OPPO ENCO X TWS Review – A Masterpiece

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The Oppo, a brand name which is widely known among the consumers is a China based company producing a variety of electronic tech gadgets including smartphones, smartwatches etc but don’t forget that Oppo started as a audio brand producing a wide range of high end amplifiers and the infamous planar magnetic flagship headphone PM1. 

To give a life to the audio segment of the brand Oppo partnered with the popular Danish Brand DYNAUDIO to develop their best ever flagship TWS and the end result is the Enco X. In this review let’s see whether the Enco X sets a standard for High Fidelity Audio.

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Driver:φ11mm dynamic driver + φ6mm balanced membrane driver Speaker sensitivity:104dB@1KhzFrequency response range:20Hz ~ 20kHzAudio codec:Audio codec LHDC / AAC / SBC

Binaural Low-Latency Bluetooth® Transmission:Supported Bluetooth version:BT 5.2Effective Bluetooth range:10m

Battery type:Rechargeable lithium-ion battery, Battery capacity:44 mAh (earphones)/535 mAh (charging case) Music play time (50% volume)*:Strong noise cancellation mode: 4 h (single charge)/20 h (with charging case),Noise cancellation off: 5.5 h (single charge)/25 h (with charging case)

Cable Charge Time*:80min(earphones)丨110min(charging case)Charging port:USB Type-C, Wireless charger:Qi wireless charging supported

Water and dust resistance – Earphone:IP54

Rs. 2,199 Rs. 2,399 1 new from Rs. 2,199
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Oppo Enco W11 True Wirless Headphone - White


OPPO Enco X in Black Colour

USB Type-C charging cable

Ear tips in Small and Large sizes

Quick start guide and Safety guide


The design of the Enco X is similar to that of the airpods pro design and for instance most of the TWS in the market are having the same design with stems but i don’t care since THIS DESIGN WORKS! The Enco X might look like a rip off of the airpods pro but i don’t care cause this sounds far better than the airpods pro! 

The stem in the Enco X is very short stemmed hence the stability in the ears even during the intense workouts are pretty great. The eartips seem to be of proprietary kind and I’m afraid that I can get after market eartips for this model. The nozzle of the earpiece is small and in fact literally there is no nozzle. The benefit of this kind of design is that the fit will be much more comfortable and the vacuum effect will not be present which is a benefit while doing some workouts and for longer listening sessions. The touch sensor area is pretty big and the sensitivity is at a sweet spot thus no frustration there. Their earbuds are pretty lightweight and weigh only 4 grams hence the comfort is at peak.

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The design of the case is similar to that of the airpods pro but better in terms of fit and finish. The side metal rims are very classy to look at and add some premiumness to the product. The metal band houses the type C port and on the top it holds the Oppo brand name, on the side it holds the pairing button.

The lid is connected to the case via a metal hinge hence the durability will be great and it provides nice snap when closed. The lid doesn’t rock when closed like it does on the airpods pro rather the lid feels tight and neat.  Overall I liked the aesthetics and the fit, finish of the Enco X over any other TWS available in the market.


The whole sound signature of the Enco X is pretty neutral and sounds as real as possible. The main motive of the Oppo team and the Dynaudio is to make a product that just represents the original sound recording and make them sound as natural as possible. To achieve this these two teams did a lot of research and implemented a 6mm planar magnetic driver inside a tiny TWS to give that nice extension in the highs, melodious mids and a 11mm dynamic driver to deliver that nice and punchy bass.

In my testing the Enco X just sounded absolutely natural and no masking or boosting of the frequencies are seen. I truly got mesmerised by the sound of the Enco X and in this review let’s talk about this in detail.


The low end in the Enco X is what i would say realistic and natural. Even if you are a basshead who loves that boomy bass you will like the bass here a lot since this is more of an attacking and punchy bass than the boomier. The bass has nice extension and even the sub bass is sweetly tuned here. When listening to the tracks like the “MURPHY’S LAW – Recondite” the whole sub bass presence was nicely delivered without any lacking nature. The bass here is just very natural and tighter. The punch and the attack are accurate and this is kind of addictive bass. Even with that nice bass response the background small instrument sounds are clearly audible and nothing is missed out.

