10 Best Clapbox Cajon in India 2024

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Do you love playing drums? Are you looking for a good instrument to play beats? 

If yes, then you need to check out the Clapbox or Cajon in India. It is no secret that most of us love to play musical notes by banging our hands against a table, desk, or any sounding spot. And a Cajon allows you to do exactly that to produce great music. Although it is a demanding drum, it is versatile, portable, and is amazing to play.

But purchasing a Cajon drum is not as easy to play, you need to consider several factors such as the build, budget, use, and a lot more to make the right choice.

So, in this guide, we have listed down a few of the best Cajon drums that one can buy in India along with a short buying guide to help you out with the process.

Best Clapbox Cajon in India

What is a Clapbox  Cajon ?

A Cajon, also known as Cajone, Cajun box drum, & cahon, is an extremely versatile drum that can be used at homes to play different musical genres. Originated in Peru’s tea plantations, this musical instrument plays music similar to flamenco music and is available in different shapes and sizes.

This is a box-shaped instrument that is used in music genres such as rock, pop, folk, Latin, and a lot more. Most prominently, the Cajon is used as an alternative to a conventional drum kit but you can use it in other ways as well. 

The musicians sit on this box and then use their hands, fingertips, palms, etc. to make music by beating on the box. The important thing to remember about a Cajon is that it has 6 sides, out of which only 1 side is made from a thinner plywood sheet and is the one where the music tapping is done. This area is known as a tapa.

Inside the box, there is an adjustable metal string to add the snare sound which one can tune from the Cajon’s bottom. 

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How To Play Clapbox Cajon ?

Now, the basic mechanism of playing a Clapbox Cajon is to strike/tap towards the center of the box instrument to make a deep bass sound. And if you strike on the top corners, it will give you a slapping sound that sounds like a snare drum.

However, it is not as easy as it sounds and you need to maintain your position, posture, and a lot more to efficiently produce good music. 

Best Clapbox Cajon in India

1. Clapbox  Cajon CB45 -Crate Design, Birch Wood

One of the best Clapbox Cajon s in the market, Clapbox  Cajon CB45 has been designed with birch wood and an MDF body. As a result, you can produce deep bass sounds with this Clapbox Cajon. Moreover, this product comes with three sets of internal snare wires that are fixed in position and allow you to produce a different variety of sounds. With this Cajon, you will be able to create brighter music tones, crisp snare sounds, and rich & deep bass notes by striking in the center of the Cajon.

Also, the overall look and feel of this product is quite attractive and it will resemble a wooden crate to you. The premium finish further enhances the look and makes it a perfect fit for most homes and music joints as well. And with the large legs, you don’t have to worry about the stability of this Cajon at all.

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So, if you wish to use a Clapbox Cajon to produce drum beats for live gigs or studio recordings, then Cajon CB45 is the perfect model for you. 

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2. Clapbox Cajon CB11 -Black, Oak Wood

The Clapbox  Cajon CB11 has been constructed out of oak wood and is great for producing bass sounds from your Cajon. With an MDF body, this Clapbox Cajon is durable and strong and it comes with 3 sets of internal snares that cannot be adjusted. It is quite affordable as well and has been built for portability so you can easily carry it to your home and to your performances whenever you want. This Cajon has a great built and can be used for a long time while the smooth wood finish makes it look attractive and a great addition to your home.

Cajon CB11 produces both amazing bass and crisp snare and can easily be used by beginner and amateur Cajon players. To offer stability to you, this product even features large legs and is great for use in unplugged gigs.

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Honestly, this is a great product that is worth every penny. The only drawback with this Cajon is that it doesn’t offer adjustable snares so that you can perform tone variations.

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3. Clapbox Adjustable Snare Cajon CB50- Oak Wood

Another amazing option in Oak Wood, Clapbox  Cajon CB50 has a premium-quality build. The striking side is made from good quality oak wood and a solid MDF shell and comes with three sets of snare wires that are adjustable. You can control the bass sound and the snare of this Cajon by using the side knob and can easily change the tones produced from the instrument. From a no-snare sound to a traditional Cajon to an amazing bass tone, you can play it all with the help of this product.

