4 Best Lacto Calamine Products in India 2024

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One of the top brands in India for skincare, Lacto Calamine is found in almost every Indian household. But what a lot of people still don’t know is that they do offer products apart from lotions as well.

While Lacto Calamine is best known for its use on wounds, bruises, cuts, etc., it is slowly being seen as a cosmetic product as well. In fact, it is perfect for people who are suffering from acne and pimples as it can greatly reduce them while leaving your skin soft and glowing.

And guess what, they have started manufacturing face washes, face scrubs, etc. as well.

In this article, we have listed down some of the best Lacto Calamine Products that you can choose for your skin as well. The best thing is that they have introduced products for different skin types, so it is easy to find a Lacto Calamine Product for yourself.

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Lacto Calamine Products Available in India

Here is a list of Lacto Calamine Products that you can easily purchase in India and use in the daily skincare routine.

Lacto Calamine Lotions

One of the most popular products from the Lacto Calamine brand is the Lacto Calamine lotions. They have a lotion variant for people with different skin types as well. So, there is an oil control option for people with oily skin and a skin hydration option for people with normal or combination skin. 

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The best thing about these lotions is that it not only works as an antiseptic but moisturizes the skin as well. It is also available in different sizes so you can easily go for a smaller, travel-friendly pack or a bottle that will be perfect for daily use.

All the Lacto Calamine lotions are made up of ingredients like Glycerine, Kaolin, and Zinc oxide. This helps in the moisturizing of the skin and leaves it soft and glowing. However, the hydration lotion further contains aloe vera which is great for your skin.

So, depending on your skin type, you can easily go for the oil control lotion or the hydrating skin lotion from Lacto Calamine.

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Lacto Calamine Face Washes and Face Scrubs

Lacto Calamine lotions have been in the market for a while now. But the most surprising addition to Lacto Calamine’s product list is the face wash and face scrub.

They have released both a face wash and face scrub for oily skin type. This is a great way to control the oil production in your skin. Also, when you pair it up with Lacto Calamine’s Oily control lotion, you can easily get rid of acne and pimples that are covering your skin.

Also, the Lacto Calamine scrub is a great way to deep cleanse your face and get rid of the dead skin and impurities. As a result, you will find that your skin glows much brighter after every use and it is good for daily skincare routine as well.

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Why Choose Lacto Calamine?

India’s no.1 Calamine lotion, Lacto Calamine has been in the market for over 30 years now. It is one of the most trusted skincare brands in India and offers 8-hours of hydrated yet oil-free skin.

Previously, Lacto Calamine only manufactured lotions for people with oily skin. And since their lotion was a water-based product along with a Tri-Action formula, it worked amazingly well with oily skin. It easily absorbs the excess oil from your skin and even unclogs the skin pores. As a result, you can enjoy acne and blemish-free skin after just a short use.

It also has a non-greasy, light texture which doesn’t worsen your skin conditions like most other creams and products. So, it is really great in preventing and reducing skin problems like acne, pimples, and so on. Apart from acting as a good moisturizing lotion for oily skin, here are a few other benefits of using Lacto Calamine products:

  • You can use this lotion as a makeup base as well since it gets completely absorbed by your skin. So, it evens out and acts a smooth base for applying makeup.
  • The calamine ingredient present in the lotion is great for treating sunburns as well. It can easily repair the damage caused to your skin due to sunlight and air pollutants.
  • Calamine acts as an antiseptic agent and works well on skin problems and allergies.
  • Ingredients like carbonates, zinc oxides, etc. present in the products act as a protector against the sun rays.
  • It is really effective in getting rid of dead skin cells from your skin too.
  • Since this is used as a cosmetic product as well, it doesn’t have any harmful substances included and is a perfect moisturizer for all skin types.
  • This product is also good at getting rid of blackheads and can offer you natural, clear skin.
  • Finally, it can not only be used as a makeup base but as a makeup as well. It can even out your skin and makes it glow which is a natural makeup look quite trending these days.

Overall, there are many benefits of using Lacto Calamine products on your skin. And these products are not expensive as well. So, if you are looking for the best products for your skincare, Lacto Calamine is the perfect skincare brand for you.

Lacto Calamine Lotion for Oily Skin

1. Lacto Calamine Daily Face Care Lotion

One of the best face lotions for oily skin in India, Lacto Calamine Daily Face Care Lotion (For Oily Skin) will leave you with a soft and glowing skin after every use. It has a 3-way action formula that controls the oil in your skin. The kaolin clay which is present in the Lacto Calamine lotion is responsible for absorbing the excess oil from your skin. And at the same time, it retains the essential oils in the skin as well. So, you get a youthful skin which is protected from everyday dust and pollution.

