10 Best Wardrobes To Buy Online in India 2024

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A wardrobe is not only essential to keep your clothing, accessories, etc. but should also match the aesthetics of your house. Gone are the days when you had just metal almirahs taking up space in every room. 

Nowadays, you have so many materials and styles available that it is easy to find a wardrobe that not only suits your storage needs but complements your room as well.

Are you planning to buy a wardrobe for your home?

If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will help you choose the best wardrobe for your home depending on your budget and requirements. You can browse through our list of the best wardrobes in India and can learn about important things to consider when making a decision as well.

Why Buy a Wardrobe?

A wardrobe is an essential piece of furniture that all households need. It doesn’t just provide you with dedicated compartments and shelves to store and organize your belongings but can also complement your room décor.

Another great thing about a wardrobe is that most of them come with a locking mechanism so you can keep your valuables locked at home. 

Moreover, if your wardrobe includes a mirror, it can also be used to get ready and you don’t need to buy a separate dressing table for your home. A wardrobe can be used as a locker, dressing table, a storage compartment, and a lot more which makes it versatile and such an essential commodity to buy.

Wooden vs Metal Wardrobe?

One of the most asked questions when planning to buy a wardrobe is whether you should opt for a wooden wardrobe or a metal wardrobe. Well, both have their own advantages and disadvantages so it is important to research before you make a choice.

A wooden wardrobe is stronger and sturdier so it offers better stability than a metal wardrobe. On the other hand, a wooden wardrobe is prone to water and termites damage which reduces its life considerably in comparison to a metal wardrobe.

Wooden wardrobes definitely look better than metal ones but it is slightly harder to maintain them than the metal models. Also, in terms of price, wooden wardrobes cost more than metal wardrobes.

Finally, if you are looking for an easily portable wardrobe then metal wardrobes are the easy choice as they are generally easier to assemble and disassemble and weigh less than a wooden wardrobe.

Best Wardrobes in India

1. Godrej Interio Slide N Store Pro Plus 2-Door Wardrobe

with Mirror

The Slide N Store wardrobe from Godrej is one of the most compact wardrobes that has a unique design to store you and your family’s belongings. This stylish wardrobe has a sliding door that saves space and allows you to store this piece of furniture in small corners as well. It also features a discrete handle so you feel like you have more space to use the wardrobe and since it is completely made from steel material, it is quite strong as well.

It has a two-tone color combination which gives it a refreshing look. And you have ample storage space for two people with the two lockable sections that are available in this wardrobe.

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It also includes drawers in both sections with locks that can be used as a locker to store your small, valuable possessions. Plus, you get an attached mirror on the wardrobe door which you can use to get ready every day.

Overall, if you are looking for a compact and strong wardrobe for home then Godrej Interio Slide N Store Wardrobe is a great choice for you.

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2. Home Centre Quadro Three Door Wardrobe

Home Centre Quadro Three Door Wardrobe is a spacious model that allows you to store your clothing and other essentials in a premium-quality wardrobe. The wardrobe is made out of compressed wood so it is strong and sturdy while the melamine finish ensures that it looks elegant in the room.

It also has a three-door construction that makes it easy to access and there is also a mid-sized mirror attached to the door so that you can dress up easily.

With 7 shelves and 3 drawers, you have ample storage space to organize your belongings and the in-built attic storage ensures that you can store different sized objects easily in this wardrobe.

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The doors are also fitted with soft close hinges that make opening and closing of the wardrobe hassle-free. Also, the drawers include a lock system so you don’t have to worry about your valuables getting stolen from your wardrobe.

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3. @home by Nilkamal Avery 3 Door Wardrobe

Made from particle wood, this 3-door wardrobe by @home is a great choice for people who want a stylish yet spacious wardrobe for their home.

This contemporary-style wardrobe has 6 shelves in different sizes which makes storing clothing and essentials easy for the users. Moreover, there are 3 drawers on full-extension support so that users have more storage space to store and organize their belongings.

One of the drawers also has a lock system so you can keep your valuables inside it and lock it when not at home. The wood and painted finish lends a charming look to this wardrobe and ensures that it matches most of your room interiors with great ease.

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So, if you are looking for a stylish and spacious wardrobe then this would be a good choice to consider.

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4. Made Wood Made Way Solid Wood Wardrobe

For users who are looking for a classic wooden wardrobe, this Solid Wood Wardrobe by Made Wood is a good product. Made from Sheesham wood with a proverbial teak finish, this wardrobe has a simple, rustic design that will light up any room in your house.

Apart from the attractive finish, what is truly amazing about this wardrobe is that it is compact and ideal to store clothing and essentials of a single person.

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There are 4 long shelves to store and organize your belongings along with 2 small drawers at the bottom to keep other essential items. While there is no lock available in this wardrobe, there is a small stopper to keep the doors in place and ensure that the doors don’t come loose when you are not using it. 

