this drum set without any doubt.

However, you can make your own choice. But don’t forget to read the buying guide mentioned-above.

Hope, you found this post quite helpful. If yes, then make sure to share this post on social media with your friends. Also, leave your opinions in the comment box below. Have a great time.



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