This right balance of oil in the skin also ensures that you don’t show any wrinkles or other signs of aging and keeps your skin properly hydrated and moisturized for 8 hours a day. This oil balancing lotion also contains glycerine which protects your skin from drying out and retains the moisture for at least 8 hours in a day.

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Also, the retained moisture doesn’t make your skin greasy so you will enjoy a soft and supple skin throughout the day. Finally, the zinc oxide which is present in this lotion has anti-germ properties. This means that it protects your skin from bacterial growth and is also useful in unclogging your skin pores. So, you can say goodbye to your pimples after using this Lacto calamine lotion.

Apart from being beneficial for your skin, it is quite easy to apply as well. The lotion has a light, water-like texture which gets easily absorbed in the skin. So, you will love using it on a daily basis. Plus, it is quite reasonably priced as well. And it has a great fragrance which makes it more fun to use. The only drawback is that it is not suitable for people with really dry skin.

So, if you are looking for the perfect, light lotion for your oily skin then Lacto Calamine Daily Face Care Lotion for Oily Skin is the perfect product for you.

Lacto Calamine Face Wash for Oily Skin

2. Lacto Calamine Oil Balance Face Wash

Another great product by Lacto Calamine for your skin which is super affordable is the Lacto Calamine Oil Balance Face Wash. Similar to the Lacto Calamine Oil Balance Lotion, this face wash uses a 3-way action formula which consists of kaolin clay, glycerine, and neem.

If you use it in conjunction with the Lacto Calamine Oil Balance Face Lotion, it could really clear up your oily skin and make it look and feel fantastic. Kaolin clay present in this face wash works in removing excess oil from your skin but preserves the essential oils. This helps in making your skin look less greasy but feel supple and soft at the same time.

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Also, the glycerine present in the face wash is a great ingredient for retaining the moisture in your skin. So, the use of this face wash won’t dry your skin and will keep it hydrated after every use. But unlike the lotion, this face wash includes neem as the last ingredient. Neem is a natural purifying agent which has anti-germ properties. So, it helps in reducing and prevent pimples by targeting the pimple-causing bacteria.

In short, this face wash leaves your face soft, supple, and pimple-free. You can expect to have an oil-free and non-greasy skin for at least a few hours. And since this product is super cheap, you can use this face wash daily without thinking twice.

So, if you are tired of pimples and breakouts on your oily skin then Lacto Calamine Oil Balance Face Wash is the best bet for you.

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Lacto Calamine Face Scrub for Oily Skin

3. Lacto Calamine Oil Balance Face Scrub

Another popular product that you will absolutely love from Lacto Calamine is the Lacto Calamine Oil Balance Face Scrub. Perfect for people with oily skin, this face scrub not only manages the oil production in your skin but removes impurities and dead skin cells as well.

It follows the same triple action formula as the other Lacto Calamine oil balancing products and is made up of kaolin clay, glycerine, and cinnamon. Similar to the oil balancing face wash of Lacto Calamine, this face scrub will maintain the oil level so that your skin isn’t greasy or dry. Kaolin clay removes the excess oil but doesn’t get rid of the essential oils. 

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As a result, your skin looks clear and glowing but isn’t dried out. Also, the glycerine present in this face scrub retains the moisture and makes sure that your skin is hydrated. So, you get a soft and youthful face without any excessive dryness or oiliness.

Finally, the cinnamon extracts present in the face scrub has anti-germ properties. So, it helps in unclogging the pores and preventing pimples or other breakouts. The face scrub is quite easy to apply as well and is extremely affordable.

So, you can enjoy a clean and fresh skin which is free of pimples and breakouts with the help of Lacto Calamine Oil Balance Face Scrub.

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Lacto Calamine Face Lotion for Normal and Combination Skin

4. Lacto Calamine Daily Face Care Lotion

Although the Lacto Calamine brand is focused on serving oily skin, they also have released a good daily lotion for people with normal to combination skin as well. Lacto Calamine Daily Face Care Lotion for Normal and Combination skin is great for getting supple and healthy skin.

This daily face lotion is made up of kaolin clay, glycerine, and aloe vera. Its 3-way action formula ensures that your skin is clean and soft and doesn’t become greasy or dry in 8 hours post every use. Kaolin clay is responsible for getting rid of the excess oil while glycerine retains the natural moisture in your skin.

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So, your skin is free of impurities and unnecessary greasiness but stays soft and hydrated at the same time. Also, glycerine helps in protecting your skin from sun damage, pollution, and so on. And aloe vera is a natural astringent which gets rid of the dirt and excessive oil from your skin. As a result, it helps in preventing and reduction of acne and breakouts. It also minimizes the size of the cysts and inflamed skin nodules. So, it acts as a pain reliever at the same time.

Trust me, this Lacto calamine lotion if perfect for your normal/combination skin. And you will find that your skin is soft and glowing after just a few uses.


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