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All seasoned guitarists know that they need to take proper care of their equipment to be a good guitarist. And one of the most important things you need to maintain a guitar is a guitar stand.

There are a lot of different types of guitar stands available which can make it difficult to choose the right guitar stand for yourself.

Don’t worry, you have come to the right place. In this guide, we have listed down some of the best guitar stands so that you can choose the best stand for your guitar to keep it safe and protected.

Guitar StandTypeMaterialAdjustable HeightPortabilitySpecial Features
RockJam GS-001 Vertical Tripod StandTripodSteelYesFoldableAdjustable neck, locking mechanism, suitable for various guitars
Juarez JRZ100 Guitar Wall HangerWall HangerSteelNoCompactSpace-saving, easy installation, neoprene rubber padding
Hype String Guitar Wall HangerWall HangerWoodNoTrendyWooden design, suitable for acoustic, bass, and electric guitars
Kadence Foldable Guitar StandFoldableFiberNoPortableDesigned for travel, inert silicone padding, fits in hard cases
PENNYCREEK Guitar Wall MountWall MountSturdy MaterialNoAffordableDeep cradle design, suitable for electric and acoustic guitars
Kadence Guitar Stand – Long NeckFloor StandNot specifiedYesAdjustable HeightLightweight, rubber tab for neck support, suitable for various guitars
Mustang Guitar Stand FoldableA-Frame StyleMetal AlloyNoFoldable LegsSuitable for electric and acoustic guitars, foldable for easy carrying
Borngenio Premium Guitar StandA-Frame StylePolymer, Metal AlloyNoStable and CushionedSturdy design, rubber foam cushioning, suitable for various guitars
Leo Martin Guitar StandA-Frame StyleSteel Metal AlloyYesFoldable LegsSturdy and stable, foldable for easy storage, suitable for various guitars
Hype String Wooden Guitar StandFloor StandWoodNoClassy LookModern and attractive, suitable for full-sized instruments

Best Guitar Stands in India

1. RockJam GS-001 Vertical Tripod Guitar Stand

One of the best guitar stands in the market, RockJam GS-001 is a tripod-shaped guitar that offers stability and support to your guitar. This guitar features an adjustable neck, making this guitar stand perfect for all kinds of guitars including acoustic, electric, banjo, and so on.

Made up of steel material, this guitar stand is durable and long-lasting and includes proper cushioning at all the points to prevent any scratches or scuff marks on your guitar.

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That’s not all, there is also a locking mechanism to keep your guitar in place so that it is safely secured to the guitar stand. And this guitar stand can be fully folder so it is easy to store or take on your trips too.

2. Juarez JRZ100 Guitar Wall Hanger

If you are looking for a more compact and cheaper guitar stand then Juarez JRZ100 Guitar Wall Hanger is the perfect choice for you. This guitar stand is a wall hanger that helps you save space as you mount the guitar on the wall and keep it secure there.

This wall hanger is made out of steel so it can easily manage the weight of the guitar and ensures that your guitar is not touching the wall.

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It also comes with neoprene rubber padding to protect your guitar from scratches. Most importantly, it is very easy to install this wall hanger, you simply need to screw it into the wall and you don’t need anyone’s help for it.

3. Hype String Guitar Wall Hanger

Are you looking for a trendy guitar stand? If yes, then the Hype String Guitar Wall Hanger is a great choice for you. This wall hanger guitar stand is best-suited for acoustic, bass, and electric guitars.

One of the best things about this wall hanger is that the wooden design offers a classy look to your wall and will easily match the interiors of the room.

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Made out of wood, this wall hanger is strong and stable and will protect your guitar from any damage. You can easily screw it to any wall and store your guitar securely on it.

4. Kadence Foldable Guitar Stand

Another amazing guitar stand that is extremely portable and durable is the Kadence Foldable Guitar Stand.

This product is mainly designed for travel and heavy on-stage use and can easily fit in most hard cases and gig bags. This guitar stand is quite flexible too and will protect your guitar from any accidental bumps.

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One of the best things about this product is that it is made up of fiber and includes inert silicone padding to keep the exposed guitar area protected. 

5. PENNYCREEK Guitar Wall Mount

Pennycreek Guitar Wall mount is one of the cheapest products in the list but doesn’t compromise on quality. It has a deep cradle guitar hanger design that ensures the safety and security of the guitar and ensures that it is placed properly on the stand.

This guitar stand is made out of a sturdy material that can easily take the weight of the guitar and can be used for both electric and acoustic guitars.

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Most importantly, it includes proper padding to prevent any scratches when you hand your guitar on this wall mount.

6. Kadence Guitar Stand – Long Neck

If you are looking for a good floor guitar stand then Kadence Guitar Stand – Long Neck is a great product to consider. This guitar stand is lightweight and easy to assemble and stores your guitar securely in place.

It is quite stable and there is a rubber tab that supports the neck of the guitar to ensure that it doesn’t fall while not leaving any scratches on it.

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A great thing about this stand is that the height can be adjusted so you can fit different types of guitars on it. Also, it is quite reasonably priced and is the perfect storage place for guitars at home.

7. Mustang Guitar Stand Foldable

If you don’t wish to hang your guitar or use its neck to store it, then this A-Frame style guitar stand is a great option for you. Mustang Guitar Stand is made from a sturdy metal alloy that can take the weight of your guitar easily and will ensure proper support and security to it.

Perfect for studios, rehearsal spaces, and homes, this guitar stand can be used to store both electric and acoustic guitars.

