10 Best Skipping Ropes in India 2024

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Are you planning to get in shape with a full-body exercise? Well, a skipping rope can be a great workout and can help you tone your arms, legs, and shoulders. And the best part is that they can easily fit in your gym or travel bag so you can skip anywhere you want.

There are a lot of different types of skipping ropes available in the market and it can become a little confusing to select the right one for yourself. When choosing a skipping rope, you not only have to understand the benefits that they offer but also consider the kind of workout that you are planning to perform with it.

This is why we have prepared this guide for buying the perfect skipping rope and included all the information that you need to know to make your choice. We have also listed down the top 10 skipping ropes that you can try in India.

Best Skipping Ropes in India

1. Vector X Skipping Rope

One of the best skipping ropes for improving your fitness level, Vector X Skipping Rope is made from nylon that makes it durable. The nylon rope is also resistant to breakage and can be used at a fast pace as well.

It also includes non-slip handles that ensure that the rope doesn’t slip during an intense workout and makes it easier to perform a cardio workout with it.

This freestyle skipping rope has a longer handle and allows you to execute complex skipping techniques, making it perfect for advanced skippers.

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You can also adjust the length of the rope using the plastic lock of the handle and can use this skipping rope to strengthen your core muscles. It is lightweight and travel-friendly as well and is quite affordable too.

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2. Aurion Skipping-Rope

Another great and reasonably priced skipping rope to consider is the adjustable Aurion Skipping Rope that helps you improve your flexibility and core strength.

This speed rope uses a ball-bearing system to ensure that the rope stays stable and is easy to rotate without any twisting or bending. The rope cord is made out of PVC rubber which is easily adjustable and durable so you can use it for a long time.

It also features lightweight ergonomically designed handles that offer you a firm and comfortable grip during the workout and doesn’t slip due to sweating.

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This rope can be used by people of all ages and genders and there are different colors available for you to choose from.

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3. Reebok RARP-11081BL Skipping Rope

Reebok is one of the most popular sports brands and offers an amazing speed jump rope, Reebok RARP-11081BL Skipping Rope.

This speed rope will help in improving your agility and is effective in cardio fitness workouts.

Although it is a little expensive than other skipping ropes in the list, it offers amazing quality and allows you to skip fast continuously.

It includes slim handles and a smooth rotation that will allow you to skip very quickly.

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This 300 cm rope can also be easily adjusted to suit your height. It is also lightweight and compact so you can carry it with you wherever you want and use it.

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4. Strauss Skipping Rope

Strauss Skipping Rope is another effective speed jump rope that can be used both indoors and outdoors. This skipping rope is made from premium quality PVC material which makes the rope lightweight and durable.

It is also easily portable and can be carried to the gym, park, beach, etc. conveniently for a fun workout session.

The lightweight molded plastic handles offer a secure grip to anyone using it and won’t leave your hands raw after the workout.

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More importantly, you can use this rope for your Crossfit routine or cardio workout without worrying about losing the grip. And if the rope is too long then you can easily shorten it to suit your height.

5. GOCART WITH G LOGO Skipping Rope

GOCART with G LOGO Jump Rope is perfect for men, women, and children and can be used for fitness training or a sporting event. The speed skipping rope is made up of PVC material that offers it more durability.

With the foam handles, you can enjoy high elasticity and a powerful grip with an anti-skid effect. So, you don’t have to worry about the rope slipping when your hands are sweaty too.

This skipping rope uses a ball bearing system that ensures no twisting or bending and ensures a smooth and fast movement.

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The 6-feet cord can be adjusted to your height and you can use the skipping rope to improve your speed and endurance.

6. VIFITKIT® Jump Skipping Rope

VIFITKIT Jump Skipping Rope is a beaded skipping rope that is perfect for both kids and adults. This skipping rope has a long cord that can be easily adjusted with the help of the rope handle so that people of different heights can use it.

The rope is made up of nylon and is covered with beads that are lightweight and allows you to skip at a fast pace.

Since it is compact in size and portable, you can use this skipping rope anywhere you want to build your stamina and strength.

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And the best part is that you don’t have to worry about the rope getting tangled due to the presence of the beads.

7. Urban Gear Unisex Fitness Jumping Skipping Rope with Wooden Handle

If you are looking for a more basic skipping rope to learn to skip and start with simple workouts then Urban Gear Skipping Rope is the perfect product for you.

This skipping rope features wooden handles that are comfortable to use and the cotton braided cord is quite lightweight too.

With this rope, you won’t put any strain on your hands or shoulders and can use it for both cardio and weight loss training.