The Mid bass is very clean here. The bloatedness is not experienced here at all thus making the whole listening experience very sweet. The mid bass here is faster, cleaner and the decay is at a sweet spot. The mid bass gives enough warmth and the body to the vocals yet also has that clean sound and detailed low end region. In the track “OUT FOR BLOOD – Sum 41” the electric guitar and the drums’ presence are very vivid and clearly portrayed. This track is pretty fast and a complex track yet the Enco X made it very nice and the whole track appeared nice and clean without any congestion and lack of space. The soundstage is more than adequate with the vocals being very clean and clear. The electric guitar and the drum kicks are clearly separated out from each other.

The texture of the low end is very good here and the separation, decay, tightness are far above average here thus making this TWS a good option even for some fun and gym session listening.


The mid range in the Enco X is one of the star show where the vocals are absolutely natural having that natural tonality throughout all the genres. The timbre of the instruments are pretty natural. Both the male and the female vocal sounds absolutely fantastic with nice positioning. The mid range is neither too forward nor too laid back; instead they are at the very sweet spot giving a nice sense of space in between the instruments and the vocals. 

The piano notes and kick drums are absolutely sweet here. They are crystal clear thus even when listening to classical and very low volume tracks the minute details are not missed out. The detail retrieval is at its best if not i found it to be better than a lot of similarly priced wired earphones.

In the track “BETTY – Folklore” the spatial positioning of the instruments are presented excellently and the space in between the instruments are pretty huge giving the midrange some air to breathe. Taylor Swift’s voice sounds even more beautiful while listening via the Enco X. The mouth horn, the piano notes, the acoustic guitar, every instrument is clearly separated, thus we can easily pick out every instrument from which side they sound. 

The layering is done exceptionally by the Enco X where the listener can easily point out the space between each instrument and the stage where they are played.

In the track “GET LUCKY – Daft Punk”, the voice is beautifully done with nice round and fullness to the midrange. The guitar strings in the background are clearly portrayed while the kick drums are constantly hitting in the background.

In another track named “Ulbanator Nights – Hanggai” the male vocal is nicely rendered out while the acoustic guitar and the mouth horn in the background is very nice to hear which is very melodious and heart melting.


The treble is the real show here since this incorporated one of the highly praised and very premium drivers called Planar Magnetic Driver. The oppo uses the same technology as that of their flagship grade headphone PM1 which is a best sounding headphone in its league.

The planar magnetic does wonders to the Enco X undoubtedly. The highs in the Enco X are crisp and clean. I thought that due to this extension in highs there would be enough sibilance but surprisingly this thing has null sibilance as per my testing. Even after listening to the track “MOVE YOUR BODY – Sia” the sibilance is not observed where the cymbal instruments are nicely portrayed out in the Enco X.

In the track “DREAMS – Fleetwood Mac”, the cymbal crash and the decay are very precise and they sound completely natural without any artificial timbre. In the track “YOU AND YOUR FRIEND – Dire Straits”, the electric guitar strings and the cymbals sound natural and have that bite in the highs, the detail that this thing captures in each instrument is mesmerising.

The amount of air this thing moves in the treble section is pretty big thus the separation and the clarity in the highs are exceptional. This is really a very good pair even for some critical listening.

In the track “EVERY LITTLE THING – Eric Clapton”, the decay of the instruments are clearly heard while Eric’s Voice is very sweet to listen to. The electric guitar strings sound absolutely delicious and the cymbal crashes are not at all fatiguing even after extended listening periods. The layering of the instruments are nicely appreciated here and the imaging is also precise and smooth. The clarity and the separation are admirable factors here.


If one thing I want to appreciate more about the Enco X is the technicalities. From the soundstage to the imaging everything is just perfect here.Let’s talk about that in detail here.

SOUNDSTAGE: When talking about the soundstage this thing just blows away most of the TWS in this price range. It has the widest and deepest soundstage in the TWS category in this league. The stage is pretty wide and gives me a sense of a wired earphone IKKO OH10. Especially when listening to the track “ BENNY’S DISPATCH – In the Heights’ ‘ the whole staging is very grand and deep. The depth of each and every instrument is clearly layered out and the instruments just sweep from the extreme right to the left.

On another track “HIDEAWAY – Jacob Collier”, the instrument separation and the expansive depth of the soundstage can be clearly appreciated. In the beginning the strings, i meant a lot of string gets played up but still the enco x portrayed them without any congestion. The plucking of the strings are clearly heard and the best part of the Enco X is that depth where the distance between one and the other instrument are clearly made out which gives that nice 3D soundstage sensation.

