Top 5 Best Air Purifiers For Home & Office in India (2018)

The Smart Way To Breathe

Pollution is present everywhere. Especially in the North India, where the smog has been choking everyone, this is the right time to invest in an air purifier to breathe in a filtered air at home.

With such an advancement in technology, there are a lot of options in the market that come with compact air purifiers. Check out these things below before jumping to our list of top 5 best air purifiers.

Air Purifier Options

There are a couple of options like the Air Touch i8 or Air Touch S8 from Honeywell, Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 that bring down particle levels of pm2.5.

Xiaomi Mi 2 is the most affordable one available in a range of just ₹8000 to ₹9000.

Replacement Filters

However, it is essential to make sure that any brand that you go for, the company should be offering replacement filters too since the regular filters stay good merely for 4 – 6 months.

Air Purifier Size

The other major factor one should consider before buying an air purifier is its size. Usually, these purifiers are as big as 650 sq. feet, and good to go for a regular size bedroom.

Top 5 Best Air Purifiers For Home & OfficeTo Buy Today

 1   Honeywell Air Touch S8


Honeywell Air Touch-S8 Smart and App Based Room Air Purifier1) The Honeywell Air Touch S8 air purifier is one of the top quality options to consider. It has impressive features like the sleep mode to make the environment feel quieter even when it is on.

2) It has different fan speeds; you can adjust it as per your convenience. It is a large size air purifier and has a stylish design ensuring it doesn’t look odd kept at home.

3) This air purifier can bring down the atmospheric particulate matter (PM)2.5 level by half which is a great success.

4) The device has shown PM2.5 level down from 308 to 144 within 20 minutes making it an excellent choice.

5) You can see the numbers and levels of the air purity on the H Plus app. Download the app and link it to the device and you are all set.

6) You can get Honeywell Air Touch S8 air purifier online for this price.

Check Price : Amazon | Flipkart

 2  Panasonic F-PXH55M


Panasonic F PXH55MWU(D) 49 Watt Air Purifier1) This is an exceptional and a powerful air purifier known for its pace to cut down the PM2.5 levels.

2) This air purifier comes with a HEPA filter that endures a longer life compared to other available purifiers in the market.

3) However, being a colossal quality and better resulting product, the Panasonic F-PXH55M air purifier is a little more expensive and requires greater attention towards maintenance as compared to other air purifiers.

4) Panasonic F-PXH55M is a good to go device and effective for bacteria and allergens. Moreover, the best part of this invention is it is neither too big nor too heavy and has a filter with a life of over ten years.

5) The air purifier is equipped with a feature known as EcoNavi identified positively for its reduced consumption of energy. Plus, it has sensors that can figure out if there’s someone in the room or not and act accordingly.

6) Panasonic F-PXH55M is available online on Amazon for this price.

Check Price : Amazon | Flipkart (NA)

 3  Phillips 3000 series


Philips 3000 Series Air Purifier1) This is another great option to consider while buying an air purifier at home. It is the most optimum choice for bigger houses since it is big in size measuring 47.4 x 34 x 79.8 centimetres.

2) This air purifier weighs approximately 10 kgs. One of the best features about Phillips A3000 series is it lets you know what the PM2.5 level is currently and how soon will it be able to go down.

3) Experiments and reviews show that the device takes not more than half an hour to get closer to an acceptable range. The acceptable range means the PM2.5 should actually be below 55.

4) The Phillips 3000 series air purifier are not at all noisy. Moreover, its fan levels are rather low. It has the UI based touch panels that let you select different modes.

5) Other features include a special allergy mode, fan speed ranging from 1 to 5, the timer, the PM2.5 level indicator and even a child lock mode.

6) All these features make the purifier user-friendly no matter what the circumstances persist. You can get Phillips 3000 series from Amazon for a minimal price.

Check Price : Amazon | Flipkart

 4  Xiaomi Mi 2 (Budget Option)


MI Air Purifier 21) This air purifier was among the first IoT (Internet of things) based device in the category of home products in India.

2) It works on the Mi Home app that keeps updating about what is the result of the quality of air, helps keep track of the change and find how efficient have the filters been.

3) It is a compact device assuring no much space is occupied in the house thus a perfect choice to make for small size houses.

4) The dimensions of the product are 240 x 240 x 520 mm. You can choose the auto mode, favourite or the sleep mode, though the auto mode is also not loud.

Check Price : Amazon | Flipkart

 5  Honeywell Air Touch i8


Honeywell Air Touch i81) one of the latest released air purifiers in the market. It can fight PM2.5 particles and has proved itself displaying the real-time data on the touched based panel on the top.

2) It is an Ozone free device keeping out the toxic gases, allergens, etc. and has a Clean Air Delivery Rate, CADR, of 300 m3/h.

3) It moreover, is well suited for the rooms with a height of 9 feet. The Honeywell Air Touch i8 stands at an advantage in terms of cleanliness since the PM10 pre-filter present in the device can be separated to clean it and fit it back.

4) The Honeywell Air Touch i8 is available online for this price.

Check Price : Amazon | Flipkart

Final Words

Pollution persists not just in Delhi and nearby regions but in the entire country. However, the pollution levels due to various reasons have raised and developed a layer of smog, making people sick.

The number of people falling ill due to this haze is considerably increasing day by day. The news reports have been showing how dangerous it is to be breathing the bad air. Thus, take care of your health and avoid moving out unnecessarily.

Comment below to add your suggestions.

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