With the attached large legs, the Cajon CB50 is quite stable and is perfect for both beginners and amateur players. You can use this Cajon both for studio recordings or live performances and can enjoy the full bass spectrum and amazing beat music with it.

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The overall feel of this Cajon is pretty good too and you can easily produce deep bass tones at affordable pricing with this Cajon.

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4. Clapbox Flow Graphic Cajon CB-FLW8, Walnut wood

Clapbox  Cajon CB-FLW8 is one of the cheapest Cajon s in India which is why it is perfect for beginners. This Clapbox  Cajon is made using walnut for the front striking part while MDF composite body makes for the rest of the sides. The Cajon comes with a set of three sets of internal snares that are fixed in position and you can easily play deep bass tones with this model. You will experience a brighter tone with this Clapbox  Cajon and a little more snare.

Furthermore, it has a nice design and finish and will add more character to your music. Perfect for drummers who are looking to experiment with their playing style, this Clapbox  Cajon can easily be used to produce drum set grooves in live performances and recordings.

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So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly Cajon to produce drum beats in gigs then this is definitely a good choice for you. 

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5. Clapbox Adjustable Snare Cajon CB65- Birch Wood

Clapbox Cajon CB65 is another model that is made out of Birch Wood, a solid MDF body, and three sets of adjustable snare wires. This is a strong Cajon that has a sturdy base and is quite reasonably priced as well. The best thing about this model is that you can easily adjust the snare with the side knob and alter the bass tone produced by the Cajon. You can play no-snare music or groovy bass music with this Cajon that makes it great for both studio and live performances.

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A great option for professionals and amateurs, Clapbox Cajon CB65 can be used to create versatile, rich sounds whenever you want.

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6. Clapbox Adjustable Snare Cajon CB40- Blue, Birch Wood

Clapbox Cajon CB40 is also made out of Birch Wood, MDF body, and has three sets of snare wires. But what is interesting about this Cajon is that it has a blue finish which lends it an elegant look and makes it aesthetically pleasing to look at. Also, the snares are adjustable in this model and can be turned on/off using the snare control knob that is placed on the right side of the Cajon and can be used to change the bass levels too.

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There is also a rear sound port at the back of the Cajon to let out air for optimum resonance. It is quite cheap and can be used as a drum set in both a live and studio setting. 

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7. Clapbox Graphic Cajon -Brown, American Maple 

If you are looking for a funky Clapbox Cajon to give a little spark to your performance then Clapbox Graphic Cajon is a great option for you. This Clapbox Cajon has an American Maple tapa, a solid MDF body, and 3 sets of snare wires to produce crisp snare and brighter music tones. On the other hand, the MDF body and the American maple front allow you to create deep bass tones that are great for live performances and sound recordings.

This Cajon has a nice finish too. Also, you will find it easy to carry around and keep it stable when producing drum beats on it.

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So, if you want a fun yet efficient Cajon to produce drum-like beats then Clapbox Graphic Cajon is perfect for you.

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8. Clapbox Cajon CB11 -Sunburst, Oak Wood 

Another option in Clapbox Cajon CB11 is the sunburst finish that looks elegant and charming and is a great addition to your home. This model is constructed out of oak wood and solid MDF shell too and comes with three sets of internal snare wires that cannot be altered. Due to the good-quality finish and color, it is a little expensive but if you want your Cajon to look elegant while producing a deep bass tone then CB11 Sunburst is a good choice for you.

With this model, you can produce crisp snares and deep bass tones quite easily which is why it is great for both professionals and amateur drummers.

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This can basically be your portable drum kit that can be used to produce rhythmic beats for your band performances. 