IMAGING: Imaging is pretty precise and even in the busiest tracks the instruments can be easily pointed out. In the track “JACK OF SPEED – Steely Dan” the guitars play randomly in each channel and the kick drums in the center are nicely presented in the Enco X. The instruments nicely sweep from one channel to the other without any hiccups and the whole transition is pretty smooth and neat.


The ANC in the Enco X is good but not excellent when compared with the Airpods Pro or the Sony WF1000xm3. By default the Enco X comes with Max ANC enabled and in that mode as usual the low frequency noises are blocked out mostly but still the high pitched frequencies are allowed in. The Low ANC mode is pretty average and I always sticked with the Max ANC. 

The Enco X picks a lot of wind noises in ANC mode if the wind speed is high and it also depends on the position of the head. But this issue is present in most of the ANC enabled TWS. 

One other feature present in the Enco X is that the device automatically adjusts the ANC based on the amount of wind the user faces and this helps a lot while travelling  with windows opened. After this automatic change now I can’t see any wind noises! An absolute worthy implementation by Oppo


The call quality in the Enco X is pretty great and even outdoors the calling experience is very good and at that point the earpiece doesn’t pick up much wind noise and tries its best to remove the background noises. 


The stated battery life from the brand  is 5.5h single charge music playtime with ANC and in my testing I got around 4.5 hrs playback and it all depends on the volume you are rocking it with. The case additionally gives 20 hrs of playtime with Max ANC and 25 hrs with ANC off. Overall the battery life is pretty good and can easily last you a week without charging the case if you use it 2 hours everyday.

The case is charged via the Type C charger and the other added feature is that it also supports the Qi wireless charging! So when it comes to charging this device you are covered with enough options.


The Hey Melody app is the companion app for the Enco X and it’s available for both android and iOS but the problem is the Enco X model is not yet listed in the iOS platform. But the good thing is if you want to change any settings of the Enco X just change it via an android smartphone and later use it in the iOS thus the settings gets registered inside the TWS itself, its a two process though but it’s worth the shot.

The app is very simple and minimalistic where you can change the controls, turn on/off anc, ambient etc and change the equaliser. There are three included equalisers namely default and two dynaudio signature sound profiles and I liked the default more and stuck with it.


The controls are pretty practical. There is no single tap function which is a slight bummer for me but they did this intentionally to avoid accidental touches while adjusting the earbuds.

The double tap for next/previous and triple tap for voice assistant. Sliding the touch sensor will increase or decrease the volume. Long pressing the touch sensor for less than a second will change the modes from ANC to transparency etc. Long pressing more than 1 sec will lead to quick switching between the devices. These controls can be customised via the companion app.


The Enco X has the Bluetooth v5.2 hence the signal strength with both the android and the iOS is seamless and very good. The galaxy buds pro had weird signal strength with iOS but this one is pretty strong and great.

It supports SBC, AAC and LHDC codecs. With iPhone they are maxed upto AAC and the audio quality and the latency are pretty impressive. No lip syncing issues while watching youtube videos. The LHDC is only supported in certain devices like the Oppo Find X2 series and some Xiaomi devices but the sound via this codec is even more improved but the latency is worse in that codec.



  1. Balanced Sound Profile 
  2. Impressive Technicalities for a TWS
  3. That Soundstage!
  4. Sparkly yet Non Sibilant Highs and Vocals
  5. Tighter, Faster and Textured Low End
  6. Excellent Call Quality and Good ANC
  7. Fit, Comfort , Design and Controls


  1. Limited App Customisation


Enco X, the flagship offering from the OPPO in coordination with the Danish Audio Brand DYNAUDIO is a solid all rounder in this price segment and even above the price point. From the build to the sound this just blows away every other competitor out of the park. They sound different from the competitors where they steered away from the usual V shaped sound instead they chose the balanced to neutral sound profile which is much versatile and along with the innovative Planar magnetic driver this just excels in all the frequency on the board. This thing is also very stricter to poorly mastered tracks where it brings out all the errors in those tracks too! Pretty impressive for a small sized package!

When coming to TWS most of them lack in the treble region sounding dull or very sibilant but the Enco X sets the benchmark in the TWS market by providing an Industry leading sound, hearing those fine percussion instruments details via the Enco X is just sublime. Apart from the sound they also have a pretty great ANC, excellent call quality, great comfort, decent battery life and overall an absolute value for money product. I stand by these statements for now since I haven’t heard any other TWS that can beat the Enco X in terms of sound, comfort and the value it proposes. This Is truly “A MASTERPIECE” in TWS market and this is my NO:1 pick for TWS under 10000 rupees and even above the price point. 

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