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Soundcore Liberty 2 TWS Review

Soundcore is the sister brand of Anker and is a Chinese based electronics company which produces different kinds of electronic gadgets from USB cables to multimedia speakers.


For the price the package is excellent. Has a flip magnetic box which opens and directly welcomes us with the earpiece and the charging case covered by a transparent cover. Under the first compartment they have provided a heaven of tips!!..Never seen these many eartips in a earphone box before!..Well done soundcore..They also included different kinds of wingtips too which can be changed according to different ear canal sizes. Has some documentation and a warranty card which of course we will never use! ☺



They are designed differently when compared to the usual airpods stem design or the buds design..but they have done it ergonomically.They are elongated horizontally and has deeper sound guides so the isolation is top notch.The extra added wingtip feature helps in the fit.

Has no touch controls but has a single button control which can be remapped using the soundcore app which we will talk about later.Most of the controls can be controlled via the single button and that’s a positive thing. They are built good,fully plastic but of good quality,The external faceplate has the soundcore branding and its glossy whereas the other sides of the earpiece are matt finish which helps in the grip against the sweat.

2) CASE:

The case is pebble shaped with glossy finish in the exterior and in the interior.The pro version had the matt finish and it looked more premium than this glossy finish since this takes up a hell lot of scratches.The build is OK but not premium enough for the price.They have sliding type opening and it looks futuristic and the single handed opening is great but the hingle is not made of hard plastic so it feels very cheaper and causes anxiety everytime we open the case whether it will break ☺

The case has 3 light indicators and a usb c port for charging and also a reset button/pair button


Here comes the best part.The soundcore claims that it has the diamond coated drivers which enhances the rigidity of the diaphragm hence the bass will be more tighter and punchier than ever before.Let’s see whether it justifies it..

The liberty 2 has slight hiss sound coming out before the start of music and after ending it.It is present in all the units due to the weak amplifier implementation

This earphone specifically pumps out a lot of volume even for 60 percent.






Well let’s start with this word…YUMMY!!!…The bass is the strongest aspect of this earphone. It attacks faster and the sub bass extension is great.It literally rumbles your head if you listen to any bass heavy tracks



The sub bass is sweet.It really rumbles your head.Some may claim it as boomy but if you love listening to the OST’s then this is the earphone to get for sure.


At 1:22 I really got goosebumps!!! The sub bass is sweet! And at 1:44 the rumble can be felt literally.Loved listening overall


This earphone is tuned as a V shaped signature so the midrange really lacks some sparkle but these can be tuned via the soundcore app equalizer to your taste.The default signature is bassy but they can be tweaked to your taste by selecting pretuned sound signatures or the custom signature.


The instruments in the mids are slightly recessed but the exciting part is the vocals!…They sound delicious and perfect.The taylor swift voice is presented well with some mid bass.Here the soundstage is very very big even the far instruments can be heard with accurate positioning.


The male vocals are also sweet.At 0:45 the vocals are crisp and detailed without mixing with the bassAt 1:20 the female vocals is presented well without harshness or sibilance.


As this is being a v shaped ofcourse it’s gonna have spike in the treble region but surprisingly done in a good way.The sibilance not very noticeable since many TWS has this issue


This is a complex track where many instruments are clustered into one another but this earphone presents them as detailed as possible.The vocals are recessed here but the highs here have no harshness or sibilance and that’s a welcoming one.

At 2:00 the instruments gets mixed in the song but this earphone presented it well without any harshness or ear fatigue



The best track to test both the soundstage and the imaging.The biggest positive aspect of this earphone along with the bass is that it has one of the biggest soundstage for a truly wireless earphone. The imaging is also spot on.This makes us to forget the good old audiophile grade iem’s which has best soundstage and imaging


The brand claims 8hrs with earbuds and 32 hours with the charging case and in reality it got justified. Based on my usage it got me 8 hrs with 60 percent volume. They are charged via USB-C but lacks wireless charging. It also supports fast charging providing 2hrs of listening with 10 minutes of charging.


The app support is what makes this stand out from other earphones at this price range. The app is feature rich and the firmware update can be done via it. The controls can be changed via the app and has lot of preset sound signatures and a custom equalizer to tune the sound based on your liking.


It is the feature which is included in the liberty 2 and is praised high but frankly it’s just a gimmick for me. The app adjusts the equalizer based on your hearing frequency range. After testing it out and the equalizer got set which really sounded crap. The highs were raised which really made the bass nill. I think it’s an experimental feature and the soundcore team will improve It in the future.


It has total of 4 mics and can be used as a solo mode with one earpiece in the charging case.The call quality is good in quiet surrounding but not that great in noisy or outdoors.It picks up the external noise but somehow manages to keep our voice at high volume to the opposite end which is a good news.It would have been better if they have given ambient mode which is a useful feature in many tws nowadays.



  • Warm sound signature with detailed highs
  • Excellent battery life
  • Great fit and no thumping effect while jogging
  • Soundcore app support helps in customization


  • Hass “HISS” issue when the music ends or the music starts
  • Mediocre midrange performance

Overall it’s a recommended one. Now the price is higher but during offer periods they are available as low as Rs.3500 which is a steal deal. For a price point of under 5000 it’s a solid buy.

This Review is Written By KATHIRAVAN.C


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I’m Kathiravan from Tamilnadu. A budding audiophile here with high love towards music and audio equipments. My first experience of enjoying the hifi audio came when I started to use budget chi-fi gears and now it came all along the way of reviewing the gears with high end stuffs. I love reviewing audio products.

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