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9. ARCTIC Cajon 

Constructed out of Birch wood, ARCTIC Cajon allows you to create full, resonant bass notes which make it perfect for acoustic performances. There is also an internal snare system attached to the inside of the striking surface for a little sizzle effect to produce the sound of a snare drum. You can do finger rolls, corner slaps, and even bass hits on the striking plate for good dynamic control.

And when you strike the center of the Cajon, the natural finish combined with the striking plate wood allows you to produce a deep and punchy bass note that sounds a little like a kick drum.

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The non-slip rubber legs of the Cajon provide it with stability and make it easier to carry it around. Overall, this Cajon is perfect for acoustic gigs and jam sessions where you are unable to use a full drum kit.

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10. Clapbox Trendsetter Bass Cajon – Metallic Blue, Ebony Wood

Made out of ebony wood and solid MDF shell, Clapbox Trendsetter Bass Cajon is a great option for drummers to produce a rich bass tone. What I really like about this model is that it has a blue metallic finish so it is aesthetically pleasing and adds more charm to your live gigs and performances. Apart from that, the Cajon comes with three sets of fixed internal snares to produce crisp snares and brighter tones and can be used by both professionals and drummers.

Perfect for acoustic performances, you can use this Cajon to produce classical Cajon sound with a deep bass tone. And since it has a good built, it is durable and long-lasting too.

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Lastly, it features large legs to support it and keep it stable when it is being used. So, if you are looking for a stylish Clapbox  Cajon then this is a good choice for you.

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Things To Consider While Buying

There are a lot of things that you should consider when purchasing a Cajon. But if you want a good-quality, durable Cajon for your home, then here are a few important factors that you cannot miss out on.

Types of Cajon s

There are three main types of Cajon s available for playing – Peruvian Cajon, Cuban Cajon, and String/snare Cajon.

Peruvian Cajon was basically shipping crates that were reused as a Cajon drum. The back of this Cajon is constructed out of hardwood and there is a round-shaped hole for sound. The front side of the Cajon is made using laminated wood and is known as a tapa. You can produce a tight and dry sound with this type of Cajon and there is no snare in it.

A Cuban Cajon is made from wood and all the sides are tapered downwards while giving it a proper shape. With this type of Cajon, you can create higher bongo and conge-type sounds.

For people who want a snare and kick type of sounds, a String/snare Cajon is perfect. There is a snare wire or a guitar string attached to the back of the striking surface of the Cajon.

Material Used for Construction

One of the most important factors to consider when looking for a Cajon is the material and build of the Cajon. Ensure that your Cajon is made out of strong and durable wood that is both stiff and hard. This is even more important for the front side because your sound will depend mainly on the type of wood used in the making of the Cajon.

If you want to produce a deep bass sound, then get a Cajon that is made out of high-density hardwood. There are mainly 4 types of hardwoods used in the construction of a Cajon – oak, beech, birch, and mahogany.

Beech will give you all kinds of sounds whereas a birch Cajon will produce better highs and reduced mids. Mahogany is good for producing plenty of boomy bass music while oak is great for producing loud music and is perfect for rock/pop music genres.

Purpose of the Cajon 

Since there are different types of Cajon s available that produce different kinds of sounds, you need to know the exact use of your Cajon. How are you planning to use it will affect the material and the type of Cajon that is likely to suit your needs.

Furthermore, if you are going to be playing outside a lot, then you need to choose a Cajon that is easily portable and made from high-quality materials.

Protection for your Cajon 

Another important thing to check is whether your Cajon comes with a protective layering to improve its life expectancy. A few manufacturers will offer you a protection cover or a high-quality carry bag to prevent damages to the Cajon . Make sure that your Cajon is properly cased and padded so that it can last for a longer time. 

Adjustable Snares and Slap Corners

Finally, if you want to make the most of your Cajon then make sure that it comes with an adjustability option. You will find that the main striking side of your Cajon is connected to the frame with the help of several screws. One can loosen or tighten these screws to adjust the slap corners to make different kinds of sounds.

Apart from that, several Cajon s also come with a snare that can be fine-tuned to produce the exact sound that you want.

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