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5. DeckUp Uniti 2-Door Wardrobe

If you are looking for a modern and contemporary design for your home, then you should check out DeckUp Uniti 2-Door Wardrobe. This is a spacious wardrobe that features wide compartments and a large hanging space to store and organize your clothes and other valuables.

There are multiple apartments to organize everything and since it comes with a locking mechanism, you don’t have to worry about the security of your valuables.

Since this is a 2-door wardrobe, it is compact and can easily fit in most spaces. It also features a dark wenge finish that boosts its aesthetic appeal and ensures that it will complement your room décor.

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Finally, the wardrobe is made from engineered wood so it is a sturdy model and has a flat weighted-base that promotes stability of the unit.

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If you are looking for a steel-constructed wardrobe then this Godrej Interior Wardrobe is the perfect choice for you. Made from alloy steel and available in different colors, this wardrobe has a simple design but features sectional storage compartments.

As a result, it is easy to hang your clothes while keeping your other clothes crisply on the shelves so that you look smart while wearing them every time you head out of the house.

This wardrobe also features two lockers with separate lock systems to store your valuables securely at home. And the best thing about this wardrobe is that it uses a high-precision locking key to open it which cannot be interchanged with another key to open the wardrobe.

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So, if you are looking for a highly secure and spacious wardrobe then you should definitely check out this model.

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7. DeckUp Versa 2-Door Wardrobe with Mirror

Another amazing choice from DeckUp, this Versa 2-door wardrobe is simple, compact, and elegant. This 2-door wardrobe comes with 3 shelves and a large hanging space to organize and sort your clothes easily.

Made from engineered wood with a laminate, this wardrobe is strong and sturdy. It also features a dark wenge matte finish which makes it look stylish and ensures that it complements all room décor.

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Apart from that, this wardrobe features small handles and a locking mechanism to easily access and lock the wardrobe. And a small mirror on one of the wardrobe doors makes getting ready in the morning quite easy as well.

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8. HomeTown Willy Engineered Wood Three Door Wardrobe

HomeTown Willy Three-Door Wardrobe is a custom design with amazing features that makes organizing and storing your belongings in a clean space quite easy. Since it is easy to assemble and disassemble, it can be moved around easily from one room to another.

Made from engineered wood, this wardrobe is sturdy and long-lasting and has a flat weighted base for additional stability. It also has a smooth and luxurious walnut finish that lends it an elegant feel so it perfectly complements your home.

It comes with wide shelves that are divided into different compartments for easy storage and a hanging rail makes it easy to hang your jackets and coats in the wardrobe as well.

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Most importantly, this wardrobe has a key lock mechanism and a secure closing function so you can lock up your valuables to keep them secure and protected.

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9. Spacewood Optima 2-Door Wardrobe

Spacewood Optima 2-Door Wardrobe is an elegant and spacious wardrobe where you can keep your clothes in a neat and organized manner. Made from engineered wood, this wardrobe has a Burma teak finish and is one of the best wardrobes at this value.

With this wardrobe, you get two shelves and a large hanging space to fold and store your clothes easily. The hanging space includes a rail that can be used to hang your coats and jackets to avoid any creases as well.

It also includes a locking mechanism to keep your valuables secure. But the best thing about this wardrobe is that it is water-resistant, termite-proof, and scratch-proof so it is a long-lasting investment for your home.

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10. Hekami Single Door Wardrobe

For users with minimal storage space requirements, Hekami Single Door Wardrobe is a good choice. This sleek and compact wardrobe can easily fit in any room without taking up a lot of space and will meet most storage space needs. Made from high-quality particle board, this product is strong and features a high glossy finish that gives it an elegant and premium look.

This wardrobe also features soft-closing hinges for smooth regular usage and longevity. Also, since it is made out of waterproof and termite-proof plywood, you don’t have to worry about your wardrobe getting damaged anytime soon.

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Things to Consider When Purchasing a Wardrobe

If you are buying a wardrobe for the first time, then here is everything you need to know to make the right choice.

Storage Space

One of the first things to look out for is a wardrobe that has sufficient space to store all your clothing and valuables. So, look for a wardrobe that provides you with a combination of shelves, drawers, hanging rails, etc.


An important thing to consider is the size of the wardrobe as it should easily fit your valuables but shouldn’t be bigger than your room too. So, measure the space in your room before you look for an ideal wardrobe size.

Material Used

You will find different material options available in the wardrobe but for a long-lasting product, you should always opt for a hardwood wardrobe. Also, make sure that the wood finish matches your home and doesn’t look out of place.

Types of Wardrobes

Finally, you have different types of wardrobes available based on the door type. If you want a compact wardrobe, then open for a single-door wardrobe that easily fits in a tiny room. A two-door wardrobe is a commonly used wardrobe that provides you with a combination of shelves, drawers, etc. to use.

For people who share rooms, a three-door wardrobe is a better choice as it has sufficient space to store clothing and essentials of two people. And if you want a space-saving wardrobe then opt for a sliding door wardrobe that is perfect for narrow rooms.

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