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This skipping rope can be used by all ages and since it is lightweight and portable, you can use it anywhere you like.

8. Port Blue Skipping Rope

Port Blue Skipping Rope is another amazing product for workouts and fitness training and can be used by both adults and children. This skipping rope uses a ball bearing system that helps in fast rotation.

It also includes foam handles that offer an amazing grip while the cord made out of PVC is durable and can be used on any surface.

The skipping rope includes spring for better protection and allows you to skip easily.

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It is lightweight and compact in size and can be carried in a bag so that you can use it on a beach, park, etc.

9. Krdsquare Jump Skipping Rope

One of the cheapest skipping ropes in this list, Krdsquare Jump Skipping Rope is a freestyle skipping rope that is available in different colors.

This skipping rope uses modern aesthetics and is made up of nylon material that prevents breakage.

With the non-slip handles, you can easily perform cardio workouts at home and don’t have to worry about the rope slipping from your hands.

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There are two tone contoured handles that allow you to maintain a firm grip and work on your fitness levels with this affordable skipping rope.

10. Burnlab Weighted Skipping Rope

If you are interested in a weighted skipping rope for an intense workout session to build your arms and shoulders then Burnlab Weighted Skipping Rope is the perfect choice for you.

This skipping rope includes a 280-gm heavy rope that can burn twice the number of calories and is quite useful in HIIT, Cross Fit, etc. training.

This weighted skipping rope is made from premium quality PVC material and has been plaited to improve flexibility.

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The ergonomically designed foam handles offer a good grip and prevent slipping during a workout. And you can also adjust the length of the rope to suit your height and make workouts more convenient.

How to Choose a Skipping Rope

Here are a few important points to keep in mind when selecting the best skipping rope.

Types of Jump Ropes

There are mainly 4 types of skipping ropes available – Basic, Speed, Weight, and Beaded. Each of these rope types has its own pros and cons so you need to select the one that suits your workout style.


A basic skipping rope is ideal for beginners as it teaches the fundamentals of skipping. This type of rope is cheap and still effective for a simple workout. The basic ropes are thicker than a speed rope but lighter than a weighted rope. They are mostly made of PVC plastic and the handles are made out of foam or rubber for an improved grip.


If you are planning to improve your footwork or conditioning skills, then a speed rope is the perfect type of skipping rope for you. A speed skipping rope, as the name suggests, is fast-paced and lightweight.

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They are usually made of a thin vinyl cord and should be ideally used indoors to prevent rope degradation due to a rough surface.


If you are looking for a proper workout then a weighted skipping rope is the best way to strengthen your arms and shoulders. These ropes are heavy that require more energy and exertion from your end and are a little slower than the speed ropes too.

As a result, this type of rope is perfect for beginners to learn the proper skipping form while experienced jumpers can use it for resistance training. A weighted skipping rope can weigh anywhere between 1 and 6 pounds.


Another type of jump rope that can be used by beginners is the Beaded rope that has a nylon inner cord which is covered with beads.

This type of skipping rope is usually used in rhythmic jumping competitions due to the beads sound that is produced when the rope hits the ground.

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This type of rope is slightly heavy due to the beads but prevents any tangling and can be used both outdoors and indoors.

Consider the Material of the Skipping Rope

Apart from selecting the right type of jump rope for yourself, depending on your workout style and needs, you also need to choose the right material. You need a skipping rope that is lightweight so that you can perform a large number of jumps without getting tired.

You will find skipping ropes available in different materials out of which leather and cloth are the most popular options.

A cloth skipping rope is lightweight and perfect for a simple workout. They are quite cheap as well and don’t put a lot of pressure on your arms or shoulders. However, you can use these types of ropes at home only as the rough surfaces can easily degrade the cloth.

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A leather skipping rope offers you more quietness and also comes with wooden handles. They are not as heavy as the weighted ropes and neither as loud as the beaded ropes. The cords are a little thicker and since the material is durable, it is a little expensive as well. However, you can use leather skipping ropes on all kinds of surfaces and it can be used by both beginners and experienced jumpers.

Choose the Length of the Rope

After choosing the right skipping rope for yourself, you need to select the length of the skipping rope.

If you wish to check whether the length of the rope is correct or not then you can start by standing in the middle of the rope. Now, pull the rope towards your shoulders. If the rope cord reaches your armpit then the length is fine.

In case your skipping rope is longer than anticipated, there is no reason to fret. A lot of skipping ropes include adjustable handles that allow you to shorten or increase the cord length.

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