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Claw A2 Retro Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Well the company sent me this Claw A2 bluetooth speaker about a month ago and I am amazed by it’s loud sound and heavy beats. It’s small but packs a powerful punch , plus the retro design gets noticed by everyone. Lets quickly talk about all aspects in detail.

Claw A2 Retro Bluetooth Speaker with Mic

Sound Quality

This speaker goes boom boom , picks all the right beats. Loudness is enough for large sized room , unless it’s a big hall or something. All your birthday parties in dorms will rock with this. People are always amazed by the loudness , as the size of speaker is small.

Also the sound doesn’t distort even at maximum volume. You will know one you play Magnets Riddim on it. Don’t compare the sound deepness to high end speakers , as this speaker is for budget segment.

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Claw A2 Bluetooth Speaker with Mic

Built and Design

The brand has designed this Claw A2 speaker in a vintage look , like a mini TV. But I feel like its more of a cute vintage radio wit music vibes going on.

The built on surface is some plastic but is quite sturdy. While the rim , antenna are elegant in design. The base has nice rubber protrudings to provide a stable support.

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Claw A2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Mic

Features to know :

  • 1000mAh battery
  • 5 hours of music playback
  • Bluetooth version 4.2
  • built-in microphone to take calls.
  • 3W powerful driver and enhanced bass resonator.
Claw A2 Retro Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Mic

Final Word

To sum it up this speaker has a lot going on with powerful sound , bass and cute retro design. Built quality is decent with enough battery life. So if you are looking to buy a bluetooth speaker then this is a speaker you can go for.

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