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The contact areas of the guitar stand provide proper cushioning so you don’t have to worry about any scruff marks. And since it features foldable legs, you can easily fold it and carry it with you.

8. Borngenio Premium guitar stand

Another popular A-frame style guitar floor stand, Borngenio Premium Guitar Stand will provide your guitar with proper support and cushioning.

This guitar stand is made up of polymer and metal alloy which makes it sturdy and durable while the rubber foam cushioning on the contact points ensures that your guitar won’t get any scratches.

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This guitar stand is quite reasonably priced and can support all kinds of products. This stand is perfect for homes and rehearsal spaces as you can keep it safe and secure in the stand and don’t need to pack/unpack every day. 

9. Leo martin Guitar Stand

Leo Martin Guitar Stand is another amazing A-frame guitar stand that is sturdy and stable. This guitar stand is made out of steel metal alloy and includes foldable legs that make it easy to carry and store it.

This guitar stand can easily support all kinds of guitars and is ideal for studio and rehearsal spaces.

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It is extremely cheap as well and has a black finish that gives it a nice look. More importantly, it offers cushioning at the contact areas so that your guitar doesn’t get any scruff marks. 

10. Hype String Wooden Guitar Stand

One of the most expensive yet classy guitar stands to support and protect your guitar is the Hype String Wooden Guitar Stand. This stand is modern, attractive, and can easily match any room décor.

Perfect for full-sized instruments, this guitar stand will make your guitar look more elegant and classier.

The guitar stand is made out of wood so it is strong and stable. Also, it is really easy to install and assemble the guitar stand and is easy to maintain as well.

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It also includes black neoprene rubber strips to prevent any scratches on your guitar during storage.

How to Keep Your Guitar Safe

Once you have bought a guitar for yourself, you also need to take proper care of it so that you can use it for a long time. Here are a few maintenance and storage tips to keep in mind to safeguard your guitar.

Clean your Guitar Regularly

One of the most important things to do to keep your guitar safe is to clean it regularly. Here are a few tips to clean it properly for a long life:

  • Use compressed air to get rid of the dust and other loose particles on the guitar surface before you clean it with anything else.
  • Use a warm, damp cloth to wipe the dirt and the chemicals that have been collected on your guitar. Make sure that you don’t pour water or any cleaner directly on the guitar as it can damage the wood of your guitar.
  • Remove the strings of your guitar and then use a toothbrush to clean the frets and the bridges. This will allow you to get rid of the grime and the dead skin cells that get accumulated around this area. Make sure your toothbrush isn’t too wet when you are cleaning the fretboard with it.
  • After cleaning the fretboard, you need to condition it with lemon oil to protect it from further damage. Don’t use the guitar polish on the fretboard as it is more sensitive.
  • If you have an electric guitar, then you need to clean the metal parts too. For this, you need to use a glass cleaner and make sure you don’t spray the cleaner directly on the metal parts. Spray the cleaner on a cloth and then use it to clean the metal parts of your guitar.
  • Get the dirt off from the guitar nut when you remove the strings. And use dental floss for getting out the gunk from the nuts rather than a cleaner.
  • Finally, after cleaning the guitar thoroughly, you can choose to polish your guitar for future protection. Make sure you buy a guitar polish for it and pour the polish on a clean rag first. Avoid spraying the polish directly on the guitar and don’t use the dirty cloth for polishing.

Other Guitar Accessories

While a guitar and a guitar stand are important for a guitarist, there are several other tools as well that you need to play beautiful melodies. 

Guitar Strings

One of the most important accessories for a guitar is the guitar strings. Without the strings, you cannot play the guitar which is why it is important that you choose the guitar strings carefully.

Make sure that you buy the right string type depending on your guitar type and check the material and gauge of the strings.

D’Addario Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

Guitar String Cutter

Another important accessory to own is the guitar string cutter that allows you to get rid of the excess guitar strings.

This tool is essential for guitar maintenance as you would need it to change the strings in your guitar.

Siko Pro String Winder and CutterAmazon


Once you have a brand-new guitar or you have changed the guitar strings, you would need to start by getting your guitar in tune.

A clip-on tuner is the best as it can be attached to the guitar head and tells you the frequency of a note by understanding the guitar vibrations.

Juarez GT-13 Digital LCD GuitarAmazon

Guitar Pick

Another essential guitar accessory that you need to have is the guitar pick which is useful for strumming and picking your guitar. For strumming, go with a thinner pick and for solo notes, go with a thicker pick.

Alice Guitar Plectrums Pick of Various ThicknessAmazon

Guitar Humidifier

Finally, you also need a guitar humidifier, especially for wooden guitar. This is because of the wood of the guitar that cracks and warps in dry conditions.

And an electric guitar can get damaged too if you live in a slightly too-dry climate. So, a humidifier will prevent this from happening by keeping your guitar appropriately humid.

Store your Guitar Properly

Apart from cleaning your guitar, you also need to store it properly. Here are a few things to remember when storing your guitar:

1) Make sure that you check your guitar for loose screws after every play as vibrations can often result in the loosening of the screw. Keep the required tools to tighten the screws and then store it.

2) Keep your guitar stored in a hard case or gig bag when you are not using it. Don’t keep it exposed as it is easy to bump into an open guitar and damage it.

3) If you live in a humid or moist area, then make sure you store your guitar with a dehumidifier as humidity can warp or damage your guitar.

4) Finally, keep your guitar away from direct light or drastic temperature change. Store your guitar someplace that has a temperature ranging between 22 and 25 degrees Celsius.

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