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Last updated on July 29th, 2023 at 06:25 pm

It has an excellent build quality, lots of accessories. The shells are made of metal and have a good amount of heft in them. The nozzles are also made of metal, which means they won’t just suddenly snap when you change your ear tips. And the overall aesthetics are on point with its sage green color scheme and carbon fiber faceplate.


The KB-ear Diamond’s stock cable is just as well built as the shells. It is a silver-plated copper cable that is very soft and easy to manage. The build of the cable is also on point. The 3.5 mm and 2-pin connectors are reinforced by metal. The whole cable feels solid and should not easily break during daily use. 

The Diamond only comes in a 2-pin variant, which is a good choice due to its stability. I’ve had mine for a few weeks now, and the sockets don’t seem to be loose despite having the cable detached a number of times now. Overall, the Diamond’s stock cable is great, and you shouldn’t need to purchase any upgrade cables unless you want to use a balanced cable. KB-ear has nailed everything up to this point. 


But the most important aspect of any IEM is, of course, the sound quality. And this is where the KB-ear Diamond needs to prove itself.  The KB-ear Diamond is powered by a single dynamic driver, which is very refreshing considering the multi-driver budget IEMs that companies are trying to make. It has a V-shaped sound signature and is leaning towards the warmer side of the spectrum. The bass is prominent in the Diamond while the mids and highs are slightly recessed. This fun-sounding signature is relatively safe and works with a lot of different genres. The KB-ear Diamond’s signature is perfect for a relaxing listening session. 

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The bass response of the KB-ear Diamond is arguably its strongest aspect. The Diamond makes good use of the dynamic drivers’ excellent technicalities in the low end, which makes bass notes very punchy. 

Lows are quite forward and can hit hard. Its extension is also good as the bass can go deep. Tracks such as pop and electronic music are handled pretty well by the Diamond. 

But the bass isn’t just all over the place all the time. The Diamond maintains excellent control and rarely overpowers the mids. This makes sure that the clarity of the track is maintained at all times. This is most evident in songs where the vocals are supposed to be the focus. 

The KB-ear Diamond is at its best when listening to KPOP, EDM, or any bass-heavy tracks.


Given its V-shaped signature, the mids are quite recessed. But it is done in a pleasant way where vocal-based music still sounds correct. 

One thing that I immediately noticed was that the vocals were warm sounding. This came out as a bit unnatural, especially when compared to IEMs with bright or neutral tunings. It doesn’t sound unpleasant, but rather just a bit different from what I am used to. 

On one side, the mids are never shouty or offensive, which can help over long listening sessions. But on the other hand, the mids can be a bit lacking.  

This was most noticeable in vocal-based tracks. The positioning of the vocals is correct. However, you will immediately notice that details such as reverb trails are missing. The clarity is also not quite at the level where I expect it to be. 

Overall, the mids play their part in the mix, but I don’t think they have that “wow factor” in them. 


The highs are well done on the KB-ear Diamond. They are in line with the levels of the bass and it’s always audible. But they are very well controlled, which helps prevent any sort of peaks or harshness.  

Of course, the downside of this kind of tuning is that the details in the highs will be a bit lacking. Instruments such as cymbals don’t have the air and realism that I am looking for. But again, in the context of the overall mix, the more recessed highs work well. 

There are several aspects of the sound signature that I wish would be improved to fit my taste, such as the midrange. But for the sound signature as a whole, it is something that I would gladly listen to if I just want to have a relaxing listening experience. 

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Overall, the KB-ear Diamond checks all of the boxes of a good budget IEM. It has solid build quality both on the shells and the cables it has great aesthetics and a great sound quality that fits a variety of different genres.

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