10 Best Kitchen Tissue Paper Roll & Napkins in India

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Kitchen tissues and napkins are one of the most essential elements of our kitchen. A kitchen towel can make your work in the kitchen very easy and comfortable.

And, most kitchen towels come at a very cheap price. So, keeping your kitchen and household clean doesn’t have to be expensive. However, the problem arises when you are going to buy the tissues.

As there are hundreds and thousands of brands offering the same type of products, it gets tricky to pick the best one. And, this situation is way too familiar to us. As a result, we have curated a list of the best kitchen tissue paper towel rolls and napkins in India. And, we will be sharing the reviews of those kitchen tissues in this post.

So, without wasting more words, let’s start…

Kitchen Paper Roll Uses?

There are many uses of kitchen paper roll. Here are some examples…

1) Primarily, you can use kitchen towels for cleaning purposes.You can clean spilled liquid as these tend to be very absorbent compared to normal tissues

2) Also, you can use them to line containers prior to storing food in the containers.You can also soak up excess oil from your cooked food using kitchen paper rolls

3) Next, you can wrap food or fruit with them.You can keep the herbs and greens fresh with paper towels

4) You can use paper towels as an emergency coffee filter as well. It can be used as a strainer or a simple paper filter as well

5) You can keep paper towels under any bottle of liquids to keep the place under the bottle clean

6) Paper towels are disposable, so you can use them as compost for your plants and herbs

7) You can use kitchen paper roll for crafting or origami purposes. Finally, you can also use a kitchen paper towel as a normal tissue

Best Kitchen Tissue Paper Roll & Napkins in India

1. Solimo Kitchen Tissue Paper Roll

The first kitchen tissues on our list are from the famous Solimo. This is made from 100 percent virgin paper. And, it is free from any optical brightening agents.

That makes this tissue suitable for handling food safely. This is very soft to touch and can be easily used as table napkins.

This is a 2 ply tissue, which is highly absorbent. You will get 4 rolls in each pack. And there 60 tissues per roll.

Key Features:

  • This is a 2 ply tissue
  • Per roll contains 60 sheets

2. Origami So Soft tissue roll

For your information, this is a 3 ply tissue roll. And, it comes from Origami So Soft. The price of these tissues is not that high. Normally, they provide 10 tissues in each packet.

However, at the time of writing the post, they offer 2 free tissues per pack. This is also made with virgin paper. And, it is disposable, super soft, and highly absorbent.

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Key Features:

  • It is a pack of 12 tissue rolls
  • This is a 3 ply tissue

3. Presto! Tissue Roll

This tissue roll is available in 2 options that are 4 Rolls and 12 Rolls. This is a 3 ply tissue. So, if you are looking for great absorbent tissues, you should go for these.

Additionally, these are very cheap compared to some other options. You will get 300 sheets per roll. These Presto! Tissues are highly absorbent and smooth to the touch.

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Key Features:

  •  Per tissue roll contains 300 sheets
  • It is 3 ply tissue

4. Eco Stuff Plain Tissue Paper Napkin

If you are looking for paper napkins instead of tissue roll, then this is a great option for you. This one comes from the Eco Stuff brand.

It is available in various sizes such as a pack of 3, pack of 5, pack 6, pack of 10, pack of 15, and so forth.

And, each pack contains 100 paper napkins. These are disposable, hygienic, and soft to touch. These can come in handy for wiping your face and hand.

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Key Features:

  • The dimension of the napkin is (L) 27 cm X (W) 30 cm
  • This includes 100 napkins per packet

5. Ezee Tissue Paper Napkin

This is a bit pricey option compared to the others. However, the users are leaving great feedback about this tissue pack. As the name suggests this is also a paper napkin, not a paper roll.

So, it will be useful in many ways like in parties, office needs, house needs, kitchen needs, and more. In this package, you will get 3 packs of Ezee tissue paper napkin.

And, each of the pack will come with 100 paper napkins. These are also skin-friendly and disposable.

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Key Features:

  • Each pack includes 100 pieces of napkins
  • The dimension of the napkin is 27 cm X 30 cm

6. Selpak Kitchen Tissue Roll

This is another popular paper towel roll in India. You can use this for your household needs. It is suitable for soaking up spilled water or oil.

And, you can also use this with food as it is made with 100% cellulose. This is available in 2 rolls, 3 rolls, and 6 rolls.

The half-cut sheet feature will make sure you are not wasting any part of the tissue. But according to many users, this is a bit expensive. Still, if you don’t have any issues with the price, you can try this Selpak kitchen towel roll.

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Key Features:

  • This is a 3 ply tissue
  • It features the half-cut sheet

7. Bambooee Kitchen Towel Roll

This is a unique product on our list. Yes, you have guessed it right. These are reusable kitchen paper towels. According to the manufacturer, this is washable up to 100 times. That means you don’t have to throw out the tissue after you have used it once. Rather, you can wash it with soap and water to reuse it.

