11 Best Smartphones Under Rs 20,000 in India (2021)

With the ever-increasing smartphone market in India and people tending to spend even more for the smartphone in their pocket, the midrange segment has grown ...

Has OnePlus Lost Focus Now?

A recent tweet from Geekyranjit has sparked a discussion about the Smartphone brand OnePlus. Where after asking about OnePlus's latest Fitness Band ...

10 Best Wireless Chargers in India 2021

Looking for the best wireless charger for your phone? Search No More!! Wireless charging enabled smartphones are the new trend nowadays. There are quite ...

12 Best Smartphones Under Rs 10,000 in India (2021)

Smartphones have become an essential commodity in today’s world. Most of us use it not to just stay connected with our friends and family members but to also ...

10 Best Smartphones Under Rs 30,000 in India (2021)

Every day new smartphones are being released. So, it becomes a very hard job to keep track of all the new models. When you want to buy a smartphone under ...

Top 10 Best Power Banks in India (April 2021)

Nowadays, the power bank has become a must-have accessory for any smartphone owner. If you are in India, then you would need this more than ever with the ...

Ambrane Capsule Powerbank Review

Ambrane is one of the best manufacturers of smartphone accessories and offers a wide range of options in power banks. If you are looking for a good power bank ...

Intex Power bank Review: Safe and Reliable Option

We all know that power backup is essential to enjoy using different gadgets has become the norm these days. And with the high use of mobile phones, it has ...

11 Best Smartphones Under Rs 15000 in India (2021)

Smartphones have evolved a lot. At the same time, their prices have come down a lot as well. Nowadays, you don't have to spend a ton to get a decent quality ...

10 Best 20,000 mAh Powerbanks in India (2020)

In an era of smart devices, one always finds oneself in the need of a power outlet to recharge their various devices like a smartphone, a smartwatch, ...

10 Best Android Games Loved by Everyone

Love Android Games ?  Android games are loved by everyone and by everyone I mean everyone, yeah including your grandparents! A great way to ...

5 Best Flagship Smartphones in India October 2019

Due to the ever-expanding competition, flagship gadgets are setting unique standards in the market of smartphones. Modern flagship smartphones now offer ...

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