Stuffcool Deb in-Ear Earphones Review

” Snug Fit , Boom Boom Beats”

I got these Stuffcool Deb in-Ear Earphones a few days back from the brand Stuffcool and these sound better the I was expecting. The best thing is the snug fit and the eye pleasing ergonomic earbud design.

Let’s look at the different aspects of these earphones in detail below.

Design & Build Quality

The red and black colour theme of the earphones was a great choice by Stuffcool , then you have that sleek earpiece design. There is some metal in the earpiece which feels good to hold. Plus the structure is well balanced , in a way that you don’t feel any weight on your ears.

The cable is thick enough and overall built quality from earphone jack to remote feels sturdy enough.

Stuffcool Deb in-Ear Headphones

Sound Quality

This earphone can generate some sleek beats , which feels warm to ears. I was able to enjoy most of my favorite songs from Rockstar , Hip hop etc with clear details. The snug fit and 10 mm sound drivers make this out sound possible. All in all , I can’t expect more from an earphone which costs under 500 INR.

I just hope they last long and price stays low. There is no storage pouch with the earphones.

Stuffcool Deb in-Ear Earphones

Final Word

If your looking for a budget earphones , then these are definitely worth trying. Based on the sound quality and built , I won’t mind using them regularly for the next few days. Till I move on to test a new pair of earphones.

For me these are comparable to the 1k range earphones , that you see in the market by big brands.

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