This kitchen towel is made from organic bamboo. This is natural and biodegradable. Each towel roll comes with 20 sheets.

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All in all, we can say that this is a revolutionary product that you must try. This might be the best kitchen tissue paper roll in India.

Key Features:

  • Each roll contains 20 sheets
  • The sheet size is 11 inch x 12 inch

8. Scott Multi-Fold Towel

This is another eco-friendly option when it comes to paper towels and napkins for your kitchen. This tissue is made with 60% recycled fiber and 40% post-consumer waste. As these are m-fold napkins, these are very thick and hard.

So, you might not enjoy wiping your face with them. On the other hand, if you want to wipe your hand and dry it faster, then it could be a great option.

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Another great use of this tissue would be to use it as a kitchen towel. Because it is highly absorbent and hygienic.

Key Features:

  • One pack contains 250 sheets
  • This is a medium-sized multi-fold tissue

9. Shrayati Tissue Paper Napkins

This is a tissue brand from India. So, if you are looking to support your country, you should try this one. As per the users, this is a great option. They have said this is very soft to the touch and highly absorbent. Each of the packets contains 50 sheets.

And you will get 3 packs in this package. So, in total, you are getting 150 sheets. For that, the price is very reasonable. Because of the price, you can use them at parties, weddings, mass gatherings, etc. in bulk.

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So, if you are looking for the value for money paper napkin, then this is the way to go.

Key Features:

  • It features 2 ply tissue
  • Per pack includes 50 pieces of tissue sheets

10. Paseo Kitchen Tissue Roll

First thing first, this is a highly expensive kitchen tissue roll. This package comes with 2 packets. And each packet contains 60 sheets with 4 rolls.

So, in total, you are getting 120 sheets and 8 rolls. The manufacturer has not used any optical brightening agent in this. And it is made from 100% virgin fiber.

Thus, it is smooth and hypoallergenic. These are medium-sized tissue. These are suitable for using with food. There will be no issue as it is hygienic, organic, and food safe. Many users have praised the quality and absorbency of this tissue. So, if the high price is not an issue, you can go with this.

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Key Features:

  • It is a 2 ply tissue
  • Each pack contains 60 sheets of tissue

Other Great Cleaning Supplies

After reviews of the best kitchen tissues, we think it would be better if we could introduce you to some good alternatives to kitchen towels or napkins. So, we will review a set microfiber cleaning cloth and disposable kitchen gloves in this next section.

Some Good MicroFibre Cleaning Cloth

SOBBY Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

If you are looking for a good replacement of kitchen tissue, you can use microfiber cleaning cloth. In fact, these can be used in many other areas of the house as well. Also, you can use a microfiber cloth for cleaning your car, smartphone, computer, and other digital devices as well.

The Sobby microfiber cleaning cloth is made with 20 percent polyamide and 80 percent polyester. These are lint and streak-free. And, you can easily wash and dry them. This microfiber cloth can absorb up to 8 times water compared to its weight.

So, you can see how highly absorbent these microfiber cleaning cloths are. You will get 4 multicolor microfibers in this package. And, each microfiber towel measures about 15.7 x 15.7 inches. For the price, this is a great deal as you will be able to reuse them for a long time.

Key Features:

  • The size of the microfiber is 40 cm x 40 cm.
  • They are made with 340 GSM fabric material
  • This package contains 4 microfibers of different colors

Dish Washing Gloves

FreShine disposable gloves

Another good alternative to both microfiber cloth and kitchen towel is magic latex gloves. These are multi-functional gloves. You can use them for grooming your pets, washing dishes, cleaning the bathroom, cleaning fruits and vegetables, etc.

These are made with 100 percent FDA approved silicone. And, they are very comfortable to wear. This is a combination of latex glove and scrubber. So, you can easily clean up your dishes and other kitchen utensils without harming your hands. You can also rinse them with water to reuse. If you want a good cleaning product that protects your hands as well, then these disposable gloves will be the best option. 

Key Features:

  • These are coated with anti-microbial agents
  • Made with FDA-approved silicone
  • Heat resistant up to 320-degree Fahrenheit for 4 minutes
  • The product size is 33 cm x 16 cm

Concluding Thoughts

In this post, we have reviewed some of the best kitchen tissue paper rolls and napkins available in India. Furthermore, we have also shared reviews of a pair of disposable gloves and a set of microfiber cleaning cloths. We hope these reviews will help you to get the best product for yourself.

Then again, everything is up to you whether you will choose the best one or not. We have shared reviews of many products above. And, there are few distinctions among these kitchen towels. Also, based on the budget, one is better than the other. Still, we hope you will make the best choice.

And, don’t forget to let us know which kitchen paper towel you are using right now. Or which product you are going to buy from our list above? We would like to hear!

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